Thursday, June 30, 2011


The cost of fine sunglesses is directly proportional to how quickly you lose them. I test that theory every year and then have to go to Target once a month to replace the cheap ones I break. I should just go ahead and place a big giant order at to save time. Super trendy and starting at only $8, you can get some for every day of the week. These cat eye glasses are $14 and killah in the blue

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let me relieve you of that paycheck

Goddammit. It is (nearly) July and that means super amazing clearance AKA the chance the buy something TDF, for, like, a dollar. Sadly, today I am forced to drop nearly two grand on tree removal(hello pooooool) which severely limits my budget on the following:
Opening Ceremony 75% off super weirdo brands and the entire Pendleton line, there are 1466 item here, people, surely you can find something

AllSaints new Archive site which is basically an outlet. Still rocker fab yet soooo cheap

ASOS 70% off. Again, lots of stuff but nicely made and really fun.

8Fifteen 75% off. Local in Bro Rip and where I started my spree. Limited shoes (boo) and Rick Owens sizing is a joke, I tried on his leggings backwards and forwards and not even close however the Olivier Theory collection is quite nice

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It gets smaller every day

I don't know about you but I do not read the Star for national news. That is what dlisted is for. I get it because I want to know what is happening locally: garage sales, arrests, shopping opportunities and myself occasionally. Sometimes all of the above together! So it really burned my butt when I heard about all the layoffs becasue now all of our home remodeling/dog/knitting stories will be from Kansas or something. So not intersting if I do not knwo anyone in the article. And I got the super sads when I heard my favorite wig store shopper and lifestyle writer, Jenny Elig, got the ax. She was conatntly scooping me with the latest and greatest and no one was more of a champion for going local. you can still find her musing at or or on that twitter thingy but you'll have to ask her what that it

$44.59 is $44 too much to be paying for fireworks

Usually July is when everything is super clearanced but you'll be paying full price ($250) for this IF you can even get it. Super limted edition grafitti boy Shepard Fairey paired up with Levis and MOCA to create this patriotic jacket

I have always been attracted to flag stuff, especially presented in a classic way aka Springsteen but this reminds me uncomfortabley of a 1992 boyfriend who had this motif in leather AND one with an 8 ball on it. Yeah.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Creed. Not the sucky band

What do you get a man who has everything? I'm talking about Father's Day, the bugbear of gift giving occasions. My biological dad got a bunch of wine but my Big Daddy required a bit more thought. I love to spoil him so what could be more decadent then a custom fragrance? OK well aside from the flying to France thing and the $5000 pice tag it was suggested to me that I explore a certain brand called Creed. Wildly expensive, exclusive to very few shops and hugely historic (like, the oldest fragenace house to still be in existance, whoa)it stakes it's reputation on custom scents for rich people(Frank sinatra, Winston Churchill) and super concentraion of unusual oils

First of all let me say, ideally, in fragrance shopping, you bring the person with you. The scent on the paper, in the air, on your arm: will smell entirly different. I did not do this.

There was a surprising amount to choose from and the very patient sales person quickly narrowed it down to what I wanted. Which was basically; NOT TO SMELL LIKE ANYONE ELSE. Or like Patchouli. Proving a sniffer of coffee beans to clear my nostrial pallete, we got to 10, then 5. Here is the weird thing, some I hated at first sniff ended up getting better and better as they mellowed. In fact, the one I adamantly hated at first ended up being the winner. The second choice was made for Jackie O but I assure you it did not smell the least bit girlie

Need an outfit for the State Fair?

Today I shopped at Boot City and Boomtown Fireworks and was hoping to make it to the banjo store to complete the hillbilly trifecta but the tour was too long at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center so I didn't. The big cat thing was awesome but this is a shopping blog so Imma gonna talk about Boot City, Shockingly, the largest country western store in Indiana happens to be a mere hour away from us in lovely Terre Haute. It is indeed huge with a two story boot section that quite frankly made me dizzy. Wonderful selection of classics, exotic leathers, funky colors and a V nice line from Dingo that is called "vintage" bringing 60's style butterflies to the mix in distressed leathers. Reasonably priced too, I saw nothing over $250.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mr. Pearl! Ok, bad example

There is just not enough appreciation for the corset. Not the cheap and cheesy Priscillas/Cirillas/whatever nylon ickyness but a custom fitted, amazingly made, foundation garment. They are elegant, sexy and make you look skinny and bosem-ey and who does not want that? Known by the general public for her Sweet Revenge sleepware line and by fashion insiders for her amazing runway creations, Catherine Fritsch can totally hook you up. SALE ALERT Pop into her cute Studio of Mercurious Designs (876 Logan St Noblesville) July 9 5-8pm and shop her overstocks and one offs and just maybe order yourself something special

Oooh a sample sale! Like in New York 'n stuff!

Saturday, July 9 · 5:00pm - 8:00pm


Location Studio of Mercurious Designs
876 Logan St.
Noblesville, IN


Created By Sweet Revenge Lingerie


More Info Upstairs above Gentleman Soldier. Entrance between Alexander's and Gentleman Soldier.

Lingerie, one-offs, dresses, vintage, separates, accessories...

Well, that's different

Talked into OPI's "You Don't Know Jacques" nail color today. A fun summer turquoise, nice with a (fading)tan

UPDATE: an alert reader has informed me YDKJ is a grey color, this fab blue is actually Mermaid's Tears

Monday, June 13, 2011

Walking on sunshine

Are colored jeans that new? Seems like an F21 type perennial.

So was my thinking before I fondled a pair of J Brand Haute Hue jeans. First of all: the color is searingly bright. Purple, orange, yellow, turquoise Skittles
Second: the fabric is lush, soft and stretchy. Comfy like leggings but with the structure of jeans.

If you must rock the colored jean trend do it right and just spend the $172, don't bother with the half assed pastels from The Row

PS: 40% off 8fifteen

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I like to move it move it

When I travel I like to blend in with the locals be it Paris in excellent shoes and a Chanel jacket or Nantucket with embroidered lobster shirts and faded red pants. This means of course I have a lot of things which I would feel foolish wearing here, but seem perfectly okay ensuite. My recent trip to St Kitts was no exception. While I did not succumb to the hair braiding thing, oh how I hate that never never! I did bust out the maxi dress, the extremely large hat and booty shorts. The latter were not as amazing as these crocheted ones from but I am sure you get the picture

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

oh look a unicorn

Too frumpy for ya? Hah! This cardigan from Austrailian Wheels and Dollbaby was designed by Dita (as in Von Teese) and if you unbutton the the top middle buttons it becomes unbearably keyhole sexy. Of course. The brand has been around for almost 30 years, bringing vintage style to AU becasue guess what? there is no (real) vintage clothing in Down Under. Srsly. A dearth. Sad, no? Anyhoo check it out, MUST SEE the beaded pink playsuit I would totally buy if I had an event to wear it to. Like a burlesque stripper showdown in Glitterland

Back in the US

Hi did you miss me? I missed you. Even my 4 most loyal stalkers fans. (Sorry, quartet of misery and pestilance, I am just kidding about the missing you part)
Days without the internet thought I was going to DIE but the rum laced mango smoothies eased the pain a bit.

Now it's time to start on my super secret major huge project. Can you guess what it is?

Well, I'm off to peel the dead skin from my burnt shins and draw stuff and do math and make a big list