Monday, July 7, 2008

Yes, i said fifty dollars. And up.

Even thought it's summer, sometimes you get lonely for your denim. Yes, I know this is a reissue of the Melody Inn outfit from May but I paid alot for this tank top so I'm gonna wear it. I used to just hate jeans. Well, of course not in the 80's when my stonewashed butt was Electric Sliding at Hooligans every happy hour, but sometime after college I just stopped wearing them. Too uncomfortable, too unflattering, too whiskered. But now thanks to the wonders of spandex I am back like I have never left. OK, going to take them off because I just went outside and it is like 400 degrees out there.

Can I just say there should be a law that a stores that sell $50 and up children's shoes must have a public potty, I mean bathroom. Sheesh. Thanks Pita Pit!