Thursday, June 5, 2008

wanna see what $1200 looks like?

Saks sale and I am trying on the dress I have been eyeballing for months. Lida Baday made this funky techno neoprene day dress. Stiff, waterproof fabric makes the skirt nice and full without being heavy and saves it from robot-dom. Luckily it was marked down to only $750, however an unfortunate placing of the bust darts made me look obscene. No sale. Their Burberry selection was pretty disappointing. I love the studded, edgy look this traditional brand has been shilling lately. None to be found except for one mini with a teeny row of hem studs. YAWN

I am loving my black shorts from Wicked Monkey, I will be wearing them a lot but am fearful they are dry clean only. The heels look good with them, the length of the shorts make it not too Miami. The cameo sweater is from Delias. I know, it is acrylic, but too cute to resist. That dumb Marc Jacobs Stam bag has got to go. It must weight 80 pounds and I almost broke a cookie counter with the chain yesterday