Thursday, August 3, 2017

Rabbit Rabbit

Do you remember the Erin Featherstone (what ever happened to her anyway?)collab  line from Target circa 2011? Well I sure do. I was delighted when I found this rabbit baby doll dress whilst thrifting yesterday. While a a bunny dress is an excise to sport a teeny tiny top hat I will spare you. Added a red leather Kate Spade bow belt to replace the original missing one and Seigerson Morrison lace up booties. Baby doll dresses are hardly flattering, I will admit, however all you can eat sushi here I come

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Victoria Beckham and Target: it's not what you'd think

Were ya'll at Target this morning for the drop of Posh's collab? No? Well you missed a super cute retro Brady romper orange mishmosh of stuff. First I must say kudos to her for acknowledging there are indeed larger women out there and giving them a full gambit of styles in the PLUS line. When you are that skinny perhaps it would not cross your mind but anyhoo. I was also super sad to see the rabbit theme was in children's only. Luckily I think the XL kids might fit moi so I'm off to get this collared chemise.  This collection, while indeed adorable just seems to be all over the place. (Except for sexy. there is absolutely no sexy here.)  There is the aforementioned Brady look with orange, scallops and A line. There is the Manrepeller with coulottes, high neck blouse and carwash skirt. Oh, and lets not forget the Goth bee and bug print jacket dress and tank. Something for everyone I guess including bebee and coloring book class

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Target dog apparel, two of my favorite things

So I just got a new dog. and he is little with very short fur so I can legit put an sweater on him not just for my personal fun but for his personal health and safety. So there.
I paid special attention when I heard about blogger Oh Joy and her line for dog things for Target. As I suspected, lots of stripes and rainbows and at least one ridiculousness in the form of dog cape. Otherwise cute, not too deep, with the party hats and heart shaped bed being the standouts. I do not love the striped shirts, essentially the only clothes they offer so that was sad for Scrap and I.  Not sure if it is online only but I certainly did not find it at the Glendale Target