Friday, April 5, 2013

Molly Ringwald called and wants her vest back

 Super cool line Sohung Designs combines a sculptural aspect with body conscious pieces that are weird yet sexy. An odd juxtaposition, yet it works, is adding formal men's ties to the mix. I think the trench works nicely in this as well as the harness vest, A bit "Secretary" dirty. Here's my take: I threw it on for the Glossbrenner House Party trying to be all casual w J Brand skinnies and J Crew flats. It was actually a bit matchy matchy with a Prada shirt and bag but I digress. I would normally hate things made of ties, a bit crafty, tho'I had the ubiquitous mini skirt in the 80's from Dinwiddies, but for some reason this thing in person just seemed super well crafted and cleverly put together.

Maybe it was the pastel colors that got me all excited. Dunno