Friday, December 23, 2011

Better as sculpture

Prada ($1450)doing a 80's Theirry Mugler rocket motorcycle thing for the spring.LOVE but would it not be impossible to wear? Like those stupid slides that were in style in the late 90's. Clomp clomp clomp down the stairs. Bam bam bam up. Off to my anti Christmas which will involve scotch, an amazing hotel and 24/7 Fox. Bye.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I have this outfit

Goddamn I love the Naptown Roller Girls. Wish I wasn't too old to play that shit but I can sure cheer. If you have not been to a bout you must go at once. Well not at once, because the next one isn't until Jan 21 but at any rate put it on your calender. Leave the kids at home and go ringside, sooo exciting that courting death thing. I did take the children so I had to be in a real seat and they were pretty entertained thought much more by the girl throwing up 2 aisles down. Thanks to Joe Shoemaker for the tix, if you need a realtor to sell you a mid mod home he is it, I tell you and thanks to Kurt Flock whose photo I stole right there off of Facebook, he can also sell you a house if you are looking for downtown living.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cuteness overload- White Dog Vintage

Just when you thought the east end of Mass Ave couldn't get any better, partake yo self a bit of White Dog goodness. This charming vintage shop begiles with repurposed retro lighting, shabby chic and true 50's wackyness (best example a double Koi fish lamp TO DIE.) Everything has that same general sensibility, some is new and some is not, hence the slogan "Newfangeled and timeworn." A small rack of carefully curated clothing hits the higher end of price spectrum but really, is it too much to be an original? 845 B Massachusettes Ave, 384-1494 Ps Photo credit: Josie Mentzer

Friday, December 16, 2011

not the hideously expensive but so worth it cream

In the event that staging an arm party (Quoteth Leandra)is just to much work, (all that collecting, mixing, matching OI!) hop on over to Le Mer Collection. At heart it is a watch extravaganza with a Chain And Charm section that includes all stacking you desire

Friday, December 9, 2011

The seeker: Historic Indianapolis

It's not fashion-ey but dammit it is by far the best locally based Indianapolis website and I'm not just saying that becasue I have swam in founder Tiffany Benedict Berkson's Greige Garden pool and crashed her kitchen after I got locked out and while obviously in both cases copious amounts of alcohol was involved this should not preclude you from checking out What is the best part? Ladies Lounge on Mondays with photos of adverts and frocks from the past? Or What the Hell Wednesday: the US Weekly equivalent of a fashion don't? Lovely yet comprehensive explanations of the little bits abd structural parts that make up a building big or small (portico anyone)or maybe just the occasional shoutout out to the deceased Antiques on the Square. (oh that's just me). Lordy, there is so much more I can't even BEGIN.... Even if you don't have an old house or are 102 years old dang nabbit you will find something fascinating here. Trust me on this one. PS: Please like on facebook TYVM!/historicindianapolis

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Valli Girl

Macys Impulse area looks like a bomb went off, what with ultra clearance and just an overabundance of the mediocre INC brand. A small oasis of Not On Sale quiet surrounds the Giambattista Valli display with it's internal riotousness of leopoard print, ruffles and sequins. It is a very fun collection yet seems like it should have come out oh say about 6 months ago. Very summery and absolutley not one bit of casualness. Methinks he may be a little too couture for most midwesterners with no Us Weekly presence and the how the heck do you say that first name being a huge turn off. FYI Last seasons Karl Lagerfeld is waaaay marked down. Whoop!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

High Low

Hey remember that awesome feather clutch from Coach for $395 a few posts back? well, here is a little less fancy yet still FUN for.... wait for it.... $59!