Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Made an exception to the no sugar thing but was sorry later

BEST IDEA EVER! The only way it could be better is if it were located in an Airstream Trailer, which, look out, Rocket Fizz on the Circle, a concept I may just steal. Hundreds of crazy sodas in glass bottles no less and wacky vintage candy. And when I say vintage I do not mean that fake retro repro crap you get at Cracker Barrel. Double salted licorice, Haribo gummy cherries and those so awful that they are fabulous wax bottles with syrup stuff all made it into my bag. The staff are quite the cut ups as well thought I felt a little bad for the hard stare given to the joke "we're closed" as soon as I walked in. I had already reaped the bribe to the T3 so mission must be completed, closed or not


These pants were dirty within 5 minutes of leaving my house so I said fuck it and went to Lowes for porch plants.
J Crew top, Elizabeth & James neon jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes, Prada bag