Thursday, July 31, 2008

One of my happy places

The dressing room at French Pharmacie. Man oh man did I get some great stuff that I cannot wait to wear. I saved, like, two thousand dollars but must subtract for a parking ticket. Damn you, efficient Broad Ripple meter maid

Going with yesterday's theme, Nanette Lepore leopard dress and my new Madden shoes. It would look better with my corset belt, methinks. And maybe a big chunky necklace like the Subversive ones at Target now on sale

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Soooo Bitchin'

Make fun, as you will, but the 80's were a great time to discover fashion. It was just all about experimentation and having fun, with no angst or monochromatic colors. I am glad to see a revival and if I had the money and time you know what i would do??? Pop up shop. Yep, load the DeLorean with Swatch watches and Coca Cola rugbys and blast the Valley Girl soundtrack. I'd be all over that shit.

Something else to spend money on

Lets face it, your clothing is presenting an extension of yourself to the general public. Which is not a bad thing, if you care as much as I do. This attention to detail can carry over to your environment, which would include furniture. Unlike your wardrobe, YOU have to look at it, constantly and while I totally agree that fashion hurts, day to day living is something else entirely. I have had some pretty great stuff come my way in the mid mod business but with little kids, I have had to compromise a bit. It actually hurt me inside to buy a Pottery Barn sofa but, damn, that thing was comfortable. I treat my rooms like my closet: basic, basic, something weird, basic, and of course, at least one animal print. If I were really really rich I'd have a really really weird furniture like this climbing sofa by Lila Jang or this crazy table by French designer John Nouanesing. Instead I have to settle for a teeny twist on the classic like my Victorian sofa in a horribly expensive furry tiger print done by horribly expensive upholsterer Paul Howard. Worth it , eh? PS: That's my jammies suitcase underneath. Reuse, Recycle

And the big Vogue too

Working on the fall list. Need some new tall black boots, just like every year, maybe those Chloe ones with the horseshoe sole. I'd like a big squishy clutch bag and a bell sleeve coat, or is that too 2007? Really really want the Burberry studded leather bracelet. Paper bag waist pencil skirt in navy. 80's style pointy pumps in a bright color. Some legging or super tight pants that are scrunched at the bottom. Pretty short list for fall, I know. That will change, I am sure, once I get a look see at the ginormous September W in a few weeks. My floor will be littered with tear sheets and broken dreams.
My hand was killing me, too much blogging carpel tunnel maybe, hence the grimace and spectacularly bad photo. It's not you. Ethnic-ey beaded top balanced by menswear plaid shorts. The purple in both pieces pulls it together so you don't realized the incongruence of hippie executive. Or something like that.
Working on the fall list. Need some new tall black boots, just like every year, maybe those Chloe ones with the horseshoe sole. I'd like a big squishy clutch bag and a bell sleeve coat, or is that too 2007? Really really want the Burberry studded leather bracelet. Paper bag waist pencil skirt in navy. 80's style pointy pumps in a bright color. Some legging or super tight pants that are scrunched at the bottom. I am sure I will have more to add when my ginormous September W comes in a few weeks.

My hand was killing me, too much blogging carpel tunnel maybe, hence the grimace. It's not you. Ethnic-ey beaded top balanced by menswear plaid shorts. I think the purple in both pieces kept the styles from clashing

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where's the vintage Hawiian shirts?

Maybe I'm over 20 years of mall fashion, but I have been really attracted to avant garde kind of stuff lately. You know, things like 3 sleeve sweaters and cloven toe boots. I was really inspired by the IMA's Breaking the Mode show and tried to get some of said Martin Margiela shoes on ebay for a whole week before I realized how big they would make my feet look. Some of it is just silly, like the Ann Demeulemeester's "No Sleeve Top" (no shit) for $600, looks like a shrug for the prison's formal. However, I do love this Alexander McQueen fuzzy leather dress, a steal at $737.40. Sadly, the problem with buying online and weird cut clothing is the inability to try on combined with the no return policy. I just can't go there since I am a huge returner of about 75% of what I buy (Unworn! I swear!)If you would like a $600 piece of fabric you can get this stuff at and sometimes Frankeys in Nora has these brands, too

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ten Thousand Miso Noodles

Having never been to a third world country, my ickiest meal is probably not the worst you have ever heard. Heat is in Chicago, and while it looks like a regular sushi restaurant in a bad neighborhood, there is a fundamental difference. The fish is amazingly fresh because they kill it for you right at your table. I am not kidding. This privilege costs about $400 before you even add the booze and believe me, you will be adding booze. I went to Saraga International grocery on the 38th street for soft shell crabs and miso paste hoping not to have a flashback, but luckily all the fish were pleasantly dead. Like most international groceries, the initial whiff took a bit getting used to and I shuddered at the notion of actually eating at the food court. Still, I just love looking at all the fun packaging and buying weird cookies that taste like tacos. Here I am trying to remember what that smelly fruit that was banned on public transportation in Asia looks like so I don't accidentally buy it. Vintage eyelet 1950's skirt, odile bracelet sleeve sweater with (hard to see here) white and yellow checked trim, white Target tee and flower bedecked lizard heels from Colin Stuart

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Today's Special

Stemming from the 80's prep thing or just a great stylized J Crew catalog, it is no secret that I cannot resist an embroidered animal pant, dogs especially. Lobster, anyone?

Saturday, July 26, 2008


It should surprise no one that I collect tiaras. Got some starter ones from the Stumps prom catalog and graduated to some art project 1920's garlands to my favorite and my best, this turquoise, sterling and pearl one from South America circa 1960. I would LOVE this edgy chunky crystal one from Michelle Janks. That could sincerely cut a bitch

Friday, July 25, 2008

Now I am going to the gym. Twice.

I started practicing for the Indiana State Fair today by going to Mug N Bun and eating something fried. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Surprisingly uncrowded for a Friday night before the Ickyard

I Want It

I don't know why someone didn't think of this before. Inject the mundane with style! Face it, in the world of consumer electronics planned obsolescence, you will need to replace it before you get sick of looking at it.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Louis Vuittoctopus

Louis Vuitton + art + marketing genius= Fabulosity. Their collaboration with Takashi Murakami producing cheerful cherry bags wisely appealing to the newest demographic with money, the thirteen year old girl. Last year they catered to the hipster with the sinister yet delicious ombre pink bleed designed by Richard Price. Now, they have done what I thought was impossible: reinvent the iconic yet boring, monogram Speedy. Only those weirdos at Comme de Garcon could come up with this surrealistic bag. I have as many questions as this has handles. Which do you use and what do you do with the other ones during said use? I don't think this is even functional. Actually, I am absolutely sure you cannot use this and have look as great as it does just standing there.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

NSFW, as much as I get

Say what you will about Forever 21: shoddy fabric, always a mess, can't buy off the mannequin which is the whole reason you were lured inthe store in the first place, possibly uses third world kitten sweatshops. All retail abhorrents I usually avoid. However, you have to admit this is one cute, albeit see thru, blouse

Cutie Shoes. Mostly.

It is New Shoes Day at Indyfashbash! Well, almost any day is New Shoes Day but this has been serious closet filler Wednesday. First I got those Fit Flop gladiator shoes from Kirna Zebete that have been waitlisted forever. Why, I do not know, as they are Clunk City. My rule is not only must shoes be cute but they must also not make my feet look big. NEXT! I scored these Steve Madden ones at DSW Carmel today. Not as edgy as those Nine West ones I've been eyeballing on Zappos but a mere $30 for the chunky strap-ey look I was seeking, so I bit. More Steve Maddens in the mail, I had almost forgotten I pre-ordered thses ruffle t-straps. Just adorable but the jury is out on if I will actually wear them, they are a lot lighter colored then I expected. I used to avoid this brand entirely, I think that big headed Blyth ad campaign they ran a few years back weirded me out, but now they seem to really have some interesting and un-knock off ideas. The cherry shoes I wore today and excuse me for bragging but they are the cutest shoes I have ever seen. The cherries tap together when you walk and make the most delicious clicking sound. Parlez of cute, DSW had the mouse Marc Jacobs ballets that I would get in every color if I wore flats. Help yourself, they had lots of sizes left at only $149

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Outfit of the Day

Hey, Indianapolis Sephora management! Do you pride yourself on the lowest floor sales in the company? Tell your staff that anyone walking into Sephora wants to buy makeup. Sell it to them! If you don't carry that brand ask me what type of product I am looking for, I will probably buy what you recommend. We are sheep in the face of your expertly applied face, use this to your advantage. Thank you. That will be $1200, make the check payable to Indyfashbash Retail Consulting.

I couldn't get anyone to take a picture of me actually shopping in a store citing company policy, like I am going to steal Coach's display ideas or something but the nice flock of Marines storming the mall during Operation Hotties obliged. Cynthia Rowley silk shantung dress. It's so 50's. And 80's. And now. I'd probably sex it up with my corset belt, mine cut diamond marahrajah necklace and (also imaginary) gladiator heels next time. And yes, Mom, I know I need to move the buttons so the front fits correctly. Super shoes, almost my cutest ones, even though they are that tacky Colin Stuart band

Monday, July 21, 2008

I Cannot Resist

Contrary to popular belief, I do not dumpster dive. Being an antique dealer of sorts, I will, however, admit to an occasional trash pick. Lucky me, an infamous Toledo episode involving a down loveseat, pouring rain and me in leather pants and spiked boots shoving it into the back of a borrowed Lexus in a VERY nice neighborhood, has earned me a theme song. It is usually played when I go to parties back home and everyone thinks it is ohhh so funny to rip off Sanford and Son as i walk in the door. I do look at dumpsters, because something interesting might be sticking out, and that does not count as said diving. Right?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Did you see me in Intake?

I answered the superhero question of the week. One of my favorite "classy" party outfits back in the 90's was black vinyl pants and a big black cashmere sweater. I thought it looked rich and edgy and I wore it alot until I ripped out the crotch throwing up in someone's closet. Like I said, classy

A little gross

I had to wear this big dopey fruit hat to the pond because I have a big zit right where my sunglasses hit my nose. I can't get a cortisone shot until tomorrow pm but that will be too late as I am going to pick this thing within an inch of it's life tonight. It is SO bugging me

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Low at Lowes

Oh goody, large appliance shopping. Frankley, I can think of better things to spend $2000 on, like this Bottega Veneta coat. Do people spend much time in their laundry rooms? Why the Decorator Colors? Who wants a damn red washer? Slate blue and brown is so 2003 but there was a soothing deep navy which was OK but the weird seafoam teal was not. My Target Go banded leg shorts are nifty but they do make my butt look big, which I am OK with, today, anyway. How about that Stepford hair?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Outfit of the day

Actually went to the ICM to see the comic thing and there was also a cartoon thing, which you would think would be the same, but is not. This is the same outfit I wore to the Frankey's opening that did not get much play, so I trotted it out again. Believe me, I was the only mother dressed like this at the Children's Museum. Today, anyway. The pencil skirt is linen, which is usually avoided because I do not iron but it actually wrinkled symmetrically during my nap which made it a little more interesting. No, I did not take it off to nap as it is so tight, I cannot remove it without ripping it a little. Once it is on, it is ON FOR THE DAY

I mean, it's almost August

Is it too late to do the summer switch? I am skipping the living room seasonal change, I just don't have the energy for the Indyfashbash vs slipcover wrestling match this year. I finally did the purse flip after giving up on finding a new one to buy. Just boring, everything. I mean, I am still hot for the YSL Muse in nude but right now I have better things to spend $1500 on, you dig? So I pulled out my 2006 Vuitton Mirrore Speedy. I have to admit when this shiny stuff first came out I just thought it was gross, especially the gold one. But it has grown on me, seems light and fresh for summer. My Stam bag looks pretty disgruntled about it, though


Maybe I'm over 20 years of mall fashion, but I have been really attracted to avant garde kind of stuff lately. You know, things like 3 sleeve sweaters and cloven toe boots. I was really inspired by the IMA's Breaking the Mode show and tried to get some of said Martin Margiela shos on ebay for a whole week before I realized how big they would make my feet look. Some of it is just silly, like the Ann Demeulemeester's "no sleeve top" for $600, in a prison uniform color no less. I do love this Alexander McQueen fuzzy leather dress, a steal at $737.40, but the problem with buying online and weird cut clothing is the inability to try one combined with the no return policy and I just can't go there since I am a huge returner about 75% of what I buy (Unworn! I swear!)If you would like a $600 piece of fabric you can get this stuff at and sometimes Frankeys in Nora has these brands, too

sweet tweet

I found this tres adore skirt today at a yard sale. Could it be any cuter?! I can't decide what I like best: the pink dot belt or the sweet script "birdie" Awwwwww. Sadly, it is too small so I have to put it in the store, but I am totally ripping off this design and making one for me

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'll take one of each

You know how Anthropologie always has these super funky yet cute shoes that you have never ever seen anywhere else? Well, I have discovered the secret. So fabulous, I had to sit down for a minute. Weird and cutesey, just like me! Lots of flats, which I do not wear, so who cares. But the boots!!! Sadly, you can only order them from the UK site right now, which involves some frowny face Euro calculations

Didn't mean for that to happen

In honor of the Children's Museum comic book display, I bring you my own super hero costume. Rubberized leggings by American Apparel, Tory Burch cuffs, Twinkle by Wenlan velvet tank, Modern Vintage shoes. Unfortunately completing the effect, an extra flap on the shirt that makes me look like I'm wearing Underoos. Nice touch

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Master of my Domain

Sundance Catalog $345

My Favorite Thrift $5.95

Suck that, Natural Redford

Doin' time

Trying to avoid being shived in the prison yard by looking busy. Bwahahaha, get it? No really, this whole thing is a departure for me. I don't usually like all this mess up by my face. This is one busy, shiny blouse with pleats and bows and puffy sleeves but I think the dark floral shorts balance it a bit

Yes, you are

I think every tall building in Indianapolis should have this on it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dirty ol' England

Boden is the strange little catalog that carries these cottony, retro fun pattern clothing and adorable kids stuff, heavy on the applique. I wore this mud/sand/cloud Union Jack mini skirt from them today, so much nicer then the sea/grass/white one that was not in my size. I just threw it on with a T shirt, straw cowboy hat and flip flops because I arose at 6 am. See, even Indyfashbash gives up every once in a while.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Outfit of the Day

I pulled out that ruffley Juicy dress, no belt, with my Indigo hippie heels and big bead necklace. And big hair bump. No really sure what kind of look I was going for. Aren't those chairs cool?


There are some words that should just never be adverb-ized OR made into nouns. You decide which. That word is on the label 4 times! Is this necessary?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I hate Einstein Brothers

I just have been so corporately disappointed lately. Einstein Brother Bagels used to be my favorite lunch place, my biggest issue was trying to decide between most most favorite 3 things to get. Then they changed their menu to Incredibly Boring and is just pointless to eat there. I was pretty desperate for a lox and bagel all week and stupidly thought EB would be the place to go. You know how you really really want something and you think about it all the time until you get it?It messes with your head, man. I almost cried when they put it in front of me. It was the lamest lox and bagel EVER. Barely any cream cheese. A teeny slice of lox. NO capers. NO onion. All this let down cost me $6.50. It reminded me of the that horrible sandwich from Quizno's that made me so angry I took a picture of it to make an Anti Quiznos flyer. And then Jiffy Lube loses the big J logo! Who does not love a J?
I had the opposite experience at Bazbaux Pizza on Mass Ave tonight. Delish food, sweet waiter and the best hair dos in the city. Seriously, every single person who worked there had a fresh, modern, hip haircut. I felt positively medieval with my long locks. Go Local!

Carry the torch

BCBG has a reputation of being knock off city and I used to studiously avoid it. Now I can't because they have a big store at Keystone at the rich people Crossing right between Anthropologie and Saks. They may be unoriginal, but man, do they have some cute stuff. A lot of cocktail type attire that is low on the hoochie factor, which is refreshing (I am looking at you, bebe). And a nice big sale rack, oh yea

I had my mini me with me and when we walked into the mall she gasped in delight "Mommy! What IS this place? It is beautiful, how come you have never taken me here before?" So we talked about commerce and branding and demographics and the Simons and Chanel

Friday, July 11, 2008

They will always be a classic

I still bust out my Doc Martens 5 eyelet boots from time to time. You can't beat them in a mosh pit and when I am cutting down trees they are a must. They now make them in little kids sizes, how anti-anti-establishment, but cute. Not surprisingly, their website is pretty cool They are having a design contest which is very Threadless of them and have paired with Yohji Yamamoto for some great floral design in the 13 eyelet tall boot. I picked up some plaid ones at the Goodwill yesterday. I think they will fit but eben adter all these years I still cannot figure out DM goofy sizes

More cowbell

When I would go to house parties back in the day, all these weird drum circles would erupt in the wee hours. While it served it purpose of making everyone not completely wasted want to leave (that is why they did that, right?) it always stuck me as kind of silly. Now, I have a kid that can make noise with any thing, be it a potato, a single stick, his personal head, I mean, he is his own drum circle. We went Bongo Boy's weekly one last night to show him how to professionally make a lot of noise and he was quite impressed. Now he wants his own "racas and big dum" which will only happen if we we move. And he stays here. What does one wear to a drum circle? I decided to go Dread Pirate Roberts with that sash but skipped the eyepatch

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Lately, it seems, I've been reading and hearing a lot about men growing up with hard daddies. Making them fight when they are four, never seeing them hug their mamas, drunks, drunks, and more drunks. Aside from some personal disclosures, the worst by far is Augusten Burrough's " A Wolf at the Table" which I could not bear to read past the second chapter and the best is Rick Bragg's "Prince of Frogtown" Oh, how these tough men love their horrible fathers. All that harshness makes a hard, hard crust that gets bigger the more you heap on it, so much trying to crush the small part of a boy that is soft and tender. Fathers must do this thinking to prepare them for life that is full of casual cruelness. Or maybe because if they treat them with any tenderness, that means their daddies were monsters, and they cannot bear to believe that.

I know this a superficial frivolous fashion blog and I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer. So, to cheer you and me up, here is the outfit I want to photographed in if I am ever in a magazine, swear to god. From Viktor and Rolf's fall 2005 collection, this outrageous dress combines my favorite things: high fashion, sleeping and making a big old scene

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I don't even LIKE outside

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I have just escaped from the Athleta catalog. Please, bring me some central air, lipstick and a Scotch, stat!

Last night I was returning home from my workout, which apparently took place during a huge storm because there were limbs down all over the place that were not there before. Suddenly, the road was blocked by a huge tree! Which I ran over. But the next one was even bigger so I had to stop, which was only possible because I was no longer going 70 miles an hour like the first time. Suddenly, I was surrounded by villagers wielding chain saws, who, instead of banging on my windshield, processed to dismantle said tree and clear the road. It was just the best, mass spontaneous, help out ever! Suddenly, Indiana is a very cool place to be. Where else would that happen and you not have to tip? Kiss Kiss, cute neighbors!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Touche shredder

Oh haha, so much for making fun of apparel office accidents. I was reminded that I recently had my own clothing industrial mishap, so I guess neckware in a shredder is not much of a leap. I was working on a lobby decor project for an office (don't ask where it is because the owner totally ruined it by adding a bunch of additional and supremely ugly furniture to my cool and well balanced space) and the skirt of my dress was actually ripped off by an industrial fan. That in itself is pretty hilarious, though death defying, I know, and the aftermath of only having large paper clips to hold it together AND having to pick the children up from school in this get up, even more so. I was clanking like I was armed

Blouse love

I found this great late 1970's poly shirt at the Goodwill and I don't know why I had to think twice about it. The drapey top looks like a necklace and the puff sleeves are just cute. I wore it with my nylon baggy short shorts and my weird but good Modern Vintage heels. I almost threw on some ankle socks but thought better of it. Maybe with a pencil or tulip skirt that would look ok, shorts not so much

Monday, July 7, 2008

I love my shredder

So, I noticed this on my new favorite thing today and about peed my pants laughing. Now THAT, I would like to see. I apologized in advance if this has happened to someone in your family, but if you get your tie caught in a shredder, you deserve die

Yes, i said fifty dollars. And up.

Even thought it's summer, sometimes you get lonely for your denim. Yes, I know this is a reissue of the Melody Inn outfit from May but I paid alot for this tank top so I'm gonna wear it. I used to just hate jeans. Well, of course not in the 80's when my stonewashed butt was Electric Sliding at Hooligans every happy hour, but sometime after college I just stopped wearing them. Too uncomfortable, too unflattering, too whiskered. But now thanks to the wonders of spandex I am back like I have never left. OK, going to take them off because I just went outside and it is like 400 degrees out there.

Can I just say there should be a law that a stores that sell $50 and up children's shoes must have a public potty, I mean bathroom. Sheesh. Thanks Pita Pit!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


We went to the Canal yesterday and while I was cool and comfy, I was also clearly pregnant. Or so it would appear. And it really makes me mad because this dress has belt loops so it should have come with some sort of sash, which I did not receive. And can I tell you all, there is nothing, I mean , nothing, worst to wear when you are paddle boatin' then a big old maternity style dress. I am just saying: I was Britney-ing all over the unsuspecting pedestrians and it was not fun.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Diet tips

The best halloween costume my mom ever made for us was my sister's hot dog outfit. This photo is NOT what it looked like, nor is it my sister. But anyway I was thinking about it today because I was watching this at the gym and nearly threw up . Looking to lose some weight? Try aversian therapy! I don't eat hot dogs anyway, unless they are from Netty's, but now I thinking about crossing anything sausagey off that list too. Just gross

Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4th y'all

When I was in grade school, I would only wear was red, white and blue. No necessarily together of course but that was it in the color spectrum of my clothes. This carried over to decor when I got to pick out my own wallpaper and choose this hideously fantastic giant cartoon floral that must have given my east coast DAR mother the fits. So Murakami!! It was pretty embarrassing seeing this in college but now 20 years later I can see how it was superbad. I could truly sell a roll of that stuff for at least $50 on eBay. This is an awkward segue way into my not red or white, 4th of July outfit. Can you tell I'm totally wearing my retainer? Well, it's not really a retainer, more of a mouth guard slash unintentional puffy lip maker, which is an interesting new look but I am glad I can undo it by taking it out. Yes, I am still hangin' on to those Juicy Couture terry capris but in my defense have indeed ditched all the 2003 sweatsuits, velour and terry both. H&M embroidered top, not really my normal style, a little blouse-y but good for sitting on the porch reading People magazine and drinking too many diet Pepsis. Kid is in rumba Petit Tresor, pre-mud puddle