Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hey, it's new to me

When I first heard about Out of the Closet consignment shop on Westfield Blvd and 86th, I was picturing a lot of tranny wear and thought it might not be for me. Happily, it has turned out not to be the case and it has become my faves. They have a super charming staff and a great twice a year clearance sale. Missed the first day of the sale yesterday but still managed to drop a big wad today. I also spent a big wad o'time because I was skulking about waitng for this girl to put down some Dior pink trainers I had JUST MISSED on the rack. No luck, I think she could smell my desperation and bought them just for spite. Here is the best thing I found: Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent top NWT. I love the ruched waist and studded banded cuffs. Alas, a size large, so I will not be keeping it. I was also alerted to and experienced Frankey's 75% off sale but was disappointed, as usual. Surprisingly, they had some Geren Ford dresses, which kinda made up for it.