Friday, April 29, 2011

Ignore what I said earlier

Turn off the hypocrite alarm because it's about to blow

Kartell Louis Ghost chair. Oh how I wanted a set of these for the DR. At $410 each and no doubt in my mind they would scratch like the dickens I turned the idea away per pocketbook and practicality.

The ante has been proverbially upped with the discovery of Lexington Modern who has a replica for a mere $179. Surely, there is a difference to attribute to the price discrepancy. Perhaps a pokey part or a bit of a wobble or maybe just greed on the part of the original design company. OH how I hate to hear myself say that but, dayum!, that is cheap.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Like Claire's but much much better

Despite the hugely irritating parking meter price increase, I cannot stay away from Mass Ave. Eye Candy is a teeny accessories store next to Boo Duh sushi cigar bar (I know that is not it's name, please hold your calls) that is loaded with up to the minute accessories. Lots of sunglasses (2 for $20), Derby hats, statement necklaces and so much sparkly stuff on the counter you can barely even check out. Owner is super nice offering up all kinds of deals as well as frequent shopper D's. I scored a zipper trimmed bow belt and white tiger claw chain necklace (Hello, St Kitts!)


Brought to you by Forever 21

I like that. And that. And that.

It is rare a shop that makes me nervous. If I can out snot the Chanel shopgirls in Paris as well as Houston Texas bridal salon dress slingers, I can take on anything. However Surroundings (1101 e 54th street) is another story, this place is packed packed PACKED with awesome french country eclectic wares from taxidermy (personal fav) to coquillage (shells glued all over stuff, FYI ) to life sized oil painting of cows (surprisingly classy.) But really it is like the most expensive Hoarders episode ever. Do not take your big purse, small child or grande latte 'cause you break it you bought it