Monday, June 30, 2008

Missoni Mission

You know what they say: if you wear a fashion trend once, you are too old to wear it again? I kinda disagree since I have a pair of leggings, appliqued t shirt and hotpants currently in rotation. But I do agree once you get to a certain age, you really need to watch it with the granny fashion, Fitted wiggle 50's dress? Timeless. Ironic plaid poly pull on pants? Not so much. It does not look retro it looks POOR. Sometimes even high fashion can trick you. Take Missoni for instance. This hugely expensive knit house has got it going on for over 40 years, YET. The trademark chevron pattern has tuned up in many a Alfred Donner cardigan. This brand needs to be seriously fitted or it is frump city. Since that youngin' Marguerite has been the new face it has been quite enticing. I have been dying to get my hands on a Missoni dress but nothing has turned up on the sale rack that is a)fitting properly b) Missoni enough. Why on earth would I pay $600 for a black cardigan??? Gimmie the wave, baby

Sunday, June 29, 2008

don't shop- say what?

Once someone told me that anti-drug laws were a conspiracy of the garment industry because fabric made of hemp would last forever and then people wouldn't need to buy new clothes. Now I know drug addicts will say just about anything to justify their life choices but this one had me eye rolling to the max. I don't know anyone who NEEDS clothing. Clothing will be given to you for free.

There is no one walking around naked because they can't get clothing. People buy new clothes because they want to. In Intake Magazine this week, Jenny Elig, writes about her vow not to buy any new clothes for a year. She has allowed herself new underwear, let's not get gross, but no newly manufactured clothing. Her article was mostly about how she had refurbed some stuff she already owned and some thrift shop adventures. Very cute redo on her current garments, I particularly like the Elizabethan collar jacket, but as a former shop owner it sends a chill through me. Can she last? It is only June so we shall see. BTW, JE is super cute in person, her Intake avatar does not do her justice

Harry and Izzys for drinks last night but passed on dinner as it had the most uninspired, cliched steakhouse menu ever. Sorry, Peyton. A big thanks to the girl in the bathroom at the Slippery Noodle for telling me my dress was all hiked up on the back. She gets big no-TP-on-the-shoe karma for ever.

Vivianne Tam dress from Gilt Groupe with yet again, the corset belt. I forgot to get a photo last night so you'll have to see it on Manny. Unbelted, it is fun and flowy though a little prenatal.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting out of the house

The Tory cuffs together at last

Dog on throne jus' cus he's cute

Checking out a great Diesel bag, annoyingly not priced

I am getting a little exasperated with Indianapolis. Look, I know it is summer and hot but could you just try a little? I went to the Frankey's opening party for their Broad Ripple location last night. My friend Ulrike wore this cool color blocked trapeze dress with killer ankle strap heels and I wore my chandelier t shirt, waaaay to tight grey pencil skirt , Tory cuffs and graffiti pumps. We were clearly overdressed right out of the gate. Oh there were a some good outfits,a puffy sleeve cashmere(?) sweater babydoll dress, a few Tory Burch-ish print shift dresses, lots of funky eyewear but also bra strap showing tank tops, jean shorts and, swear to God, a swimsuit with cover-up. Sigh.

Frankey's new location is tiny and white. Lots of white. Casually styled clothing, median priced around $100. Some boho brands like Free People, cute dresses with matching headbands and Diesel. The wild card was Victoria Beckham jeans and neon (i am not kidding) zippered leggings. Little bit of mens, a lot of yawn Ed Hardy. Small selection of jewelry, most made of natural looking horn pieces and some enameled strawberry stuff. Johnathan Adler candles which I am surprised at, don't they have their own Frankey's brand? They should, this store smells the same as their other one. I did observe a huge line for the dressing room but not many in line buying. Hmmm, maybe they will come back later when not so crowded??? I did not see anything I had to have, a bad sign, but I promise I will not give up and vow to return for a more in depth and un-appetizer encumbered shopping.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Guy Hair

My dad has had the same haircut since he was a baby, I am not kidding. And it has never ever looked dated. I doubt kids today will be able to say as much. I know, guys have it pretty hard. Too stylish and their sexuality is questioned not stylish enough and their sexuality doesn't matter, no one is talking to them anyway. I, more then anyone, can appreciate a risk taker but I juts don't understand why you would want to look actually silly. I am talking to you, Mr. Just Got Up and Mr. Ring of Fire

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Here I am wearing that Juicy dress from Net a Porter. Belting it gave it some structure but made me a little lumpen. The top pleating is just so cool, I just could not put any kind of neck thing over it. This might look better with a harsher shoes, like ankle boots or those (imaginary in my closet) Nine West semi gladiator shoes. Well, I have taken the tag off of it now, so it is mine forever

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Set and match

When I was running track in high school, I insisted on wearing my Adidas shell toe sneakers instead of spikes which I thought looked "gay". Though I did kick ass in the 400, holding the school record for all of two years, ha ha Virginia Graber, I wonder how much better I would have done if I was properly equipped. While I was running for free, I just cannot understand why a professional athlete, who gets PAAAYED, wouldn't want to make the most of their performance unencumbered by frippery. I am talking to you, Williams sisters of the chandelier earrings. Seriously, aren't you going to put an eye out? I can't even work out without a headband, so much is the distraction of hair in my face that I need to just stop running on the treadmill, RIGHT NOW. Anyway, big hoopla about this year tennis outfit. It look functional but a little hot. I can't imagine it is made of a performance fabric, it seems so poly loungy. I think I even had a jumpsuit just like it in my vintage store at one time. I'd wear it out if it came in black satin if the fly front would become invisible. Really, is that necessary?

Monday, June 23, 2008

I just don't know about this

In the vintage world they are called maxi dresses, those wild print hippe togs that are 60" from hem to shoulder and don't require shoes. Now they are called Day Gowns or Patio Dresses, a desperate attempt at trying to put an elegant spin on those puppies. Women love them, they are sellong out all over town. Yes, they are Oh So Comfy and fun but I still can't see myself wearing them. Well, OK, maybe apres beach if I have a sunburn, but to work or a bar? No way. They are the ultimate "I give up" outfit. Guys hate them. So, you can eat whetever you want but you are going home alone. Next door, they only one I have ever seen that i would consider wearing y Alice + Olivia

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shop the NAP

Net-A-Porter was a forerunner in internet sales of high end designer clothing, a concept no one thought it would work. Traditional retailers felt buyers of such expensive clothing needed to touch and try on. Well, NAP sure has shown them, selling over 3 million Euros of clothing a month this year. Shockingly, I had never purchased anything from there until recently, though I had cruised it many times. Last week did I just got this cute Juicy Dress and about 10 trees of packaging from them. This is a pretty small dress. It came in a plastic bag wrapped in a large NAP dust bag, wrapped in tissue, surrounded by more crumpled tissue in a large box. I ship a lot of stuff, so I am thrilled to get it for reuse, but doesn't it seem a little overkill? Hey, you know what Indianapois needs? a recycling station for packing materials that heavy homebased shippers like myself can raid.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Shout out

I think it's fun to read other fashion blogs (obviously i did not make this format up on my own) when I figure out how to do links on the side i will hook you up with some of my favorites. I just discovered and man, are those girls deeeeep into bags. It's interesting so see how other people are, Like "The Rich Are Different" I mean, these girls have many many bags including several holy grail Birkins and they are always talking about "ordering" a certain dress and etc which is beyond me . I know it is a totally New York SATC but , seriously??, You can get anything on ebay, They must just throw out that "on order" shit to their fr-enemies. sheehs

Friday, June 20, 2008

Reusible shopping bag RSB

Some countries have banned those plastic shopping bags for life. That seems like a great philosophy but what will we use for dirty diapers? And dogs pick up poops? and bathroom trashcan liners? I have several of those RSB that live in the back of my gas hoggin' SUV that rarely get out but others are using them quite a bit. I am hoping though, if they pass a law that forces us to use them, they will also pass a law on the condition they can be carried around in. Please make them washable and please wash them. If i see another nasty bag getting an organic apple and Kashi cereal put into them I will just barf!.I mean, you might as well bring your dirty sweatpants to carry those beans and weenies in. Ick. Anyway I bought this hilarious reusable shopping bag (RSB) at haus for my friend because, like it, she is mean and green. I had to save it until now because I didn't want her to see it on the blog before she got it. You're welcome, Amy!

Copyright infringement

Fishers is weird little town. It had nothing, i mean NOTHING as far as shopping goes. They it had some kind of gold rush or something and now there is everything right there off 96th street. Right at the edge before it turning into Geist is teeny plaza that has a few clothing stores worth noting. Well, minus one soon, as Lucy Lou is closing. Always really cute baby and girl apparel as well as gifty things, this shop was always really fun and got lots of press. I am a little partial because the vintage fridge door Danielle used to display her magnets came from me. Right now everything is 30% off and the display furniture is for sale. Vulture that i am, i got a few Paul Frank shirts for the kids and a shirt for me whose slogan I am totally going to steal for my fashbash shirts but maybe tweek it a little to "fat and nice" or "fat and boring". I am not sure which is better. Anyway i hope they call me when it goes to 75%, i could do some serious damage to that inventory

I skedaddled next door to Platos Closet which I usually avoid but a "buy 1 get 2 free" lured me in. I got some obviously lost Chloe white jeans, a pink shrunken seersucker stripe jacket and a Vera Bradley bag to resell

Zoey's in that same strip. Admittedly, I was not thrilled when i first walked in, seeing the Clique Boutique Decor Review Show that opened 20 years ago starring a boa, a chandelier and a shoe chair. I was also a little alarmed to see a beaded evening gown section but maybe they have pageant clientele, I just don't know. Things perked up around the sale rack as I found some unusual Qi crocheted cashmere sweaters and Sweetees shirts, alas too big for moi. A little denim, cute level 99 jeans in a flared trouser style a standout. Really really liked the Twisted Heart appliqued velour outfit until I realized it was indeed a sweatsuit. Oddball selection of jewelry but a line by LALO really caught my eye. Has a whimsical DIY look but very cute and personable, like a gift you'd buy a good friend or sister. Zoey's has a small gift line of leather goods like passport covers and bedazzed bride tee's and hoodies


I have been excited to wear this dress since i got it on haus on Wednesday. I love the draped collar and flirty skirt. It is long enough so it dosen't look too tennis-ey and it super soft fabric. Surprisingly enough it it from free people yet is not embroidered or impossible to wear with a bra. Shiny leggings just for contrast and yawn usual shoes. I was hoping to find some tall strappy brown sandals today but did not find any on my shop route today. I FINALLY ordered that second Tory cuff by way of Houston.

NOTE: my regular photog had a tantrum when I asked for a specific shot, so he is now on hiatus, thank to David at the Office for filling in

Thursday, June 19, 2008

haus sitting

I have fallen down the rabbit hole. A torn vintage wallpaper tree grows from the floor and flowers shimmer overhead. Elegant wingback chairs dressed in burlap sit under shelves of battered tulle with walls papered in cast off ledger sheets. Oh, but wait, there is a tattered price tag, could I be in a store??? Well, yes I am. Haus Boutique is usually not such a surreal experience just a rich vintage boho shopping one. but it has changed a bit since I was last there. Heidi's second room used to be gifty things for baby and pet but has morphed into a craft project. I do not mean that disingenuously. I mean craft like creative and well made. We all look at art fair booths and say" I could make that" but you know what? You never will and even if you tried it would not look so good. Very interestingly shaped furniture with of-the-moment cameo stencils, unusual fabric slipcovers and shocking upholstery. I love it but does it sell in Indianapolis? These are statement pieces, people. Try it!

Oh yeah, the clothes. Citizens of Humanity jeans, jake appliqued t shirts (another DYI look), Angela "Project Runway" Keglar dresses ($300), Free People stuff ($59 and up)and limited but interesting shoes ($99 and up). Fun totes. Much cotton. A lot of basics that seem a scoonce overpriced but then so much of it has that little extra twist that make it kinda worth it. I hear there is another location in the Carmel Arts District. I thought it was called "Tree" (get it? as in Haus? Ok me neither) now, happily so, actually called Curiosities. I am eager to check it out because I am sure it looks completely different then the College Ave post and I need some inspiration for the playhouse

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New store!!!

I was driving down College Avenue the other day and spotted a new little shop next to Yat's. While totally distracted by the thoughts of Crawfish Etouffe, I managed to park and check it out. Be Bon Vivant, 5367 North College, is all gifts, all the time. Well, ok, they do carry C Company rugs, which can be ordered in your choice of size and are totally arty modern patterns. And they had some sort of bar set up at the back which made me really want a sidecar, but mostly it is really fun housewares, pajamas, baby stuff and, unusually so, great men's gifts like Hermes inspired ties and cuff links. You can of course treat yourself with a small jewelry selection and tons, i mean tons, of purses. Lots of patent from mat & nat ($160) and some really great tapestry ones from Glenda gris (biggest one $360). Seems like a big leap for a virgin shop keeper in these harsh economic times but I think it will work because, you know what? People always need a gift. Birthday, baby, new house, is endless. Regifters: believe me, you will run our of never opened wedding presents soon enough. So check it out but call me when you leave "cause I might want some Chili Cheese E

Do you like my new hair?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's that on your head?

Satin can be notoriousley hard to wear. It shows every bump and panty line and wrinkles all to hell even if you are just in your limo for, say, three blocks. Getting it in black will save you, up to a point. These cute paper bag style shorts from Converse are a super thick satiny fabric so I wasn't too worried about VPL. They tended to be a bit baloony so I balanced it out with a tighter top embellished with rick rack from Anthropologie. And big, curled out hair. Not shown. I may be firing my paparazzi

Naptown Roller Girls

Did you know Indianapolis has it's own roller derby team? I suppose if you read NUVO you do. I went on Saturday to the last bout of the season HOOSIER DADDY and it was just the greatest. Not like on TV, alarmingly, NO WALLS. I still don't really understand the rules, but all that pushing and shoving was quite impressive. All the girls and officials have aliases, the best being Smackie O'nassis and Grand Ref Otto. Jerry Lee made the team's uniforms which of course had a western sensibility but the accessories ran the gamut from with schoolgirls striped stockings, gothy ponytails and scary face masks. Refs were dressed too, one had ruffled bloomers, devil horn helmet and stripy armbands, very cute, black lipstick not so much. The crowd was alternative/normal, no really great outfits or mullets but surprisingly, lots of interesting eyeglasses. Well, there was one chick with some fur/marabou cuffs thing going on, not sure what that was about. Season is over for now but tryouts start in July! I was really on the fence about trying out for this, I like shoving (see mosh pit) but I think I am a little old. I already have my name tho'.....Nine Inch Nails. Rowl.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fashion don't

David Serdaris is pretty funny and his sister Amy is just plain weird. She has a house rabbit, an obsession with cupcakes (ok, not so weird) and charges admission to her dinner parties. So I am not sure why I took her fashion advice. It seems like a good idea. I have plenty of cute vintage ones. So, why not wear an apron in public? Because you look like a carny or deranged hardware store employee, that's why

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Make it yourself

Johnny Lee cutom clothier falls in the over the top country western think Nudie sequins, intricate styling and clever embellishmnets. Does work for bands, teams (roller derby)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Anthropologie love

I really like Anthropologie, yea Keystone at the Crossing, don't have to drive to Chicago anymore. Yes, sometimes it seems like all their clothing is made from vintage tablecloths and you have to watch some of the sweaters as they can be pretty granny but overall just cute well made clothing. And I will never buy those Bath and Body Works candles again, A's are just yummy and sophisticated. I used to take my staff on a field trips just to study their truly inspirational displays. Did you know they are part of the Urban Outfitter/Free People family? Now that I mention it you can see the resemblance, huh? Truly, I am not really a vest person. It seems like you should be wearing one with your culottes and clogs but I think this one is pretty cute, it is more of sleeveless shirt, really

Friday, June 13, 2008

Not fashion but still.....

The only TV show to make me laugh out loud is that stupid America's Funniest Home Video. My roomates would hear me sniggering in my room at all hours, especially when there was a TBS marathon of it. Inevitably it was the animal videos that got me going. you just can't fake that stuff and, as everyone knows, I just love furry things. that being said never fails to crack me up

new obsession

So now I'ved ordered those potentially terrile gladiator fit flops and have sort of become obsessed with that style. Ok those Balenciaga boot sandal things are a bit too much but now I'd like a gladiator HEEL. Maybe even kind of a robot high gladiator like this nine west pair. Since the wide belt search is over I am able to focus on the feet

Outfit of the day

It was icky today and i got up late and just didn't have time to accessorize like i usually do and though the rainy weather did not bode well for a polyester late 1970's polka dot sundress, it had been staring at me accusingly for a few week from my closet, like, "are you ever going to wear me?"So I paired it with my new belt which really modernized it and put the original belt in my hair. I should have added a small white fabric flower to the ankle strap of each shoe (had shoes like this, already pre-flowered, but the dog ate them. Curse you Freckles!) and a few teensy chains with small charms to the neck. Perfecto

simply vera stout shoppe

Vera Wang, know for her amazingly simple yet expensive wedding dresses has jumped the shark. She has created a line for the perpetually "biggest sale ever" Kohls encompassing apparel, housewares and linens. OK, maybe I am a little put off by Kohls since my Christmas experince of a checkout line that looped all the way around the store. Twice. But I tried to keep an open mind as I sauntered in to check out the new spring line. Hey, surprise, I'd wear this. Some really cute dresses with OK construction, understated embellishment, and deep rich colors. But I could not buy a thing. Nope, not one thing because all of it was too frickin' big. Normally this would thrill me. But it more like this line will NEVER fit me because the Kohls VW does not believe in XS or petite and the small was more like an 6 to 8. I know this was not VW's idea because my tiniest sister had a Vera Wang wedding dress and it certainly fit her. Husband, not so much. Anyway, I can see how they like pandering to your average American woman but really, does a high fashion designer need to do this? I am sorry but I am not spending $70 in alterations on a $39 on sale dress. No.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

pick a winner

The bane of my summer existance as a child was U pick. Be it beans or strawberries, my mother had to force us into the car, listen to endless "picking boogers" jokes and poke us with sticks to get us to even bend at the waist over those damn plants. As we got older we used to wear head scaves and sing "swing low" just to irritate her and everyone else in the vacinity. Today I VOLUNTARILY went to a U pick strawberry patch and while it was still not very fun I think I dressed correctly. Circa 1960's wrap skirt with hilarious cartoon bear tableau has matching tote bag (not shown) and side ponytails as a shout out to mom in her mod molly days. No, really, I have seen pictures

Good news! Got the waitlist email and those gladiator sandals are a mere $150 ($165 for embossed snake print) On my way to trend city! Or ebay, if I hate them

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sale time!!

Hit the Saks 33% off additional sale. I know, I could have gotten that price last week. PRESALE, don't be afraid to ask. I got my big corset belt that I have been looking for and really really wanted these Chanel shoes. Alas, not my size. I am really on the fence about that Badgey M dress, I love but will i wear it? Picked up some Juicy for resale, it is a little to enfant for me, all that babydoll stuff. What I am wearing: yet again, those black WM shorts (Do you think they are too long?), Mint embellished top i got for super sale last year at and my new belt. Oh, in case you did not shoot your wadFrench Pharmacie is 40% off this week too

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gym in a shoes? Gimmie a break

Bliss has always touted their supremely ugly MBT shoe which allegedly tones your legs just walking about in them. Well, if that were true that would be the only way I would put them on my feet and then only when it was dark. Just FUGLY. For summer you can try the Fit Flops which you can get at Bath and Body Works. Same concept same orthopedic look. Yawn. But then I saw these high fashion gladiator style. At first I thought "nice try to sex up those nasty things" At second thought it looked a little too rock and roll for me and i am just not fond of flats. but now they have started to grow on me. . well, ok now i'm obsessed especially since I cannot find out how much they cost. I have pre ordered them at Kirna Zabete and are supposed to be in mid June so i guess i better sell something to be prepared. I mean, how much can they mebe? A hundred dollars? three hundred dollars? Guess we'll see. They come in python too, which seem to be a styling overkill, i you know what i mean

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Emerald cut preferred NEVER marquis

When you hear the words: garden wedding at an estate, don't you think, HAT? Well, I attended one this weekend and I was the only one thinking that apparently. But, whatever, the seersucker suited FOG was impressed, as was I, with his choice of outfit. Check out the dress: Karl Lagerfield resort 1984, still looks very modern, I wish you could see the collar, it is super long and pointy. I am excited to wear feathers, it's an older hat, but it will have to do for my fetish until I can get my hands on a black feather Prada skirt OR that black and white Worth one from 2006

I had a friend who worked at Hudsons with me in my college summers who was a jewelry fiend. We would cut out photos of great rings and tape them to our fingers or xerox the pages of jewelry ads in Town and Country magazine with our hand poked thru a slit so it looked like we were wearing them. Fun! 2 big (real) diamond rings later I am kinda over it, but these mugs at Fred Flare are really fun. I think I'll send her one, just because

Friday, June 6, 2008

Izod it

Bagdley Mischka was known for their over the top fantastical evening gown creations. They have ventured into daywear and while they do have some interesting looks, I am not seeing a coherent brand identity. At Saks, from the capsule collection alone, I saw a Missoni, Tahari and a Dolce and Gabanna look. I did fall for this naughty secretary look. The curved seams running down the skirt look zipper-ish but are actually a shiny patent trim. I am totally rockin' the popped collar. Alas, a scoonch too big, but may pick it up on Wednesday, when it goes to an additional 33% off

Has anyone seen that ad with the 25 layer popped collar guy? Hilarious

Thursday, June 5, 2008

wanna see what $1200 looks like?

Saks sale and I am trying on the dress I have been eyeballing for months. Lida Baday made this funky techno neoprene day dress. Stiff, waterproof fabric makes the skirt nice and full without being heavy and saves it from robot-dom. Luckily it was marked down to only $750, however an unfortunate placing of the bust darts made me look obscene. No sale. Their Burberry selection was pretty disappointing. I love the studded, edgy look this traditional brand has been shilling lately. None to be found except for one mini with a teeny row of hem studs. YAWN

I am loving my black shorts from Wicked Monkey, I will be wearing them a lot but am fearful they are dry clean only. The heels look good with them, the length of the shorts make it not too Miami. The cameo sweater is from Delias. I know, it is acrylic, but too cute to resist. That dumb Marc Jacobs Stam bag has got to go. It must weight 80 pounds and I almost broke a cookie counter with the chain yesterday

Wednesday, June 4, 2008



I bet Marc is pissed

Hard Core Only

Do you love to shop? Do you have no money? Have you no shame? Well, the Goodwill outlet is for you. New one just opened at 8300 Georgetown Road and I just had to go. This is not for the fainthearted. 45 giant bins roll out every three hours and you must dig through god-knows-what-is-on-them piles of clothing and assorted household detrius. The pro wear gloves and they are PUSHY. Sometimes the furniture is a seriously cheap score especially the 50's and 60's stuff otherwise it all that ugly sofa sectional thingys you see people moving on the back of a pickup and wonder why are they even bothering. Anyway, you want to fill that cart up as it is priced by the pound and the more you buy the cheaper it gets. The problem with this is you start to put thing into your cart that are sort of a desperation purchase, to make it to the 50 lb/50 cent mark. Like, a shirt that is the size your sitter's boyfriend's mom's friend's kid wears. Or one andiron. Or a really nasty frying pan. Got there too late to meet the Goodwill guy which disappointed me to no end.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

video killed the radio star

I put this pic on my facebook but will probably take it down as it just seems too provocative for me. It also seems terribly 80's in every possible way. Oh sure, it's a bitchin dress and all but just add peacock bangs and we're totallllllly there. To dissect: striped dress looks sorta grunge babydoll, ballet flats, chunky bracelet and, the topper, a matchy matchy accessory aka zebra cell phone. It's rad

Monday, June 2, 2008

Following the no marquis rule

I am about wedding-ing out, My sister, my cousin and my high school roomate are all getting married in a span of one month and given the way my life is going I am a little jaded about the whole process. However a good friend of mine just announced her engagement and I could not be more thrilled. Sarah is the most classy and unique individual I know and her fabulous engagement ring says it all. No cliche diamond for her, baby but a gorgeous oval cut orange stone It matches her hair she says

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mulletware-business on the top, party on the bottom

My dad goes shopping once a year. He would go to a high service, high end (but NOT high fashion) men's shop and buy 40 pairs of underware, 20 shirts, a few ties, maybe a suit. AND THAT WAS IT. He rested assured that he would not have to shop anymore for a whole 'nother year. While this would be my personal version of hell, I suspect most men would like to do the same. So when I heard about this site, I thought it was a pretty good idea. After setting up your account on Build A Look by entering all your measurments, you just click to order and a custom wardrobe will be on it's way to you. It's not trendy but it's good