Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cutie Shoes. Mostly.

It is New Shoes Day at Indyfashbash! Well, almost any day is New Shoes Day but this has been serious closet filler Wednesday. First I got those Fit Flop gladiator shoes from Kirna Zebete that have been waitlisted forever. Why, I do not know, as they are Clunk City. My rule is not only must shoes be cute but they must also not make my feet look big. NEXT! I scored these Steve Madden ones at DSW Carmel today. Not as edgy as those Nine West ones I've been eyeballing on Zappos but a mere $30 for the chunky strap-ey look I was seeking, so I bit. More Steve Maddens in the mail, I had almost forgotten I pre-ordered thses ruffle t-straps. Just adorable but the jury is out on if I will actually wear them, they are a lot lighter colored then I expected. I used to avoid this brand entirely, I think that big headed Blyth ad campaign they ran a few years back weirded me out, but now they seem to really have some interesting and un-knock off ideas. The cherry shoes I wore today and excuse me for bragging but they are the cutest shoes I have ever seen. The cherries tap together when you walk and make the most delicious clicking sound. Parlez of cute, DSW had the mouse Marc Jacobs ballets that I would get in every color if I wore flats. Help yourself, they had lots of sizes left at only $149