Monday, April 30, 2012

Not steampunk but PIRATES

Put a bird on it has now become take a bite out of it with the latest gruesome but oh so natural trend: SHARK TOOTH. Buh bye 2004 skulls and 2010 owls and oh hai chompers. Givenchy came down the runway with an enormous silver one hanging off of a ribbon and that has opened the door to finding it all over the place. Fallon Fenton does a nice collection and I expect to see it at F21 like yesterday

Saturday, April 28, 2012

It's for a good cause

With the demise of the NWCJW sale (now to be found 6 days a week at Thrifty Threads) the high end designer one day only charity shopping opportunity in Indianapolis seemed lost. However, the mantle has been passed in the form of The Pink Lable Sale, benefitting Riley Hospital which is going on right now at the former La Margarita at 93rd and Meridian until 6. I shopped the VIP party on Thursday and bought all the Chanel but there is still plenty of stuff for you, especially in the childrens category. Merch from 8Fifteen, Uber and Lesley Janes is there as well if you are one of those weridos who insist on only buying new. Bring a headlamp, it is a wee bit dark in there

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


My super cool friend Marci talked me into the red red lip MAC Ruby Woo which made my teeth practically glow. I opted for the Valley of the Dolls pull back center hair, Splendid maternity-ish top, awesome faux fur vest and the highest heels I had to prove that, I was not, indeed, pregnant. An impression to avoid whilst dancing at Talbott Street on the box so CPS does not get called in

New Shopper=tunity

While I kind of hate it on priciple, I have been dying to get to the "Vintage Vogue" shop in Bloomington. I popped on down to this shop on Sunday to see this allegedly filled with designer and vintage high end finds culled from Goodwill's around the state(see why I may have a problem with this?) shop, all in the heart of B Town. So in the heart of B Town I could not find it. It has a 422 E Kirkwood address but is actually more in an alley and the signage sucketh. One of my fellow pickers swears by it but I tell you it was a bit of a disappointment. A few Coach things, very little vintage and the smalls were abysymal. I am sure it it like most other resale shops: same days a hit somes days perhaps not. I only got a pair of Bottega Veneta sandals way underpriced at $13.99 (new retails for $550 probably) and passed on some Prada mules (ick) for $39. Much better luck at Allison Zook's
AZ vintage on S Morton Street, the most adorable shop and owner ever, and the right next door Bloomington Antique Mall where I scored a 1930's mirrored dressing table and my kid only broke one thing, which of course I paid for. Sam you owe me 8 bucks

Friday, April 20, 2012


So in place of that stupid aztec skirt I bought these nifty scalloped lace shorts at Express, along with some black sequined ones because it was buy one get one 50% duh. Paired with those shoes I told you I was going to WTFOO and a navy sequin top from god help me Forever 21. Mango necklace

Another Miss

Thank God, J Crew re-released the chiffon swimsuit bustier thingy from last year so I could finally aquire. Am hoping Express does the same thing for this sequin miniskirt which sold out in about 15 seconds. we shall see

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Uh huh when I get my scooootah

So there!!! DYI brought to you from

Bought these today

Will wear the fuck out of them

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

I am getting more and more into the uniform thing. See: striped St James top, vintage 1960's fitted navy blazer, classic Coach cross body bag, Genetic Denim jeans(soo comfy!!!) and my new obsession= TOM'S espadrilles The Eiteljorge Steel Pony motorcycle exhibit is really great. Jim Irsay's hobby: not so much. Just FYI

Friday, April 6, 2012

Naughty Brits!

Re-living the 90's, I'd de-slut these House of Holland for Pretty Polly suspender nylons with a turtleneck and ballet flats

I know you didn't notice them

Lovely butterfly embellished flats from the lady who brought you Pippa Middleton's wedding shoes, Aruna Seth. Comes in blue too

Tie me up!

Corsets and custom is all the rage and I'm not taking about burlesque. Not this time. J Rudy Lewis creates these hand forged metal bracelets that are wrapped with leather cords and strung on teeny tiny vulture heads. It's steampunk and "I hate you" all in one. Starting at $925 w 3 week lead time.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

you can fake a tan, you can fake a smile but you can't fake fashion

Everytime I see a fake Vuitton I just want to say "Hey, that is a fake Vuitton" I mean really if people know it is a fake they are quite the opposite of impressed and if they don't know it is a fake, why do you want to impress them anyway? Ebay and CDFA have paired up to discourage buying fake designer pieces by selling these utilitarian and versatile totes and bags on the former's website. SOLD OUT is the collaboration with designers such as Band of Outsiders, Vera Wang and Cynthia Rowley just to name a few which is too bad becuse there were some super cute ones on there. I had to settle for the plain as shown above