Friday, August 31, 2012

Halloween is coming

Being in the vintage clothing business, I need a lot of alterations and repairs, as you can imagine. Sweat stains! Hideous maxi dresses much cuter shortened! Those damned hems that will. Not. Stay. Up.
I came across this local treasure, Smoking Irons Alterations, located under Snazzi @ 6358 N Guilford, which owner Mike Dollinger will not only shorten that bitch perfectly but will also make you any kind of working military costume you would like. No, none of that steampunk business, but real, historically correct outfit. Prithy thee

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kraft ID Gum. Oh Snap

Does the world need another gum? Why, yes, we do. Especially when it is not only killing the onion breath but also comes with cool graphics designed by young artists like Kraft's new ID Gum. Oh yeah and thanks to a super secret formula magnet the pack stays closed in your purse. So you can, as they say "stay minty not linty". It's also fun to snap when you're feeling figit-ey. You know what would be kind of cool? If the graphics on the package had perforated edges so you can tear them off and collect them. The art is really that amazing.

On a sad note, I got word that Harloh's is closing. Tammy was a formidable player in the vintage world and her Fountain Square shop was alwasy a dream to peruse. Perhaps she will pop up somewhere else later. We hope

Monday, August 27, 2012


My new fall bag: supersized, $960 and 100% local. This House of 5th traveler will be launched at FNO on Sept 6th. Deets to follow

Had to have it

My new little cross body wool bag. It's from Switzerland and is perfect for the fall tyrolean look shown all over the runways. I have also been watching The Sound of Music a lot so that may have has something to do with it as well

Friday, August 24, 2012

Always a sale

As much as I loath Kohl's I had to check out the Vera Princess collection after seeing the intrinsa bird sweater in InStyle mag. It is actually quite cute in an Averil Levigne (what's up with her and that idiot from Nickleback?) kind of way. I bought the tulle sweatshirt dress but will probably not pair it with the plaid as suggested
Oh! I am featured in Crystal's Dressed Her Days Vintage blog, having a fat day, sadly. Perhaps I should embrace the hourglass, Fox seems to like it, but I have some Alexander Wang leather pants waiting in the wings for fall which may frown upon that

Not what you think it is, pervert

You know how they say that during a recession, lipstick sales go up. The theory is that lipstick is a inexpensive luxury that women can buy and feel like they are treating themselves without busting the family bank. I was compelled to do that recently after blowing the weekly budget on a car at a garage sale. My little luxury of choice? French butter from Goose The Market. If I would have had this stand up knife from MOMA I would not have gotten any on the counter as I smooshed it on a saltine. The cat appreciated it but still

Monday, August 20, 2012


Is it just me or do are neons of today inordinately bright compared to the 80's Wham UK neon? I saw someone across the parking lot at the Indie Vintage Marketplace last month with a pink purse that positivly glowed. I prefer my neon in small doses like the heel of a shoe or a thin belt but for a bit more pop this Street Level cross body bag will do the trick

PS: The Latin Night drag queens are amazingly creative, cherry bomb pop shots are disgusting, Andrew Lauck is as big of a goober as Peyton and it's time for a seasonal purse change. Oh! and read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn page turner barn burner cliche maker

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lots of clearance yay for me

The next round of Target specialty shops has been publicized and will drop Sept 9. The Curiosity Shop-clever knick knack-ies (much like the Fred Flare line in stores now), Kirna Zabete- boutique with no discernable design style except other peoples, Patch NYC- home goods based in Boston and some mens line Odin? Odun? Dunno yawn. Being midwestern based, I can appreciate the reach the creatives at the T must apply but I have to say this mess is a bit of a fail. KZ is a shop, not a design center and I doubt 98% of the US has ever heard of them and therefore won't get why the need to buy their $199 leather jacket. As Far as Patch NYC goes, why yes I appreciate the charm of a squirrel lamp but believe me the masses will not get this in a Million. Years. Do I need to come out there?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

At Helmet, no less

As much as I tried and tried to save up $1800 for the Alexander McQueen skull ring knuckle clutch I could never manage it. Too many shoe sales. I scored this almost as nice but not really BCBG one, (nicer in person) which has cool rhinestones across the top so it looks like you are wearing rings or just a really fancy brass knuckle set. Which I DID NOT NEED during the recent Helmet/Toadies show @ The Vogue. Most non mosh pit ever despite big talking from the skinhead next to me. I did get kicked in the face by the lone crowd surfer so it was almost like old times but he was quickly dropped (see: LAME) and ended up not even leaving a mark on me, a far cry from the bloody nose Marilyn Manson incident of '92 or the Ministry Black Eye Dramedy Tour

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My People

How lovely to meet a fellow fashion blogger in the shop! Crystal Hammon writes the seminal Dressed Her Days Vintage blog about duh vintage clothing and how to wear it in your modern life. It is a an amusing riff on not only fashion but books & authors (by a former libarian natch) and local phenoms. Check it!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Like a virgin

I had a girlfriend in collage named Lori who was perpetually tan with white blonde hair who only wore white. She was fabulous guy bait and was also super nice so you didn't want to punch her all the time. She would have loved this site from Bali, Uluwatu, which features fine lace trimmed garments all in the aformentioned color. Lovely and summery, though the wedding dress area looks a bit soft porn but you know those Balinese! Now you know where you can get a white lace umbrella too

Monday, August 6, 2012

Not black. Not white

Totally far out and achingly contemporary, Grey Area is esty for an elite group of art appreciators. While some of the home furnishings and gold jewelry is crazy priced, you can be assured that no one else will have it and you don't have to suck up to a gallery owner to buy it. Oh you just thought anyone can go to Mary Boone's and buy a painting? Think again, my friend. But I digress. Shown above,Angelica Bergamini's scribble bracelets, a reasonable $250 and totally kick ass. I helped myself to Shelter Sierra's (son of Richard) cast silicon Rolex in black. It will be like my other Rolex's bodyguard or something.

OMG like so prehistoric postmodern

Whilst perusing esty for a cool Kindle cover, I came across these handtooled leather various electronic cases. For example: ouiji board or ipad and is $84. The whole line is an interesting juxtoposition of handlebar mustaches vs i anything. See also steampunk.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

To do list

Peruse Indy Reads, new bookstore at the east end of Mass Ave and buy some books jeez. All proceeds go to Indy Reads literacy program and the price is right. Or clean off your bookshelf and donate! Look for lots of cultural events as well in the future ie local author book readings. View lovely art by Kyle Ragsdale and Kipp Normond, the most interesting man in Indianapolis (shown above), then have some pickles at the Black market

They brake for unicorns

Adorableness abounds with a new retail concept and marketing ploy. Just Wink cards is sending a pop up shop to a downtown near you. Introducing their super cute line of greeting cards, you can grab one at the bus or at one of their local retailers. The vehicle alone is worth a gander. I have to admit I flirted with a Minx fashion bus (aka Airstream camper) but feel this concept has just about jumped the shark and am also concerned with my proclivity to get parking tickets. That being said there is a 1960's camper/vintage clothing shop that will be parked at the Vintage Arts and Antique Mart this weekend at Glendale and it is the bomb