Sunday, August 31, 2008

3 hours at a science museum, can you blame me for that expression?

Took a chance today and mixed some patterns, Crazy, I know. Skull print shorts (Libertine) and a mini dot top with so cute tie neck and shirred sleeves (Forever IV). I got a compliment from one of the Wonderlab Museum in Bloomington docents on my shoes/legs (Dr Scholls), if only she chould see them waxed/tanned and prepared for actual public viewing I could probably get a date.

Hey, let me address the emergency room thingy, I must thank all of you for your concern, Fifi is fine, just a nasty cut to the bone on her chin GROSS, she'll have a scar like mommy and is super brave. That's my girl. Props to Dr Beeson's office for a PM/Holiday/Saturday night call to the emerg room and making that mess the best it can be

Lot a Prada

One of my friends had this hippie roommate who eschewed using paper products of any kind, which included the bathroom ones. No one should ever smell that bad who has a roof over their head they are paying rent for. Can you imagine the girl the morning after she picked him up at a bar? She would never forget that stench, that's what you get, slut. Though evoking cowboys and the Grateful Dead, fringe is kind of classic in a proletariat way. I am surprisingly attracted to this, perhaps it will be my next bag. Tho' fringy, it's structure makes it controlled hippie and I can live with that. The winter white option looks really luxurious but what a bitch to keep clean

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Best theme song ever

As I am carrying my bleeding, screaming child through the emergency room doors, I realized this is the opportunity for a theme song if ever there was one. No, not my regularly scheduled Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up". More like a shot of us in slo mo with "Calling all Angels' by Train or "Protection" by Massive Attack or anything at all from their Mezzanine CD. Music has a way of transcending words, pulling something out of you that you don't even realized you had. Or even cared about. I mean, would the ending of Six Feet Under made me cry if it were not accompanied by "Breath Me" by Sia? Doubt it, not with this cold cold heart
i have been getting alittle shit about my various hair removal techniques. EI must I get waxed every week and isn;t that threading thing unsanitay and are you that much of a snob you cannot used a razor? Can i just show you the results of the last time I attempted to shave wioth said razor my legs

Friday, August 29, 2008

How about them puppies

Those dogs are beaded, not printed. J Crew is just full of surprises. It has been so retro lately, remember when it was all rugby shirts and khaki shorts? That you then paired with your Sebagos and fishing clip ankle bracelets. Why do they not ever have the cute shoes and super nice handbags in the store for fondling?

Yea or Nay?

I don't know, I kind of like it, even though it looks like a toilet mat or a really useless backpack. Killah shoes

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Remember those commercials a few years ago that were all, like, "Upgrade!" Unfortunately, I think they were for tampons or something but I wholeheartedly embrace the concept. I have been waiting for my dopey pink polka dot rainboots from Delia's to die so I can get those two tone riding style boots from Troy Burch but I think I might have to change my mind because I have seen these faboo studded Burberry ones. More subtle then the plaid but still rockin'


At Saks today I was hoping to try on these jeans I saw in their last catalog but Superfine's resin stretch skinny jeans were nowhere to be found. Perhaps Indianapolis is not ready for jeans that have a wax coating that makes them look wet all the time. And cost $300. It reminds me of the time I asked for a size 0 in DVF wrap dresses on clearance at Frankey's and the salesgirl sniggered and reminded me we were in the Midwest. Anyhoo, these jeans look super cool and the price is acceptable if they are the only pair I buy this season. But I must experience them in person to avoid another debacle like those Antique Denim ones that were so low they literally fell off my butt constantly. Just ridiculous.

Blue Rust

Are you sick of this skirt yet? I am not. So unsure about pulling off the bootie with a skirt thing I packed my chunky sandals in my car/purse just in case, needlessly so. This skirt is, however, a little sick of grey. It asked me to try cobalt blue next time or any shade of purple.

I totally owe George Hughes, the artist who did this painting, for my start as a (paid) writer. Our interview still comes up on Google sometimes. I used to be obsessed with contemporary art but I'm not buying it any more. All the fun went out of it when I couldn't afford a Koons puppy vase or my own Turrell installation

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Michigan vacay

It is no secret that I do not like outside. However, if you throw in a Miami Vice jet ski, a bloody made with a shot of pickle juice, a lake house owned by the Jiffy Mix people and boys with 5% body fat, I am so there. Happy birthday Julie!!!!

Rodarte hot mess

Sometimes I lament my inability to knit. I bet these leggings ( pants? tights?) would be a snap to make esp since the instructions must include consuming a bottle of gin. I really really like those things, those sullen yet refreshingly large Mulleavy sisters always give us a little surprise, don't they? Yes, a lot is going on here, but this is after all, the runway look. I'd do it straight up with a black sheath dress with an interesting neckline to balance it out. I wish i had a better shot of those shoes, they are amazing studded Louboutians

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Throw it away with your lunch tray

When all my teeth got knocked out when I was 17, I was really pissed about all the orthodontia I endured for nothing. Thought I eventually got implants, sadly denied the vampire model, I still think fondly of my partial. Mr Teeth was always up for a good party trick and I still have him around somewhere. Do you think this artist, Kiel Mead, does custom?

Stack o' fashion

Gah, I am sick of my summer clothes. My BG W has compelled me to want lace and ruffles and tweed and suede and brown. Not happening today.

AE shrunken pink seersucker jacket, H&M cityshorts, no name green polo, Dior ID bracelet and bridesmaid leftovers Ralph Lauren shoes

Monday, August 25, 2008

Is that what I think it is?

It is not fashionable to admit so but there is not a tree hugging molecule in my body. Oh sure, I like animals, a lot actually, but earthy crunchy is just not possible for me. It does drive me crazy, however, to throw things away that are not smelly and/or disease ridden. Like all the packaging I get when I order stuff; what is with all that Styrofoam? I can't even fit it in my kitchen trash can, it needs it's own special Shameful Wastefulness bag. I need to call this genius, Jason Rogenes, to come an take it away and make a cool lanterns out of it. If you are going to be in Portland soon you can see it in person at the Contemporary Crafts Museum

I'll try anything. Once.

Much to the delight of cosmetic companies everywhere, I am a sucker for anything that might make me look better. In my quest for facial hairlessness, I got my face threaded ( NOT the eyebrows, my girl is just too good) at Just Eyes at Lafayette Scare. This ancient Indian technique uses thin strings crossed and rubbed over the skin to catch fine hairs and yank them out. Um, yes, it hurts. And, no, they do not offer Brazilians there. Ew. This picture do not do it the actual Just Eyes experience justice. The other end of the thread is held in the threaders MOUTH as she twirls away, flicking microscopic hairs and skin cells all over the place. As this is completely unregulated, annoying cosmetology students to no end, I felt a little shiver of repulsed rebellion and wondered about my tetanus shot renewal date. On another note, I got my armpits waxed last week and it is really great if you can stand the 5 days of hippie grow out to get it done.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

But where is the W

This dress is completely boring except for the pattern so I will only bother with the top half. By Maxxx. Finally got the September Vogue, only weighing in at 786 pages instead of last years behemoth 1235 with just dreadful hair Kiera on the cover. Kiki must have gotten drunk, fallen into a pool, put her wet hair up with a used sparkler and slept on a strand tangling sequin embellished pillow with a beach towel and a cat draped on her face because my hair looked just like that when I got up this morning. I was not, however, wearing two belts

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is he wearing a HALTER?

Allegedly, in high school my sisters (and I, by default) were known for our hot bodies and ugly faces. This info was imparted upon me courtesy of those stupid Shadler girls at Jojo's pizza a few years ago. Just 'cause I dumped your brother, bitches.
I used to think this guy was cute but he is sporting some serious goofiness here. Is that the best SI can do for him?

Atomic rattan

The biggest problem with antique malls is the antique part. Totally boring depression glass, oak hall trees and lace tablecloths. Aren't most of the people who like this stuff dead? But sometimes, sometimes there is a surprise. Like this awesome 50's rattan set at Jeffrey's Antique Mall in Findley, Ohio AND a few hipsters mixed in with the geriatric staff. Oh, key boy.....can y'all get me a priiice

Invest in some febreeze

The new downtown library is super cool with soft, rad furniture in the kids area that I give 5 months to become unbelievably smelly. This is a fun chair but I feel like I am leaning on a cervix.

What does toggery mean anyway

The Toggery consignment shop always has good stuff but, man, was it hard to shop. Sooo crowded and just a crappy layout. Luckily for us claustrophobes they have moved onto new digs on Guilford and Broad Ripple Ave, right by Khoury's. The designer stuff seemed a little picked over but then again, it has been a busy week. I got a Citizens for Humanity skirt for myself and this Alice + Olivia cashmere sweater. I just loved the frill cuffs but know they will drive me crazy trying to write in them. Always in the way and getting filthy. Would be perfect on a bracelet sleeve tho'

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's ART

Art museums have a reputation for being totally staid and boring. How could you think this looking at this happiness mobile in the IMA foyer? I guess this artist also makes giant balloons for parades and I really don't think this means the Macy's one. There is a new Eames chair exhibit, nothing super fresh but they have a fun side workshop where you can make your own. Thanks Ken! I need to get me some of them numbers for my yard, y'all
Vivianne Tam dress looking much better belted, new too big Juicy sunglasses

Bitchin' II

Have you ever been somewhere, possibly lost, and you look around and realized there is a whole other world of language and style and mentality that you will never understand or fit into? Not that this is a bad thing, I'm just sayin'. I checked out this sneaker store in Bro Rip "Got Sole". Fun kicks with a little attitude for your bad self in a graffiti bedecked setting. OK, When I shop for shoes I want something that will make my feet look small and my personal self look cute/sexy. This is not the store for this type of mentality. It about cool, which, quite possibly, I am not. There are many familiar brands like Reebok and Nike and just unbelievable color combinations. I was attracted to this green and periwinkle argyle patterned low Nike but the realized I had some Tretons with a swoop just like it. I was hoping to see some of those famous limited edition like A Bathing Ape gets, but alas. Happily the price points are reasonable, topping out at $150. This Yo! MTV Raps sneak is their best seller. Fun, huh?

Thursday, August 21, 2008


There is nothing better then drinking a margarita and wearing a headband, don't you agree?

Crystal Ball

I went to an estate sale today and saw my future. In this crappy apartment this woman had closets and closets of 80's Armani & Ellen Tracy, her bookshelves were full of shoes (good idea!) and most of it still had the tags. Is this what i will become? I mean, lets not get crazy, I would never own a Michael Simon snowman sweater but all the unworn stuff really got to me. Just sad. Wear your clothes!!! Every damn retro dealer in the city was there so there was nothing fun left to buy of household

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where is my big giant Vogue??

Growing up, the best periodical time of the year is when you would get your huge Seventeen Magazine back to school issue. It would signal the beginning of a clothing anxiety unlike any other. Now I anxiously await my huge September Vogue, Elle, In Style and W amidst the fears I have let my subscription expire. Will I need to pay the cover price this time? Lately, in various waiting rooms, I have been reading a lot of Teen Vogue and Teen Cosmo (crazy sex magazine for kids?? whatever) and I have to admit the fashion portion has kept my attention but I could do without the Was I Red moments my tampon fell on the floor in front of my crush's dad. I had to transfer schools twice so I will not be subscribing
Furry vintage 1960's mod coat, great rhinestone ball buttons

Cha Cha

All blotchy from my facial but aren't these shoe cute? Kensie from a million years ago, obviously since they are size 8 and I am pushin' a 9 now. This skirt is the only green thing I own and these shoes the only yellow/green so they get paired by default

Monday, August 18, 2008

I guess it wasn't MJ

Zac Posen Autumn/Winter 2008. I want the ears. Now.

Stayin' Alive

There is so much more you can do with upholstery fabric then just upholster. At Heritage Design Center in their HUGE warehouse on 30th street, I found this amazing pug tapestry print that would make a great bubble mini skirt. And this total retro Josef Frank pink floral that I want to hang on the wall in my playhouse because I am too lazy to paint it. Email them and you can get a 40% off coupon. Tons O stuff

When I was at IU there was a dorm called Disco Brisco because a lot of partying athletes lived there. While I would love to live somewhere called Disco Brisco, the best I can do is dress like it. So shiny! Believe me, there was no other mom dressed for the first day of preschool like this

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Garden party

Looks vintage but this amazing dress is by Castle Star from French Pharmacie. The pattern is actually made of yarn pulled thru the fabric in embroidered dots and it has pockets. So cute! It looks sorta Oscar de la Renta, doesn't it?

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Toledo gets a bad rap just like Peoria. It just sounds like a dorky place to live. But, I have to tell you, though smaller in population, it is actually hipper then Indianapolis. Perhaps it is that Detroit influence but the radio stations are better, people appreciate effort in dress and everyone talks with that cool flat northern accent. We did spend a lot of time shopping in Moto City because, dispute my disclaimer above, Toledo runs amuck with chains. That has started to change and I hit Bella Brie Boutique, which has a horrible name, but interesting selection of mid priced clothing carrying some of the more fun, retro Juicy Couture designs, hip Qi Cashmere, tons of Hudson jeans (ovah), Ella Moss and Theory. This dress is by Susana Monoco who I have never heard of. Totally modern with that collar and military lines in a soft structured wool fabric. I wish you could see it better but that mirror was soooo dusty ick

I need a razzi boyfriend too

As an introvert and overly sensitive person, it took me a long time to get over posting pictures of myself and talking about my clothes. I mean, it's always been all about me, but I try to keep that information to my close friends and family. Who cares what I am wearing? But then, do I really care who cares? And it is not just me, I have come across some soul sisters who clearly get it. Fashiontoast is one such blogger but she has totally one upped me with professional looking photos and actual backdrops. And she gets free stuff. Go girl

Friday, August 15, 2008

Note to self: black bra next time

There is a lot of pressure when you go back home. You have to look good at all times in case you
run into your ex fiance when you least expect it, like at the drug store. There's that whole parent expectation thing that makes you feel like you are 13 years old and an idiot. And there is never enough Diet Pepsi, forcing you to got to CVS in your pajamas and running not only into your ex fiance but also his 28 year old wife and fat mean sister. Of course, there are some good things like Netty's chili dogs, seeing how huge your romantic nemesis got and exploring Sake Bombers. Usually I hate those Bennihana chef cooking at your table dinner things, your hair smells for days, they use a load of fake butter (right in front of you! I'm not eating that now!) and it takes forever to get actual food. But, the kids love it and, did I say this already?, SAKE BOMBERS

I only wish I were that rich

Miriah Carey claims, in public, that she is a perpetual 13 year old. Here is what some people think that looks like. Ralph Lauren bridesmaid heels, Lilly Pulitzer giraffe shorts, Abercrombie seersucker jacket

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I just want to lick it

Ooohhhh look at this. Purple has such flakey connotations, Prince, anyone?, but there is ton of it shown for fall. And really, the deeper color is almost a neutral and looks great with all that grey stuff that has been skulking about for the past couple of seasons. The new black? Hmmm, let's not push it. I have seen this $2000 Alma MM bag in person, NOT in this patent finish and believe me, it is fabulous. You can only buy it in store at Saks so all you late night impuse buyers are out of luck

99 bottles of beer on the wall

Ok, which one of you drew hair on my face when I was asleep? And stop singing that song!

Missoni top, can also be pulled down into a dress. If you are 19 years old. Which I am not.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back at the yard

This dress makes me feel all Kardashian. No, not Armenian or slutty, but like I have a big ass in a good way. Do you like that schlumpy model pose? Even thought I think I saw it on somebody last week at Elegant Funk, this dress is pretty great. The wide banded bottom keeps it tight so it won't ride up up and it looks all Addicted to Love miniskirt-ish. You can't see it, but there is ruffling at the bottom of the straps that makes it all girly. Multiple Choice: black, grey or brown accessories would look good with all the colors so everyone gets to come out and play. I had to wear my t shirt backward because I only have grey in v neck, trauma did that morning discovery bring

Sad, sad news

The Unique Thrift always has a consistantly large selection of new and vintage and unlike most thrift stores would put out bizarre yet covetable good others would throw away. (Sippy tops, shrunk cashmere sweaters, Jarts) Almost causing me to pee my pants, I actually found the holy grail of thrifting, a Chanel jacket for $25. Alas, they are closing for good this week, and have starting a sliding scale of discounts. Today starts 50% off, by Sat it will be 80% . They are continuing to put out new merchandise but honestly, I would go now, as I suspect by 70% it will be garbage city. My last hurrah purchase is this great 60's taffeta beaded formal.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Someone is Sucking Up

Chandalier earring are so ovah but these look very Bollywood mahrarajha to me. The silver is very soft and I can actully bend the bottom part and make it straighter or leave it in that curve. I love the reddish tint the amethysts have, they seem to be constantly changing colors.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Do we really need instructions?

Wouldn't this look super cute with that jeweled Marc Jacobs mouse ears headband? I could not find an image of it, perhaps it was in my imagination, but I do remember Victoria Beckham with something goofy on her head and it was not just her face. Oh , girlfriend, don't get all snippy, I am just kidding. Maybe I'll just make my own! Ruffled bib shirt from Alloy, of all places, I thought they automatically blocked your phone number when you had your 23rd birthday, but I guess not. Going to wear it this fall with my Burberry mini or old boarding school skirt.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Maybe next time

The new Dolce & Gabbana 2008-2009 ad campaign is, honestly, what my ideal life would look like. Crumbling estate, lots of animals, eccentric clothing, sinister relatives. Total package

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I know what I like

Doesn't this this Lie Sang Bong coat look sorta like that Bottega Veneta one in an earlier post? Still loving that over the top texture look but am kinda glad I can't afford it. Since I have been short my whole life, I am fully aware of the effect a voluminous coat can have on a person. The first time I wore my coyote coat I was coming home from a root canal and my roommate told me it looked like a giant hamster was driving my car around. She hates fur but looking back at it now, I can see she was right

Catfish are just gross. Even fake ones

You must admit, this is quite a departure for me. Every magazine this month is showing the Anita Pallenberg/furry vest/Iamthewalrus look and it must be rubbing off. Or maybe it is all that Nicole Ritchie US magazine overload. Personally, I have never cared for, or tried this hippie look even when I went to an actual Dead show where I almost starved to death because I refused to eat anything that was cooked on a car engine in the parking lot. Today, what really happened was I was trying to double my Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra necklace and it got stuck on my head and I liked it. I was also trying to decide if I should ditch the Renee Denby skirt but I got a compliment on it from a girl wearing these Mui Mui olive patent flats, so I guess it looked OK. I am just hoping I don't have a clover shaped tan line on my forehead tomorrow

Friday, August 8, 2008

Shiny Things

Can I just say I was on this trend late 2007, which is when I ordered mine from American Apparel? Now everyone is showing Liquid Leggings for fall, including: Members Only, Kensie, Look from London, Rag and Bone and even Express, who probably just brought out some back stock from the 80's. I have to warn you, while extremely sassy, they are a bitch to get on and if you get the truly rubber ones, they are seriously high maintenance, requiring a silicone rub on the outside and baby power on the in. Worth it? I think so.

Thinking about these

Everyone knows the best boot selection is in stores right now. If you wait even another month your faves will be sold out and you will just be pissed that you even tried to wait for a sale that is not ever coming. I should know, this happens to me almost every year. Frye is the oldest continually operating shoes company in the US and if you are into that patriotism thing this may mean a lot. To me, this means some baggage, as I remember Frye as being these short, harnessy, squared toed uglyness Jon Cannon and his ilk wore in grade school. However, while researching some amazing ACNE pumps, I caught these Frye boots on the website and may just have to buy them. They are $398, which is not cheap, but I bet they wear like the dickens. I am a little concerned about the strap stuff, I usually don't like my boots encumbered by frippery and it makes them extra caz. Maybe they can just be my jeans boots and I'll keep looking for something sleek for skirts

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mai Dahy

Never the Razor

Does not the best scene in Legally Blonde take place at Neptune's Beauty Nook? I, too, rely on mani/pedi as a mood enhancer as well as the Bend and Snap for cheering everyone else up.

Paul & Joe silk kimono top, unbelieveably hard to sit down in corset belt, black city shorts, larger then usual September Glamour magazine

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fooling No One

I only wish I had this totally Antwerp 6 ensemble these sheep are wearing. White muslin draped smock with an awesome distressed black canvas cowl and black net rear peplum. Unbelievably chic!!

Is this from the Country French collection?

I understood the appeal of Vera Bradley bags for about one minute. A certain Pucci esque pattern caught my eye and suddenly I owned one of those things that I have used all of never. While the washability is enticing, most of the patterns just seem awfully country goose clothing to me. Imagine when this doppelganger caught my eye at (not a real website, but could be!) Even knowing this $1300 Gucci bag is made of tapestry not washable apron fabric does not convince me it didn't hop the bus from Ft. Wayne to Italy in search of a better life