Thursday, June 19, 2008

haus sitting

I have fallen down the rabbit hole. A torn vintage wallpaper tree grows from the floor and flowers shimmer overhead. Elegant wingback chairs dressed in burlap sit under shelves of battered tulle with walls papered in cast off ledger sheets. Oh, but wait, there is a tattered price tag, could I be in a store??? Well, yes I am. Haus Boutique is usually not such a surreal experience just a rich vintage boho shopping one. but it has changed a bit since I was last there. Heidi's second room used to be gifty things for baby and pet but has morphed into a craft project. I do not mean that disingenuously. I mean craft like creative and well made. We all look at art fair booths and say" I could make that" but you know what? You never will and even if you tried it would not look so good. Very interestingly shaped furniture with of-the-moment cameo stencils, unusual fabric slipcovers and shocking upholstery. I love it but does it sell in Indianapolis? These are statement pieces, people. Try it!

Oh yeah, the clothes. Citizens of Humanity jeans, jake appliqued t shirts (another DYI look), Angela "Project Runway" Keglar dresses ($300), Free People stuff ($59 and up)and limited but interesting shoes ($99 and up). Fun totes. Much cotton. A lot of basics that seem a scoonce overpriced but then so much of it has that little extra twist that make it kinda worth it. I hear there is another location in the Carmel Arts District. I thought it was called "Tree" (get it? as in Haus? Ok me neither) now, happily so, actually called Curiosities. I am eager to check it out because I am sure it looks completely different then the College Ave post and I need some inspiration for the playhouse