Saturday, June 14, 2008

Anthropologie love

I really like Anthropologie, yea Keystone at the Crossing, don't have to drive to Chicago anymore. Yes, sometimes it seems like all their clothing is made from vintage tablecloths and you have to watch some of the sweaters as they can be pretty granny but overall just cute well made clothing. And I will never buy those Bath and Body Works candles again, A's are just yummy and sophisticated. I used to take my staff on a field trips just to study their truly inspirational displays. Did you know they are part of the Urban Outfitter/Free People family? Now that I mention it you can see the resemblance, huh? Truly, I am not really a vest person. It seems like you should be wearing one with your culottes and clogs but I think this one is pretty cute, it is more of sleeveless shirt, really