Monday, August 22, 2011

Eat air

It is architectural. It is by a CFDA nominee. No one in town will have it. It is just plain bad ass.

Perhaps the $1000 price tag may dissude you from buying these Alejandro Ingelmo shoes but I'd think about that real hard. Food is entirely overated

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Lita: comes in all kinds of funkifiedness

I almost pulled trigger on these Jeffery Campbell shoes at the Nordstroms pre season sale but just could not. They were so so fabulous and weird. I feel so midwestern in my fear. Or perhaps it was the paying retail thing. Somebody talk me into them. $159

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sinestre Gato

Normaally I approve of just about anything with cat ears on it: headbands, knit caps, actual cats heads but this helmet from Givenchey just isn't doing it for me

Boat Office Club

Are you a trend meister? Save some cash and get the three hottest all in one shoe with these Sperry high heeled loafers in python

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Contest winnah!

Giant animal intarsia knit graphics are all over the runway for fall but I think Pringle's "Archive Collection" lion dress is the bestest. From the mind of London's Central Saint Martins fashion student Estefania Cortes Hankers who was not even born until after the 80's. Huh.

Bang bang

Passing through char to the bowels of Weber Grill is the Rhythm Discovery Center aka The Percussive Arts Society. What a fun suprise! From the giant drum that yes you are allowed to bang on to the soundproof studios loaded with drum kits it is a fascinating tho' slightly headache-y inducing trip. There is some no touching stuff, mostly a stroll throughout the world with traditinal costumes and instruments as well as a sound machine like a Rube Goldberg project gone bad from the movie soundtrack world. A huge window allows you to peek into the archives and the gleam of a 1940's glockenspeil was tantilizing. 111 W Washington St. 275-9030

This is my new favorite outfit. Whether you are 5, 35 or 85, nothing beats a kitty shirt, leggings and ballet flats, Though I did, as predicted, spear myself in the ankle with the studded toe several times during the day
Zara shirt, Sam Edelman shoes

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Would you rather......

Mongolian lamb large tote bag: Armani $1095 or Minx $190 ????

I knew I had good taste

Put it where you want it

Like a portable squirrel but more adorable AND won't make a mess in your purse, these TokiDoki rollerball perfume collection is beyond cuuuuute. All the scents are sweet and/or fruity with a huse assortment to choose from only $18 each!! I am a rollerball scent delivery convert. They do not leak and you can control a bit more how much you dispense, no saturated sweaters here.


The 50's silhouette is quite appealing and forgiving of most body styles. Try it! A wide belt is a must. Unless you are a complete apple at which point I suggest a 60's mod shift.
3 dots top, trademark corset belt, Cynthia Steffe skirt with cool necklace print, Aldo platform shoes

Friday, August 12, 2011

Is it scratchy

Glamourous Western is huge for fall, I blame Opening Ceremony's collarboration with Pendleton last year fully for this. The whimsy team at Kate Spade needed a little help from Current/Elliot to knock out this trend. Most of the 8 piece collection is a little meh for me but love love the elegant black sequin with rustic leather trim duffle and clutch. Will it leave a little trail of sparkle as you truck thru the lobby of Soho House? Hope so

Thursday, August 11, 2011

State Fair checklist

Steak Sandwich
Teeny tiny donkey
Free stuff you will throw away immediately
Escapee boob

Word about the bracelet party. Inspired by a business deal and summer in general. Harder to pull off then it looks as far as procurement. Raid the Kohls, JCPenney or F21 bracelet section, focusing on the clearance rack (otherwise it will cost you $500). You need to narrow it down to subsets like color or style or it will be a mess. Have fun with it and ignore the clerk stink eye about your little piles. Myself? Brown and red/pink w gold metals in boho. Also try : Rainbow colors in tribal. Black and silver in punk. Pastel flowers in girl power
Vintage Acme western boots, Olsenboye dress, Penneys and thrifted bracelets

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Halloween already

Since the Bad Fairy costume bit it last year, whatever will I be? Tavi Gunderson was a first choice but now she's all grown up and does not look so play-able. I have almost talked the children in to being a flock of Angry Birds but I suspect the mummy will resurface yet again. So, I have been taking more interest in the Halloween paraphanalia that crosses my path. This costume catalog darkened my doorstep and wow wee do they have some get ups. The accessories are quite nice too. A life size sheep for your Bo? check. Can I get this peacock in a large? How about just the head?

Monday, August 8, 2011

This is not STEAMPUNK. But, still, to me, really hot

We went to Gen Con this weekend and while it was hopelessly dorky and smelly, I have to admire the costume commitment of the attendees. Like the camo guy carrying a huge box of "Orange" as a prop. Or the girl with an entire peacock tail on her back. Or the guy with giant horns, full face mask with snout and furry feet (eating delicately from a carry out container with fork. Dude! Get in character! Eat with your hands and snarf down the box too. geesh!)Lots of hatlets and blue/pink/green hair. It was almost kind of cute until I got invited to play NINJA, and, well, it went downhill from there

PS LOOOVE the (not shown here) think it would play in Indy? Jeez why do I even ask this when I already know the answer

I'd buy them if I could. YET IMPOSSIBLE

So many times in my web trolling I stumble across amazing designs yet NO INFORMATION ANYWHERE ON WHERE TO BUY THEM ON THIS PLANET. The website is "under construction" or the links all lead to mere blog mention yet no check-out. Such was the case for these fabulous shoes from Victoria Spruce. No linkey today. Might as well steal this idea, if she can't manage a website she sure as hell can't find a trademark filing form

Sunday, August 7, 2011

A mere $50 to $170. Really!!!

Macy's has yet again collaborated with someone way out of their league (ie: Matthew Williamson) with a collection by Karl Lagerfield dropping Aug 31st. A Macy's spokesperson admitted it himself on "Some of it will be a reach" Yikes. Expect high collars, black and more black and perhaps some lace frippery. The best part is this: we are in Indiana bitches so I fully expect to score a Karl silhouette tee for say, a buck ninety five in about 3 months on the clearance rack

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Classic. Then not

So you have your traditional Pucci. Instantly recognizable and totally fun. Then there is this.
I don't know if it is new creative director Peter Dundas Norweigan sensibilities that are responsible for this hot Heidi alpine mess or what but it needs to stop right now

I'd skip the jacket

I sure do love furry things. Especially when they are on sale. Gar-de goat fur skirt now only $277

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Scratchtruck AND West Coast Tacos :that should be enough incentive

Oh Em Gee you guys! I totally forgot to invite you!
Minx 111 E 16th street Friday 6-9
Art. Fashion. Food trucks.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The armadillo is espcially nice

The thought of cutting into a Louis Vuitton bag is vomiteous, cuddling this cute little animal afterwards may make it all better. Not really. Created by Billie Achilleos for LV's Savoir Faire collection's 100th anniversary this is a look-ey only. Otherwise known as NFS