Tuesday, June 26, 2012

But less pushy people

Do you ever read the sample sale list at Refinery 29 and just go damn I wish I lived in NYC?.You know sample sale where designers ditch their showroom only products to make way for the new at dirt cheap prices? Well anyway you can kind of experince this now thanks to Franki Levin who is bringing the Chicago style sample sale to Indy once a month. Carrying boutique brands like Custo Barcelona, Three Dot and Kenzie one of a kinds usually set up at French Pharmacy  in Bro Rip and Salon 600 in Carmel. Get on the mailing list at frankiscollections.@gmail.com to find out where the next one is.

When is the 70% off 8 Fifteen sale? I'm dying over here

It's a small world after all

Disney is no longer magic. I am sorry but unless begged I will never take my children there: every single aspect is about selling you something be it now or later and quite frankly it is just plain cheesy and vapid. Now swimming with the dolphins I can get behind even though just between you and me they have pretty bad breath. Oh yeah and the Prada, Fendi and Barney's outlet, that was sort of OK but in general Orlando just sucks

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More purses, I know, right

I have never gotten the appeal of Rag and Bone it it just do darn boring to me but perhaps the related to famous people designer thing works out. I do seriously love their first foray into handbags but it may just be my love for the original black and white blanket bag from Coach circa 1995. The PILOT features a striped wool blanket base with the industrial fastener hardware they are known for and is just under $700 for the big one. Hello fall!!


The Fendi Baguette has been around for 15 years now. Did you get one? I chose to it bag the Lady Dior instead, partly because I was spoiled for choice. I mean they had all kinds of crazy patterns and fabrics, how could I pick just one? Rizzoli has just published snaps of a select few from the more then 700 produced in a lush portfolio coffee table book. It's on my B day list for sure

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

PSA Father's Day SUNDAY

yeah I know all our dads look like that in real life but if perhaps yours does not I guess you need to buy him "The Gentry Man" by Harper Design which will clue him in on booze, proper headwear and backyard golf courses. Add a Strbucks gift card and you are all good

Cheap and trendy but that's OK

Oh JCPenney what is with this bizarre new pricing thing? "Best price all the time" oh please we know that is a lie, clearance anyone? Anyhoo, I picked up these Nicole Miller Ikat shorts for $20 and was pretty thrilled especially since I fit my fat ass into a 2. Oh yes yet another JCP lie, realistic sizing, one I can totally get behind however

easy as pie

The latest skincare from across the pond is BB cream aka Beauty Balm. All encompasing: it is a moisturizer, concealor, SPF and treatment. GENIUS!! I sprang for the Garnier Nutrisse one (not green by the way so if you are having a hard time spotting it at the CVS try BROWN) because I had a coupon and my Saks charge was maxed completely nixing the Lancome $200 BB one but I digress. My opinion so far is that it smells realy nice but I feel weird not applying my usual morning regime of 1. moisturizer 2 primer 3 spf 4 base color. Seems too easy. I'll check back in a few weeks and let you know hopefully hooray

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mae & J

I must be over the It Bag because I just bought a purse that costs less then a thousand dollars. It pretty much looks like most of my wardrobe: dark grey, blue & white stripes, saucy bow: so obviously I was forced to buy this

Everything is a dollar

Being an equal opportunity shopper, I stopped at the Dollar Tree after my monthy trip to Saks to pay off my charge card and then as usual and unfortunatly load it up again. I always have the resist the urge to keep asking "How much is this" just to be annoying but there you go. Do not frown upon the Dollar Tree. CVS prices: kid shampoo $4.50, greeting cards 3.95 (and up! Crazy! I know!)capers 5.95. HERE THEY ARE ONLY A DOLLAR. More money for shoes, duh. And lest you think it nothing but practical city, I snagged some of this cheetah print duct tape. What will I do with it? Who cares! It's cheeta print something!

Friday, June 1, 2012

It's like a Wheelie Boat N Tote!

My car is like a big purse: I keep all kinds of stuff in there. I would think this wagon by Laurel Broughton could be like my walking car purse for the beach, park and just wandering around aimlessly on the streets. No price so methinks it is quite chere. Oh! Also super cute hat purse and hair print scarf www.welcomelosangeles.com