Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Outfit of the Day

Hey, Indianapolis Sephora management! Do you pride yourself on the lowest floor sales in the company? Tell your staff that anyone walking into Sephora wants to buy makeup. Sell it to them! If you don't carry that brand ask me what type of product I am looking for, I will probably buy what you recommend. We are sheep in the face of your expertly applied face, use this to your advantage. Thank you. That will be $1200, make the check payable to Indyfashbash Retail Consulting.

I couldn't get anyone to take a picture of me actually shopping in a store citing company policy, like I am going to steal Coach's display ideas or something but the nice flock of Marines storming the mall during Operation Hotties obliged. Cynthia Rowley silk shantung dress. It's so 50's. And 80's. And now. I'd probably sex it up with my corset belt, mine cut diamond marahrajah necklace and (also imaginary) gladiator heels next time. And yes, Mom, I know I need to move the buttons so the front fits correctly. Super shoes, almost my cutest ones, even though they are that tacky Colin Stuart band