Thursday, November 29, 2012


My girl, J Rice Von D, is the genius behind IndySwank, an ever evolving trend boutique that is loaded with the latest and greatest in accessories, artistinal jewelry and retro inspired fashion in Fountain Square. She has taken a major leap and is bringing the goods to the masses at Circle Center Mall. Finally, an antidote to the insipid chain store us cool people are forced to endure as we satisfy our Annie pretzel craving. Must haves : Liz Alig mixed media huge scarf, tall stripe-ey sock pack and Get Flaskey, by local artist Ashten Hopht, a great gift for the alcoholic on the go

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cute cat videos

Pee your pants website alert! Tard the Grumpy Cat While you might think you would be sour too if your name was Tard, it is actually short for Tarter Sauce and he looks like this all the time, not just when he is being bothered.  I would like a shirt, Santa.  Never mind, I just spent fifty bucks on mugs at zazzle.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


So forever when I went to parties the room would erupt  in the Sanford and Son theme song or that Oscar the Grouch  "I love trash " mantra. Ha ha, hilair, you jerks, making fun of my job sheesh. Well, here is the latest:THEME 4 EVEAH

BOOYA! New Kid On The Block in the form of white guy rapper. My only hate-ah is all the swearing because I know the children would love this

That is a lot of backs

I cannot believe he agreed to do this. LOVE HIM

jeeze louise thats alot of people,  17, 000 give or take
My family is a whole lot of marathon runners. God, it is so annoying, My philosophy is "I COULD DO THAT BUT I DON'T WANT TO" This manifests itself in our tradition: The Thanksgiving Day Morn Race that be Smoke the Turkey in Toledo OH. Oh Goody there is one here which is called, adorably, Drumstick  Dash.

Truth: Fox and I did it and it was totally fun. No training whatsoever. Next year I am wearing a tutu  and /or tiara and will be well more aware of the finish line placement

Oh yeah it raises huge fundage for starving people. Just sayin'

Monday, November 26, 2012

Also maybe try "The Black Leggings Store"

So I was shopping at Sage in it's new location on Mass Ave next to Nuture and let me tell you it should just be renamed the "Liz Alig" store because that is almost all they had. Not that I'm a hater, Elizabeth Brown's designs are super cute and helps people in need a win win. I saw these crazy leggings at a Pattern event and  I thought what the what, very carnaby street and all that (NO) but really she hits a home run in her super long mixed media scarves, color blocked edwardian jackets and recycled sweater shorts that are really cozy

Shameless Promo

Look at the super cute bows on these adorbs Miu Miu velvet ballet flats? TRUTH. I bought them for myself but my little achilles cannot stand that rub-ey elastic back. You like? sz 8 1/2 buy it here Joyride6

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Open 24 hours

$5.99! Can you believe it!

Notice the cute cupcakes ones on the right side
Uusually I despise Meijers despite my friend Dave's insistance they have the best produce ('tis truth). It is just a whole bunch of stuff but never quite what I need and design wise very much the yawn. They have stepped it up a bit with these adorbs owl mugs and totally squee kitchen implements. Put my pink spatula to shame


Antlers! Bowl or conversation piece.

Minneapolis based artist screen prints
I popped down to 646 Mass Ave, my friend, Kris Bowman's new shop in the Dean Johnson gallery space. Amazingly curated with a whimsical indistrial minimalist bent. Really fun and changes pretty much hourly

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rube Goldberg-ish

Do you think anyone would notice this switch to your secret bunker? Part steampunk art, part over thinking it, this Toggle Switch Plate from Uncommon Goods makes a simple concept much more interesting

Bad or rad?

From the perfumers's website: "Demeter’s Sushi doesn’t smell like fish; it is a fresh fragrance of rice, seaweed, ginger and lemon."  Maybe a room fragrance but I'm not sure I want to smell like that. Damn, now I'm hungry

Christmas shopping; let me help you

Vacation time is gift shop time and as child, rolling across the nation's hot summer spots looking for bike licence plates, Hello Kitty stickers, shoes laces and pencils with my moniker. (Side note: my mom had a fit about my purchase of  "Property of" stickers with my boyfriend's name on it, something about a feminist manifesto whatev) Well, kids today are no different, loving all they can get that is totally THEIRS. At Krazy Straw you can get these name sippers for about 3 bucks each. At this price, stuff those stockings of like, the whole neighborhood

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Totally embracing the form=function concept with this hilar covered circa 1960's mouse cheese plate. Now that Goose is just down the street I can fill my "amazing special cheese that sadly costs too much" requirement on the grocery list much more efficiently. It has now been joined by a arguably modern Buddha butter dish that fits over my French butter brick perfectly. Thank God

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Missing the free ship boat

Beware the unexpected gift. So exited for my Lucky Breaks discount on this Adeline Adeline doggie bike bell. I think it is for human bike, not a dog bike. Anyway, save 48%, regular price $20 down to $13. I'm on it. UNTIL I got to check out and find the shipping is more thren the bell. Really? What was the shipping BEFORE I put in my Lucky code? Yeah , I thought so

So I was in the Anthropologie sale room with my birthday discount card today and I picked up, then put down a few things.  After a quick peruse of the Christmas section, I returned to fondle the aforemention items (a jeweled belt, strappy boots and super furry cardigan) to find they had all disappeared. Every one of those items were being rung up for the same customer. I had a moment where I thought "maybe this person is my cosmic twin and we should totally hang out, like, all the time". And then it went away. Whew

Monday, November 5, 2012

Teeny but they have a dog

All scarves $16
A mere $34!
The newest Bro Rip boutique, as for as I know anyway, is Utterly Pink! on at 839 Westfield. Contrary to the name, Isaw almost nothing pink but lots of cute and way not spendy. Totally on trend with striped shirts, bow blouses and this little jeweled collar number seen above. I picked up a red grey brown mohair scarf since that seems to be my color palette this season and a huge totally bitchen coral and gold skull bracelet, sadly only one available.


I've talked about indie darling Mab Graves before but her new gallery Monsters she shares with her husband Larry Endicott at State and English has taken her to a new level of Fab. Her most recent show 'Candyland" is more of the same big eyed waifs and cuddley menacing furries yet more detailed then ever.I'm on the short list for a custom portrait of Unicorn and Matisse, sadly Dumptruck is out of luck, she specializes in girls

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ten Year Anniversary

FOUND Magazine takes the art of recycling and turns it into the epitome of the human condition. The RothBart brothers started collecting found ephemera (paper stuff to you n me) such as to do lists, free form notes to self and quick dashes to near and dear, and compiling it with commentary in a yearly mag and now blog. I met the bros at a performance at Service Center Art Gallery on 38th St in an old JCPenney car place on Saturday.  The show was by turns hilarious and moving and I was thrilled when they read my 'What I did today" note. (sorry it is rated PG13 so no repeat) Anyhoo, it is a charming look at randomness and is completely inspiring in its future short story essay compilation. I was dressed slightly like a Pinky Tuscadero Finishing School escapee with J Crew leopard cardi, Hudson red skinnies, vintage 'script glasses, Gucci G bag and enormous hair