Sunday, September 28, 2008

I wish you could see this whole picture

M y sisters and I once played this game called Go Goddess at a bachelorette weekend . Go figure. One of the questions was "What do people notice about you first?" My siblings answered, perfectly, I must add: my smile, my eyes, and my happy, (gagalicious i know but yet, so true) My answer was of course: boobies!! This dated, disgusting, objectification has worked for me so far, yet I am intrigued by the Lolita fashion movement. It is completely a non sexual aspect of dress, despite the name. It is goth, Victorian, anime and a therapy session all rolled into one. You must have: the bell skirt, knee socks, flowing locks and mary janes. Completely adorable yet so feminine. I might try it this week. I have a petticoat that needs to get out