Monday, September 16, 2013

Muffy, a slipper for us! JP Crickets

The ultimate in prep "le smoking slipper" as found new life as a promo collegiate device as presented by JP Crickets . Italian made lounge footwear that can be customized to the alma mater of choice or for a few bucks more your own family crest or whatev. This is super elegant and comfy casual shoe that is perfect for knocking around or tailgating and at $298 better be (and probably is) a quality shoes

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Buy local look international HOUSE OF FIFTH

Traveler Bag $995
One of my first blog posts was about a  House of Fifth fashion show and while I wasn't entirely sure of what was going on at the time, the production values were at least fabulous. This local fashion house has evolved quite a bit since then, nixing the highly stylized logo tees and filmy scarves to currently produce a decidedly elegant yet edgy leather good line. Truen James, the head designer and creator of the house, brough me one of these ginourmous  Traveler bag samples last year and I finally got around to purchasing one for myself, as well as a studded bracelet splurge for my "goth" (haha if she only knew) kid  at The Bindery show last First Friday @ the Harrison. Truen and I talked for over an hour about his vision for the company and why this is not a nationally known insider brand I will never know. Perhaps production is a problem since they are all custom designed and hand made though I do wish my dust cover had a big cool logo on it

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ignore the retail feet

What will $9.99 get you? These orange owl jelly sandals from F21, thats what. A collab from the hot British rubber shoes designer Melissa also has sleek thin strappy ones and a studded gladiator in color block. Also got a leather sleeve olive cargo jacket but passed on the pleather overalls. Just no

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Not as booty as pictured

I bought these shorts at H&M today. Going to pair them with my new Madewell chambray shirt rolled and tied at the waist with cut out tan canvas Tieta boots then later a plain tank with possibly glitter platforms for PM. They do not need a lot of accessorizing being so busy and all. Through H&M's Sustainability Program I got 15% off for bringing in some old frocks for recycling which put a dent in the $49 price tag (not on sale, can you believe I got it anyway? SMHS)

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Been in search for the perfect basic chambray shirt. Want to pair it tucked in with navy cream striped J Crew raffia pencil skirt, as a bathing suit cover up and tied under bust w black high waisted shorts (not all at once) While I could dig up my oversized acid washed Guess one from 1987 I decided it needed to be a bit more fitted and less acidic. After tearing up the Madewell display (geez they all has the sleeves rolled up how am I supposed to try them on) of various styles, settled on the 'EX BOYFRIEND LIGHT" (perhaps that is why he is an Ex) sadly not on sale and will never be according to the heavily banged associate.

Finally got to the C Wonder store and did I feel like Victoria's Secret (mirrors and stuffed logo dogs) Kate Spade ( Hollywood Glam) and Dollar Store (overwhenming smell of plastic wrap). threw up. Get it together Chris! Signature scent! Lose the dog! Was hoping to get a stack of enameled bracelets but didn't feel I should reward the branding fail

Monday, June 10, 2013

Black please

Summer festivals require madcap glasses and these mod mod world ones from Boohoo will do the trick. Yup, they are across the pond evidenced by 'scripts like dungaree and ghilet, but provide free ship if you meet the max order. Since these lovelies were only  12 bucks (!!!) I had to add a romper and a sweet metallic clutch to the mix. Durn it

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Don't go there

What can't you buy at Target? No longer is that answer "wedding dress". The Tevolio capsule collection is online only,starts at $66  to $159 and is totally boring. Look, people, if your goal is a $99 wedding dress try Cache, BCBG or even bebe. Or just wait until prom season markdowns at major department stores, the Pearl collection at JC Penney is particularly nice. It's OK

Monday, June 3, 2013

Look, Muffy, a shoe for us!

Celebrating their 35th anniversary of the Vara and Varina shoe, Ferragamo is giving the masses their chance to customize these iconic flats with bow and leather of choice. Sounds fantastic but I have to say the combos are limited. I wanted robins egg blue with red or pink with lime green but no luck. Still, the idea of matchy matchy is irresistable. $550 in 7-9 weeks at

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Made an exception to the no sugar thing but was sorry later

BEST IDEA EVER! The only way it could be better is if it were located in an Airstream Trailer, which, look out, Rocket Fizz on the Circle, a concept I may just steal. Hundreds of crazy sodas in glass bottles no less and wacky vintage candy. And when I say vintage I do not mean that fake retro repro crap you get at Cracker Barrel. Double salted licorice, Haribo gummy cherries and those so awful that they are fabulous wax bottles with syrup stuff all made it into my bag. The staff are quite the cut ups as well thought I felt a little bad for the hard stare given to the joke "we're closed" as soon as I walked in. I had already reaped the bribe to the T3 so mission must be completed, closed or not


These pants were dirty within 5 minutes of leaving my house so I said fuck it and went to Lowes for porch plants.
J Crew top, Elizabeth & James neon jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Lita shoes, Prada bag

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pigs are flying

Hipster witch shoes by Morenatom
Gah I am wearing oxfords, a trend I just really never thought I would embrace. These seduced me with their 2" heel whispering "We are not a flat". Perhaps I just fell for the multi fabric construction or the fact I have never seen anything like them. They will be perfect for going abroad the spring but here in the good old USA I paired them with rolled up (conceptual) boyfriend jeans and (actual) boyfriend ('s) leather vest to go to the fish zoo in Cincy

Glossbrenner House kickstarter

This little darling is at 32nd and Meridian and is FOR SALE, contact Indiana Landmarks. I suppose you could live in it but it really really needs a business that will lets it true light shine. And by that I mean its amazing highy carved staircase foyer, limestone etched ginormous fireplaces and all kinds of intact stained glass windows that all need to be seen and appreciated. SO I am so hoping that this will not be a law office, insuance agency, mental health facility or any other place of woe. Please please let it be a happy place like an event space or oh how about this BRIDAL SALON. My Texas sister got her wedding dress at this shop that was inside the most amazing, Gone with the Wind, converted plantaion mansion in the heart of Houston.  It was completely surrounded by crap, but when you were inside it was all romance. Anyone???

Friday, April 5, 2013

Molly Ringwald called and wants her vest back

 Super cool line Sohung Designs combines a sculptural aspect with body conscious pieces that are weird yet sexy. An odd juxtaposition, yet it works, is adding formal men's ties to the mix. I think the trench works nicely in this as well as the harness vest, A bit "Secretary" dirty. Here's my take: I threw it on for the Glossbrenner House Party trying to be all casual w J Brand skinnies and J Crew flats. It was actually a bit matchy matchy with a Prada shirt and bag but I digress. I would normally hate things made of ties, a bit crafty, tho'I had the ubiquitous mini skirt in the 80's from Dinwiddies, but for some reason this thing in person just seemed super well crafted and cleverly put together.

Maybe it was the pastel colors that got me all excited. Dunno

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Coat

While shopping at Keystone X yesterday, I was amazed to see , many summer dresses and flip flops wandering around. I mean on a person. I know what the calender says but I also know what the thermomenter says el stupido. None the less, I did feel a little funny wearing my nice warm yet super furry coat. And then I remembered I had bought this bad assery Sam Edelmann studded trench a few months ago and busted it out today. It comes in tan too which proposes a dilemma: you may expect something studded to be black, the traditional trench not so much. Then I remembered I have a tan in Burberry (long) and Banana R (short) so I nixed that color choice and am also too lazy to embellish either of those myself, hence the purchase.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My three foot tall razzi cut my head off thanks but thats OK because, girl, I am so tired. If my eye bags were Louis Vuitton they would not be Pouchettes but Almas. Doing the tough tender thing with ditsey floral skirt and biker jacket. It has been done to death but the weird butterscotch brown makes it just a wee bit different, no? Will rethink the tights next time
William Rast jacket, Vera Wang skirt, Juicy pique tee and 8 Fifteen boots whose name I cannot pronounce or spell off hand

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ugg no more

So I saw these sandals last year in an industry shoe magazine and thought to myself  "Self, Ugg has fiannly figured it out and gotten away from those damn boots and hired a designer. Hooray" I had kind of forgotten about them but revisted my look book and 'tis the season to be ordered. Super super cute, I love the fringe and the woven and oh do you see those butterflies? Just tiki-licious. And coming from Zappos, I should get them yesterday. YES

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kate Young April 14th Target- who cares? Me, maybe

I hope Target is not jumping the shark with it's latest collab. Does your average Tarjay shopper know who Kate Young is or even for that matter what a damn stylist is? NOOOOOOO. Good news for People Like Us, it will not sell out and it is pretty cute. The best is this bootie, the rest is a not wildly special but still slightly edgy-ish and her bangs just just totally aspirational

Monday, March 18, 2013

Bakersfield on Mass

Stolen from the Bakerfield website, thanks guys
I attended an event every night last week from the had from the pattern launch party, two restaurant openings  and various cocktail schmoozes. By Friday I had no desire to even drink one for St Patty's day (weekend), I was so over it. Guess I'm not an alcoholic, so there is something to be said for that.

Ok so the new buzz is Bakersfield on Mass, replacing the original Bazbaux with tequila and tacos. It's noisy and jolly, with cute flavorful tacos (get the fish) and a giant booze list. Really great queso, delightfully lumpy and the house marg for only 6 bucks is a great deal and will get you drunk. not El Sol drunk but still. Skip the premium at twice the price and just have two of the basics. By the way, they know they only have one bathroom, please stop reminding them, they just can't help it

Are you a Flo or a Zoe

I swear Swarovski will collaborate with just about anyone. The latest to their Crystallized stable is Zoe Kravitz, who has designed a silver and turquoise arrow native american inspired line that drops March 22. I am sure, being Swarovski and all, it will be a very nice quality collection but quite frankly the look is quite meh. I guess being 23 years old, your style influences are pretty much Forever 21 and the gift shop from your last field trip to the natural history museum. so edgy.

On a related note, Florence Welch has released a mini jewelry collection on her website called Flotique. A bit more original, it has a lot of arrow (again with the arrows), art deco and chains. Oh and a mini birdcage ring

Twirl girl

It is festival planning season upon us. As in music, all day band business with perhaps some camping out. Maybe making a grilled cheese on a car engine. Yes, I did that. Anyhoo,  what could not be more Coachella then a flower crown. Handmade by the faires at Cult Gaia, a plethora of color choices and some patterned fabric turbans await you. Most crowns are about $100 and before you gasp and clutch your Michaels coupon, I must point out the flowers are fastened to a leather braid and have a lobster clasp closure, certainly one upping the floral department at Trader's Point

Saturday, March 16, 2013


I love the arm party look. Piles of bracelets, its just fun and a bit rock n roll but lets face it, really impractical if you are taping boxes all day and banging out copy. So I have adopted the neck party and my new fave to this particular party is this handcrafted piece from Uncommon Goods, an on trend bird, nest and 3 (in my case) little turquoise eggs. Yes, it is sentimental kill me now

SHOULD NOT EVEN BE A QUESTION BUT STILL: I have an opportunity to buy a Hummer at at great price. DO OR DO NOT

Monday, March 4, 2013

Does this art make my butt look big

The Alexander is the latest in art hotels to grace our fair city. HAHA. it's the only art hotel in Indianapolis and golly it's is pretty cool. 21C is my first love, but as someone pointed out, it can be quite old school while the Alex is all new modern specs. Plat 99 is THE hangout with a lovely view of Lilly (??) and glass lanterns sailing over the cool crisp space. Summer will be all Miami like with metal firepits and sinuous lounge furniture. The drink menu is charming or annoying, depends on how you roll and I am waiting for a good batch of the famous truffle popcorn, so far quite meh. We had fun exploring the hotel and finding all the art like an easter egg hunt of modernity. Nice mix of local and not so much. OH! My favorite part was the check in counters: Louis french cabinets enclosed in lucite boxes. Tres chic: totally stealing
Burberry coat, Prada bag, James Perse dress, Missoni glasses

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

D Lamont fashion show at my house Friday

Haha not really but it will be at my little red headed stepchild business Minx March 1 at, oh let say, 7 ish. Super cool designer Derek Hill's line has an urban sensibility with an edgy twist and you can see it yourself at 16th and Penn. This major show has never before seen spring looks, loads of amazing models and a super fab runway location. And cupcakes

New York is over it

God, it just figures, as soon as Indianapolis gets on board with a national shopping party, the big dogs call it quits. Yup, that made up shopping event called Fashion's Night Out is cancelled forever due to drunken riots and just plain old not making any money

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Krink collection: Coach + Craig Costello

Drip artist Craig Costello has collaborated with Coach on a newcollection of bidness products. Hmmmm...I've got a 9 year old who can help you with that

Purina Be Happy Dog Food

Marketing Genius!! I don't care is this dog food is made of ground up kittens and Manolos, this packaging is so cute I am buying it

Gucci horsebit loafer: something for everyone

I have these fabulous, classic logo print horsebit Gucci loafers that I just never wear because, quite frankly, they are just not sexy. While my issue is not redeemed, you'all preppies can have a hey day because after only producing logo, black, white and brown for years: Gucci has gotten all crazy and busted out for spring, tada,  over 125 different colors and pattens in this iconic style

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


So today I bought 2 navy striped tops (Caslon w white and J Crew cashmere white & orange) because, clearly,  I just do not have enough of them. An then there is this. The perfect wedge sneaker from Jeffrey Campbell. No velcro whew. I nearly ruined them today tramping about Marot Park , aka "The Place Fiona Fell In The River And Mom Jumped In And Saved Her Whist Wearing A Dress" Yes, I hike in a dress. Sometimes. It was more of a wrap 1960's bear print skirt with matching tote and Chanel flats that apparently float but let's not quibble

Friday, February 15, 2013

Mardi Gras: Grown Up Spring Break. Sort of

What did you do for Valentines Day week?  I dressed up like a cat and got whacked in the face with flying beads. Dislike.New Orleans is a super cool city after the fact. Like night and day, man. Mardi Gras is nuts with neon drinks served in plastic frogs, ruining your shoes in beer puddles and the grossest bathrooms in the world. But NOLA is also: super cool cemeteries, a 1940's diner that is all counter and sass, beautiful mansions that unfortunately reminded me of Django, and the Designer Social Showroom where I got to fondle the new Celine wing bag

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Change is good, right?

Oh for craps sake. Blogger has changed their photo uploading stats and it is harshing my mellow. I neither understand or care about how to fix this so I am passively/aggressively posting on facebook only. Likey me to the left!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

They don't need the money

So we are all familiar with Sea of Shoes right? A blog by ultra rich teen Jane Aldridge that showcases her shoes purchases and, apparently, the professional photog that follows her around. I am not a hater. Her wardrobe choices are not necessarily the most flattering but they are indeed experimental on a mid to high normal level, so I am down with that. Anyhoo, her mom has launched a vintage jewelry site Atlantis Dry Goods, with loads of retro pieces at truly fair prices and a custom line of bug pendants that really rock

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Antler chair Merve Kahraman $4,300
Beyond the organic wood watch, the $18,000 cocoon tree bed, the life size chocolate solid chocolate skull and the silver cuff carved with the Paris Metro map found at Ahalife


Ostwald Helgason

ASOS continually rasies the bar with quirky unknown designers and free shipping. My new fave is the lable Ostwald Helgason with their nautical prep school bent. See flirty skirts in necktie stripes, fitted mixed media jackets and sweaters with octopus and sailing ship graphics. I like it

Sooo boring

Every media is busting out the year's recap of the best, the worst and the most epic fashion moments.Then it's the resolution confession to lose weight, get on a budget and write a book. Trite and predictable

Not happening here.(OK I'll give you one: buy crazy ridiculous shoes. No more of this safe basic shit)

While it is exciting to write a new date on the checkbook, lets just all promise to continually strive to be better, maybe starting March 3rd? Until then, get some rest with the Kawamura Ganjavian's Ostrich Pillow. Just $99 at Studio Banana Things