Saturday, January 12, 2013

Change is good, right?

Oh for craps sake. Blogger has changed their photo uploading stats and it is harshing my mellow. I neither understand or care about how to fix this so I am passively/aggressively posting on facebook only. Likey me to the left!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

They don't need the money

So we are all familiar with Sea of Shoes right? A blog by ultra rich teen Jane Aldridge that showcases her shoes purchases and, apparently, the professional photog that follows her around. I am not a hater. Her wardrobe choices are not necessarily the most flattering but they are indeed experimental on a mid to high normal level, so I am down with that. Anyhoo, her mom has launched a vintage jewelry site Atlantis Dry Goods, with loads of retro pieces at truly fair prices and a custom line of bug pendants that really rock

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Antler chair Merve Kahraman $4,300
Beyond the organic wood watch, the $18,000 cocoon tree bed, the life size chocolate solid chocolate skull and the silver cuff carved with the Paris Metro map found at Ahalife


Ostwald Helgason

ASOS continually rasies the bar with quirky unknown designers and free shipping. My new fave is the lable Ostwald Helgason with their nautical prep school bent. See flirty skirts in necktie stripes, fitted mixed media jackets and sweaters with octopus and sailing ship graphics. I like it

Sooo boring

Every media is busting out the year's recap of the best, the worst and the most epic fashion moments.Then it's the resolution confession to lose weight, get on a budget and write a book. Trite and predictable

Not happening here.(OK I'll give you one: buy crazy ridiculous shoes. No more of this safe basic shit)

While it is exciting to write a new date on the checkbook, lets just all promise to continually strive to be better, maybe starting March 3rd? Until then, get some rest with the Kawamura Ganjavian's Ostrich Pillow. Just $99 at Studio Banana Things