Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bulletproof Coffee; shoot me now

I am a tired person. Though  I don't really look it thanks to my $150 YSL eye cream that comes with it's own spatula. you know, BECAUSE MY EYE BAGS NEED AN ACTUAL TOOL TO FIX. So when I heard about Bulletproof coffee and it's amazing all day memory sharpening abilities and all day alertness, I was totally in.
Here's the deal: freshly brewed coffee is blended with grass fed butter (like Kerrygold) and coconut oil, making it latte-ish.
Here's my deal :First I blew the lid off the blender whizzing up the hot coffee, probably should have used the Ninja there. That made me seriously awake, so it's working already. The website suggests 3 tablespoons of butter which is a damn lot and my special fancy butter did not have those nifty ruler marks on the wrapper, so I totally had to guess and probably over estimated and I added a lot of coconut oil because I like it. Bulletproof actually sells their own brand of all of these things but since I blew my budget on eye spackle I felt I should cool it down at bi and do the homemade thing. .Anyway, it tasted pretty good, not fall down amazing but shit, Kerrygold butter in pretty much anything, do I need to finish that sentence?
 Of course there is a downside. I had to keep it hot so the butter didn't congeal, I probably consumed about 500 calories and, dammit, I didn't feel that much more alert.  Le sigh