Sunday, August 31, 2008

3 hours at a science museum, can you blame me for that expression?

Took a chance today and mixed some patterns, Crazy, I know. Skull print shorts (Libertine) and a mini dot top with so cute tie neck and shirred sleeves (Forever IV). I got a compliment from one of the Wonderlab Museum in Bloomington docents on my shoes/legs (Dr Scholls), if only she chould see them waxed/tanned and prepared for actual public viewing I could probably get a date.

Hey, let me address the emergency room thingy, I must thank all of you for your concern, Fifi is fine, just a nasty cut to the bone on her chin GROSS, she'll have a scar like mommy and is super brave. That's my girl. Props to Dr Beeson's office for a PM/Holiday/Saturday night call to the emerg room and making that mess the best it can be