Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let me relieve you of that paycheck

Goddammit. It is (nearly) July and that means super amazing clearance AKA the chance the buy something TDF, for, like, a dollar. Sadly, today I am forced to drop nearly two grand on tree removal(hello pooooool) which severely limits my budget on the following:
Opening Ceremony 75% off super weirdo brands and the entire Pendleton line, there are 1466 item here, people, surely you can find something

AllSaints new Archive site which is basically an outlet. Still rocker fab yet soooo cheap

ASOS 70% off. Again, lots of stuff but nicely made and really fun.

8Fifteen 75% off. Local in Bro Rip and where I started my spree. Limited shoes (boo) and Rick Owens sizing is a joke, I tried on his leggings backwards and forwards and not even close however the Olivier Theory collection is quite nice