Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Everything under $100

What is it with owls lately? I sell the hell out of my white owl umbrella stands, Josie came home with one from Build a Bear and th intertubes are innudated with that cat playing with one video. I suppose if they all looked a dapper as the one on this mouse pad from (in the handmade section)I'd take one to dinner too
ALSO THERE: weirdly muppet-ish petal dress that would be fab with a belt $79.99

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Can you stand one more bicycle related post? OK then. Slip this billed cover over you dorky helmet and rise in style looking like a little jockey. A little less pricey then the full on from England but still just as cute. $65

Monday, May 23, 2011

Ewwwww...but not

IndySwank needs you. Needs you to buy it's odd octopus necklaces, recycled leather journals, teeny tiny top hats, well curated vintage little black dresses, retro fabric suitcases, corset belts, 317 tees, skinny ties, typewriter key jewelry, giant floral rings and smarty pants greeting cards. Parking in the back.
1043 Virginia Ave, Wed-Sat 11-6

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Haus, no Uber-something Slavic

I just don't get to Uber quite enough and it's a shame. They are constantly reinventing themselves and they have the hottest home decor around. Giant White horse head? Check. Doll parts chandalier? Check. Squirrel jewelry holder? Check a rama. They are big on details at this little shop, ie the latest tags are tea stained vintage library catalog crads. They still smell like old books! Oh yeah, the clothes. I find them romantic and comfortable but not insanely original. Good sale rack wobbling out front always. Another sad face: one dressing room.
5910 N College, by Binkleys closed Sundays

Gnome hat!

Aggressive modernism was never around when I was a kid. Sure, there was a yellow fridge and station wagon, and I think my dad had a cork wall in his den but really in the 70's there was no Danish Modern to be found in chez Shirk. Is it any wonder I am obsessed by the clean lines and wide smiling mouth opening found in the firplaces of the time? Add a color like bright white or red and it's almost fun! I recently picked up a classic black one for the sunrrom but for my outdoor living this MODFIRE one is a must. Handmade in Arizona, this sleek little cutie will perk up any patio
$1250 25% discount using code better25

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Paint muh house

Picking paint colors is easy, it is the nuance of shading that slays me. Luckily Porter Paint has a (somewhat) free color consultation for all of you similarily challenged. For $50 you get a certified colorist for one hour to break it down, be it inside or out. The almost free part comes in the form of a $50 coupon to use at Porter, which is the best paint anyway besides Ball & Farrow and who can afford thatstuff? It's no secret what my preferred extrerior hue is: much to my window guy's chagrin, "Titty Pink" is indeed on the table

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Stock Up: Feel Good

Flash sale site Hautelook and Congo peace supporting charity Falling Whistles is teaming up tomorrow for a one day denim extravaganza with 100% of the proceed going to FW, a true rarity. Grab some J Brand, Siwy, Citizen of Humanity, Current Elliot and True Religion at
I am all jeaned out (unless they have some skinny brights!)but will be picking up some for Fox fer sure

Probably cost the same new

Though not as much of a priority this year, I am still seeking the ultimate cutie vintage camper. To be sure, I still hate outside, that has not changed, but I am sure I would be distracted from the actual CAMPING stuff by sewing little curtains out of barkcloth and making s'mores out of bacon laced chocolate, ginger snaps from Kinderhaus and brandy laced marshmallow fluff.
This bit of fakery can be found at My Italian is passible so I can tell you it will cost E299

Maison Martin Margiela smell this

Wandering throught the Saks perfune area is like negotiating a party with a particularly tricky guest list, for ex: the squirters standing around which must be avoided at all coat lest you compromise your personal l'eau. The hugely informative yet long winded Bond guy is a nice time filler, but really you should skirt all these and just explore on your own(but DO NOT open the hall closet)Some amazing, unusual fragrances to be had.

I went explicitly to sample the first perfume ever from Masison Martin Margiele named "untitled" natch. Though MMM is currently owned by Diesel, they have managed to captured the aesthetic, simplictic yet difficult, of the line. Lots of green notes, cedar, boxwood and bitter orange combine to smell like, um, honestly? PAINT. I blame the boxwood. For someone who grew up sneaking behind the car to smell the exhaust until getting told I'd get brain damage if i continued: I LOVE IT. Also love the 4 string tie top, which is the brands secret symbol. Hey if New car Smell is the top 5 scenst guys love, I really don't think you can go wrong with this one

Monday, May 16, 2011

Mash up WIN

I KNOW lots of ankle straps can make your legs look squatty but I Do Not CARE. Ompah Loopah me and put in my closet Prada's racy second cousin Mui Mui's spectator/ghillie/pump shoesies

Rubber Biscuit

Maybe it's the shiny. Maybe it's the cartoon-ish aspect of the flat and precise lines.Pperhaps it is the squeek (but I am pretty sure it is not) at any rate laytex clothes are all the rage. Thank Gaga? Totally fascinating on a garment that in any other fabric would be downright conservative. I was especially obsessed by a full skirted skater tank dress in red back in the 90's, but at $800 and knowing that I'd probaby rip it like a balloon upon first wearing, I had to pass. This cutie is from :a site that also sells appropriate products to help you get it on and get it off ie baby powder. I can imagine that may be an issue

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Been there done that

Having lived through several fashions cycles, I find trends not as thrilling as I once did. For example the super hot 50's vintage Mad Men look? Wore it after seeing Pretty in Pink 1986. High waisted pants and hair wings? My 8th grade dance and 70's Charlies Angels. What I find much more intersting now is shapes, textures and styling of seemingly disparate pieces. While not quite over avoiding things that make me look fat, that will be the next leel of actualization I suppose, I am hugly inspired by, a site with a mix of OOAK pieces and vintage. Many many odd outfits that are all strangely cohesive in structure and quite inspiring

Like a Kate Spade ad

Busted out my Easter present during the heat wave last week in this insanely cute Marc Jacobs dress. It's all about the details: notice the pleated pockets and huge bow shoulders

Friday, May 13, 2011

No mater how you style it laytex clothing is just sexy

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Major prom choice

Ok my prom, pagent and first wedding days are long behind me but I still get giddy when confronted with a store full of beaded, frothy glamourous dresses. At a great price no less!!! Wedding dresses start at $300 and cocktail dance attire starts at $99. So amazing Harilah's resale boutique had oodles of consignment gowns (new and used) in all kinds of lengths and styles. For myself? I am enamoured of the tiara case. I was so into this vintage style black lace frock despite it's Disney Princess label and giant size 12 tag.
Harilah's 7239 Fisher's Landing ( 116 and Allisonville if you do not have a GPS)570-4250

Maintenance y'all

A facial expectation: serious glycolic, pore squeezing, (excuse me: EXTRACTION) and major lazer. The other side of the coin is the so called RELAXATION facial which involves soothing music, lots of rubbing and nothing that smells medicinal. I am sure you recall my preference, insert eye roll.

well, I got the best of both worlds during my facial at Radiance Skincare in Nora. Not only was i totally squished and exfoliated, but also add an awesome scalp massage and a happy ending that involved a hot towel on my back. so nice

Radiance Skincare 529-1934

Next thing you know an esty store is birthed

Update that blazer with new buttons! This is Sassy magazine advice that has come full circle with the addition of accoutrements from Mice ! Monkeys! Cows! ranging from the sublime country crap to kitsch to truly arty. Pick your poison


Showcase!! The Tuesday Wednesday faux Hermes Birkin tote bag (thnx Fox), new BFF Mango nautical rope scarf and those damn silver ballet flats

Cats + weird headwear=win win

I am still obsessed with those sequin Marc Jacobs mouse ears from 2009 and in the interim have practiced bizarre headware sportage in preparation for their appearance in my stocking/easter basket/glove compartment. But I do draw the line at interactive. It's all about me, ya know?

If you are so not inclined, the Japanese company Neurowear has interactive kitty ears that sense the wearer's brain waves and responds accordingly. Droopy for sad, pointed for interested and mashed back for mad: for ex. see the video!!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

If I wanted comfy but ugly I'd....wait, what am I saying??

So I bought these on sake $29.95 "paperbag knit crops" pants at Anthropologie becasue they looked awesome. So terribly cute with a gathered waist, wide ribbon tie belt, casual rolled hem and super soft drapy fabric. As mightily as I tried, sadly, they must go back. Hugely, massivly unflattering fat fat fat as in I look like Bristol Palin size large. Buh Bye.

Friday, May 6, 2011

What cause might that be?

Haven't you always wanted to take just the whole Anthropologie store home with you are far as display and decor goes? Now is your chance. Anthro is auctioning off their cork display for a good cause and our very own Keystone at the Crossing shop is participating. Leave your bid by phone (574-0803)or in person at the store by May 14th and one of these lovely hannging baskets or giant balls can be yours

Frankly, for once in my life i was not impressed by this lame ass window display. C'mon Anthropologie! My kid coud do that! And I coud certainly drink enough wine to provide the raw material!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Inbox just got fuller

Is there no orginality anymore? As a style blogger who came in about 2 years too late I would have to sheepishly admit "no, not really" My next question is "Can you have too many designer flash sales?" and the answeris quite the same. Amazon has gotten into the act (where ya been buddy) and started Myhabit, with an non snotty instant membership. Currently running: Badgley Mischka shoes, Kenneth Jay Lane and Doo.ri with this amnaiznbg goat fur coat. also fun: the models move!

Ruling the world

Calypso St. Barth's collection has appeared at Target over the weekend but failed to chase the black cold skies away, here in Indiana at least. I found the clothing sort of meh, the same sort of thing you would find at your local head shop or lido deck. Srsly, even Tory Burch does tropical a bit better. The abbreviated home collection is a bit sunnier. Metallic poofs and bright elephant teapots makes me feel all Morocco-ish.

OH! The next designer to take over Ter gut is Missoni, September-ish


Teeny tiny Armadillo shoes at the Met's temporary McQueen gift shop. I learned my lesson from the Jeff Koon's puppy vase debacle of '98 and will buy at least 5

AND: Decades Two is having a special vintage AMQ sale tomorrow at 10 am. Sadly, I'll be getting my nails does at that time and cannot participate (smudging!!) but use this code for 20% off: MCQ20

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wedding dress short list

No! The one on the left! Not Miss Frumpypants

Valentino Resort Couture

Wedding dress short lis

Just lovely

Popped into the IMA for a run through Material World, and brief textile exhibit featuring stunningly embellished clothing from throughout the world and encompassing many centuries. Lots of feathers. How can the desire to adorn oneself be so wrong? It is clearly a most human condition. Makes me determined to have a piece from my archive in there one day. Maybe something my fat butt can't fit into anymore, like my reception dress. Must call Petra

Met Ball for Alexander McQueen exhibit

Even Giselle seems to be saying "Dayum, girl!" Awesome awesome color on Gennifer Goodwin at the Met Ball on Monday. Totally striking Topshop dress and completely modern shoes ( still can't find who did those. Probably Aldo). Far more interesting outfits then we saw on Friday (sans hats) but not enough McQueen if you ask me. Too expensive? Oh, please
I am totally going to see this BTW. When I get back from BWI, I'll be taking RSVP's for the 'burban carpool to NYC. CW!!

They have regular stuff too

Moping last Saturday because Dark Lord Day was sold out (Curse you Three Floyds ticket system), I sulked and sucked down a 'Bruce at McNivens and wandered dazed all the way down to the east end of Mass Ave where I found a strip of gourmet delights such as the Mass Ave Wine Shop, R Bistro, City dog Bakery (haha) and a little ice cream/candy shop. Is this really The Best Chocolate in Town? I do not know since I don't eat sugar. However, with flavors like wasabi ginger, chili pepper and (above) port wine& fig I suspect it it certainly the most unusual chocolate in town. I'll poll my mom after Sunday