Sunday, July 13, 2008

I hate Einstein Brothers

I just have been so corporately disappointed lately. Einstein Brother Bagels used to be my favorite lunch place, my biggest issue was trying to decide between most most favorite 3 things to get. Then they changed their menu to Incredibly Boring and is just pointless to eat there. I was pretty desperate for a lox and bagel all week and stupidly thought EB would be the place to go. You know how you really really want something and you think about it all the time until you get it?It messes with your head, man. I almost cried when they put it in front of me. It was the lamest lox and bagel EVER. Barely any cream cheese. A teeny slice of lox. NO capers. NO onion. All this let down cost me $6.50. It reminded me of the that horrible sandwich from Quizno's that made me so angry I took a picture of it to make an Anti Quiznos flyer. And then Jiffy Lube loses the big J logo! Who does not love a J?
I had the opposite experience at Bazbaux Pizza on Mass Ave tonight. Delish food, sweet waiter and the best hair dos in the city. Seriously, every single person who worked there had a fresh, modern, hip haircut. I felt positively medieval with my long locks. Go Local!