Saturday, April 6, 2013

Glossbrenner House kickstarter

This little darling is at 32nd and Meridian and is FOR SALE, contact Indiana Landmarks. I suppose you could live in it but it really really needs a business that will lets it true light shine. And by that I mean its amazing highy carved staircase foyer, limestone etched ginormous fireplaces and all kinds of intact stained glass windows that all need to be seen and appreciated. SO I am so hoping that this will not be a law office, insuance agency, mental health facility or any other place of woe. Please please let it be a happy place like an event space or oh how about this BRIDAL SALON. My Texas sister got her wedding dress at this shop that was inside the most amazing, Gone with the Wind, converted plantaion mansion in the heart of Houston.  It was completely surrounded by crap, but when you were inside it was all romance. Anyone???