Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Evolution of the cell phone

Do you remember when cell phones where called car phones because they had to actually attached to your car to work? And then they got detachable but really big. Then they got small and decorative, when Motorola went pink I about peed my pants. Then that novelty wore off and I had to get it an outfit. The best phone cover I ever had was a large-ish pink stuffed dog that looked like it was straddling your head when you used it. Totally hilarious and damn if I couldn't always find it in my purse. Alas, unlike Sunday's banana peel (still there, 2 days in!! still taking bets) it did not stay put when I drove off with it on my bumper. The next phone I tried to DIY, hugely unsuccessfully with glitter, just, no. I was throughly enjoying my bedazzled pink plaid one, it matched my Burberry coat so well I bought two, but had to give it up when the stones started falling off and the phone itself got stuck in my hair. Zebra is fun but clearly I was drunk when I ordered this flame one. Fugly. What America needs is a shrinky dink cell cover kit where you decorate it and then put it in the toaster oven to achieve design permanence