Friday, March 30, 2012

Pitaya Surprise

Normally I avoid Pitaya with its branded line of cheap and cheesy party clothes but I was forced to do some impulse shopping while waiting for an appointment. Boy times have changed. OK still cheap but fairly fashionable with lots of dresses and per usual club clothes. I scored these on trend ikat print wedges for about 32 bucks, weirdly underzied. I usually wear a 39 (thats 8 1/2 to you Americans) but stepped out with a pair of 7. Sevens! Not as satifying as fitting into a 2 when you usually wear an 8 but there you go

Recycle Day

Holy hell it was like the Sears christmas catalog and the September issue of Vogue mated and came crashing into my mailbox in the form of a Restoration Hardware trifecta paper pile up. That bottom one is an inch thick! Is this really necessary? We have a store here you know

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


You may THINK children clothes and maternity ware does not apply to you but next thing you know you are knocked up and quite frankly it will consume you and all your shopping thoughts. So put this on the back burner of your addy book OK? NEXT STEP is the latest children and maternity consignment shop on the block. Located at 6352 Guilford in Bro Rip (By Snazzi and Three Sisters) They are a zen oasis of super cute and lethally cheap kids apparel and mom to be togs. Super kid friendly with a mod play area. Super state of being friendly with a clutter free floorplan. Right now heavy on the 2 3 set but smatterings of everything else on up to teens

Monday, March 26, 2012

Carter's Garage retro squeeeeeee

Tucked into a wayward alley in Bro Rip is a teeny shop that appears and fades like an oasis. Not really, but it is only open on the weekends until further notice. Carter's Garage, in the alley by Pandemonium and the Tibet place on Westfield, is a little slice of shabby chic danish modern industrial heaven. Get here yer wicker patio furniture, bright floral painted glasses, wacky 50's lamps and maybe even a hospital cart just 'cause

Sunday, March 25, 2012

SEAPUNK, I get it

Is seapunk an internet inside joke or legit? Discuss. With Florence and the Machine popping out of a clamshell at the Chanel show, McQueen's coral encrusted frock and headpiece a showstopper and heck, Target's Miss Trish ocean critter enameled sandals, I vote the latter. Really, it's all about wearing poky pastels and adding water bubbling sounds to EDM, right? In my research I came acorss this totally badass art sunglasses company that you must peruse. The extended cat eye ones are pretty much the only wearable ones in the bunch, it is quite inspring

Get it on eBay if you must

With the exception of this (now sold out) "Joan" dress, I find the Banana Republic Mad Men spring collection pretty meh

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Save the world

I drank the kool-aid today and bought some TOMS in grey canvas (which are canvas espadrilles made by a company who promises to send a pair for free to a country in need for every pair sold. GROUP HUG) I need a casual summer shoe and ballet flats are too formal and flip flops are just gross. If I need to wash my feet when I take them off, that is footwear that needs to go away. I blame Fox for this in a round about way. I bought him some Nantucket Red canvas pants to spruce up his spring wardrobe. The chalky coral color is a surprising neutral and since they have been around in preppy land since the 1940's, I think that pretty much gets them into the CLASSIC category. Immediately, footwear becomes a problem. His Doc sandals are way too aggressive and well, you know how I feel about flip flops. Traditionally, the boat shoe has been automatic but I think an upgrade of a moccasin or a espadrille is in order and quite frankly the TOMS are the best of both of these worlds. so, yeah, I'm in.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I was not paid for this endorsement

Took advantage of SunTan City $5 spray tan promo (thanks Rhonda!!!) and opted for Medium Clear which sounds like a waste of money but "clear" actually means you get darker over the next six hours as oppoosed to popping out looking all oopma loompa right away. You oompa loompa the next day. I suggested they change the name to "Delayed" to prevent confusion but the counter boy was already mad at me for declining the UV option while loudly declaring "That will kill you" in a full lobby. Last time I did this I was in paper underware getting shot with cold spray and some strangers face inches away from my hooha. This time I was warm, alone and out in 6 minutes. It was a miracle. We can't cure cancer but in our very own city there is a technological wonderment of perfect looking fake tan application

Love me some eccentric

While I was annoyed to have to wait so long to get the DVD "Bill Cunningham New York" from the library, it gives me hope that 6 months worth of people here want to see it. Bill is an ancient photographer who does the street fashion and society section of the New York Times and this documentary explores his past and passion. SO GOOD. He truly loves loves loves clothes and beautiful things and his entire life has been spent documenting this pretty much every single day.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

God, Karl, get original will ya

So sweet it makes my teeth itch, the spring Vuitton ad campaign is all about frilly froth ladylike macaroon pastels (TREND ALERT: Macaroons rule 2013 vs cupcakes two thousand and late. In Indy anyway)Blame Mad Men for the silhouette and financial optimism for the color. Now I'm hungry

Real Simple

I facebooked about my Marni style macaroni necklace before but when I busted it out yesterday I got at least 3 compliments on it. My 8 year old is taking pre fall orders. Mango cream block necklace, OOAK artist necklace, J Crew striped cotton dress

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kate Spade + Florence Broadbrent = Insanely Cool

My latest obsession is wallpaper, the crazier the better. And oh hey i have to credit Kate Spade for turning me on to Florence Broadbent, a seminal designer of wild mod 1970's graphic. She did a black and white ginko leaf thing for KS on china, dresses and pencils. Directly find her at and go to "wallpaper" then "production prints" for the BEST EVER

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Almost OOAK

A "why did i not think of that" idea comes from Reformation where vintage clothing is redesigned into a modern silhouette. No Mod Cloth cutie cuts here, these are very sleek and fashion forward, practicaly DDD (Difficult Dutch Designer)! Lots of rompers. My fave is this cashmere and leather top is $195.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

How far will you go

Costume jewelery: it is a reality for us not loaded lovers of adornment. There are really only two levels: the super trend on, falls apart next week Forever 21, dollar 99 type stuff and the $300 to (add a zero) $3000 stuff. Well girls on a budget may feel like the cheaper the better but do not disparage or consider saving up for a designer piece be it local (Allison Ford)or W magazine name drop like Oscar de la Renta. You can see the the latter in Indy at places like Saks and the occasional fancy pants boutique but take your time and avoid feeling weird at Oh there is no sale section to be sure (darn) but inspiring pieces that you can bookmark for a special b day gift or bonus blowing. Think of it as an investment 'cause just like their precious metal counterparts, these pieces will not lose value for reals

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You should see the Tiki line

Mid Mod! I love it! Just like the 80's it is nothing but fun with equally laquered hair. This gem was brought to my attention by one of my daily blog checks This dude Steve Cambronne, who looks like Gary from Storage Wars (perhaps it IS him) makes this awesome art, some is quite practical in the form of clocks and welcome signs; some just clearly for just for fun. Sadly, you must inquire about prices, so methinks they may be a bit spendy

I choose futuristic with some anime

More jewelery. sorry. Is it futuristic? Is it primal? How about industrial? Pick one. At any rate, Anne Marie Chagnon's metal resin and glass pieces are pretty ding dang unique. No ego here, the Canadian artist encourges you to express your inner creatvity and includes instructions on how to take apart each peice and rematch it with another. Fun huh? Carried locally at Snazzi Boutique in Bro Rip or at

Monday, March 5, 2012

I know you love her so.....

I met the delightful custom jewelry designer Carla Morrison on a trip to Boulder CO, the granola hippie tree hugger capital of the world. But a lovely downtown with bacon maple cupcakes to be sure. She had just completed my sister's engagement ring, a simple but well sourced princess cut sapphire with a thick frame on white gold. A ring that was hidden in a Thanksgiving dinner pumpkin mousse that I had to force her to eat so she would find it. My point of the story is this: that ring, a 5 week research project, locally grown and lovingly creatd with an eye on shared history is worth more to her then the traditional behemouth from the First One. There are several lovely designers in Indy too, take your time and search them out. Believe me, she will notice.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mission accomplished

I finally found those stupid red (not salmon, not brick, not burgundy...)skinny jeans I have been obsessed with. Oh sure there are plenty of teeny colorful jeans out there but actual red is quite elusive. Is it the "boys will think you are getting your period" 8th grade mentality or what. Got these Hudsons from (the actual Saks had none) they are the perfect red, the perfect stretch and on sale and that is good too. There is a slight python print in them, not ideal but you really have to look to see it and they have a vinyl coating which is great for the rainy season Did I ever tell you I refused to wear anything but red white and/or blue until I was 8 years old? St James striped top, Hudson jeans, YSL leopard heels

Studio 54 Preschool

The Gap is always totally confusing me. Usually banal and boring, they will sneakily hit you with a collab that is so cool you just wonder how they tricked Pierre Hardy, Stella McCartney and now Diana VonFurstenberg into doing it. Sadly only your kid can reap the Gap priced/DVF design benefit unless you are super tiny then maybe you can fit the sz 16. Don't expect boobalicious wrap dresses for tots, just classic cuts in her signature exuberant patterns.