Monday, August 25, 2008

I'll try anything. Once.

Much to the delight of cosmetic companies everywhere, I am a sucker for anything that might make me look better. In my quest for facial hairlessness, I got my face threaded ( NOT the eyebrows, my girl is just too good) at Just Eyes at Lafayette Scare. This ancient Indian technique uses thin strings crossed and rubbed over the skin to catch fine hairs and yank them out. Um, yes, it hurts. And, no, they do not offer Brazilians there. Ew. This picture do not do it the actual Just Eyes experience justice. The other end of the thread is held in the threaders MOUTH as she twirls away, flicking microscopic hairs and skin cells all over the place. As this is completely unregulated, annoying cosmetology students to no end, I felt a little shiver of repulsed rebellion and wondered about my tetanus shot renewal date. On another note, I got my armpits waxed last week and it is really great if you can stand the 5 days of hippie grow out to get it done.