Monday, September 1, 2008

Just like that loser, Macy's

So I guess the Keystone Nordstrom is opening Sept 12th. I am not excited. I will shop it if I must, but the downtown one is such a disappointment, I just don't know if I can bear another letdown. Where are the edgy designers? The amazing clearance? Shoes that cost more then $125? So they will have Burberry boutique, big whoop. You just cannot count on the department stores in this town, they are only good for an occasional Clinique bonus, forget fabulous clothes
I'm sorry, I don't mean to be down on the chains today but I just had dinner at the most schizophrenic restaurant ever, the unfortunately named BJ's. It looked like an undecided art history major decorated the place, it had: Tuscan stone walls, Venetian chandeliers, swanky 40's bathrooms, Mid mod pendants and surly 80's waitresses. Even 2 free craft beers, (whatever that is, does that mean they come with a scrapbook?), could not alleviate that headache caused by such disparity. God, get a theme, why don't you?