Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Shopper=tunity

While I kind of hate it on priciple, I have been dying to get to the "Vintage Vogue" shop in Bloomington. I popped on down to this shop on Sunday to see this allegedly filled with designer and vintage high end finds culled from Goodwill's around the state(see why I may have a problem with this?) shop, all in the heart of B Town. So in the heart of B Town I could not find it. It has a 422 E Kirkwood address but is actually more in an alley and the signage sucketh. One of my fellow pickers swears by it but I tell you it was a bit of a disappointment. A few Coach things, very little vintage and the smalls were abysymal. I am sure it it like most other resale shops: same days a hit somes days perhaps not. I only got a pair of Bottega Veneta sandals way underpriced at $13.99 (new retails for $550 probably) and passed on some Prada mules (ick) for $39. Much better luck at Allison Zook's
AZ vintage on S Morton Street, the most adorable shop and owner ever, and the right next door Bloomington Antique Mall where I scored a 1930's mirrored dressing table and my kid only broke one thing, which of course I paid for. Sam you owe me 8 bucks