Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Missing the free ship boat

Beware the unexpected gift. So exited for my Lucky Breaks discount on this Adeline Adeline doggie bike bell. I think it is for human bike, not a dog bike. Anyway, save 48%, regular price $20 down to $13. I'm on it. UNTIL I got to check out and find the shipping is more thren the bell. Really? What was the shipping BEFORE I put in my Lucky code? Yeah , I thought so

So I was in the Anthropologie sale room with my birthday discount card today and I picked up, then put down a few things.  After a quick peruse of the Christmas section, I returned to fondle the aforemention items (a jeweled belt, strappy boots and super furry cardigan) to find they had all disappeared. Every one of those items were being rung up for the same customer. I had a moment where I thought "maybe this person is my cosmic twin and we should totally hang out, like, all the time". And then it went away. Whew