Friday, September 30, 2011

Wedding dress found! (Part 32)

Maybe tone down the top a bit but still..... *swoon*

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giant boobs! Sort of.....

The best Vogue shoot ever was when they brought some in Playboy girls and put them next to some supermodels in a typical fashion spread. The PBG looked super weird with their giant boobs and exaggerated facial features, while the admittedly alien-ish models only served to enhance the clothes. I was reminded of this recently with the fuss over Kate Winslet's Stella McCartney Op Il dress. Puh leeze. Genius if you ask me. And, apparently, avail way cheaper on the ASOS site

Chococat actually is mucho better-o

Damn am I not 12 years old again? The Hello Kitty collection from Forever 21 makes me totally squee. So cute and pink and fwuffy. Ya'll know it's gonna be ALSO super cheap and crappy but who cares. Drops Nov 18. Be there.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New cute shop: Crimson Tate

After hanging out at Crimson Tate fabric shop, I actually thought for a hot minute I might actually craft. And who would not after seeing the rows of modern yet vintage-ish colorful fabric,screaming African batiks and buttons tucked everywhere including inside a 1970's gumball machine. Inspired yet cluless? Owner Heather Givans offers classes and patterns, or just buy the premade headbands and coffee sleeves and pretend you did it yourself. Not
Crimson Tate 845 Mass Ave

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Despite the diabolical expression on my face under the snooki poof, I am delighted to be wearing this Cynthia Rowley apron skirt. The front is super cute with little patch pockets and everythihng, just like a real apron! but the back is by far the highlight with the ruffle bum. Moschino top with tulle ruffle trim, an awesome yet wee bit sheer counterpart

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Really really unnecessary

You know what I want in a nail polish? An unusual but not freakish color. Something that will not chip within 5 hours of applying. Perhaps one that deos not cost a hundred dollars, though Chanel is totally worit it @ $32.

What I do not want or need ever in my life is a smell emanating from my freshly polished digits like rose or coffee. Ew! I eat with these things!

Maybe you are different. If so, Tuff Scent polish is for you.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One of those things you think you can do yourself but won't

When it comes to being green, I just cannot make up my mind. I drive a giant car yet bring recyclables home with me just so I can take them out again and dump them at O'Malia's(Marsh, I KNOW.)I appreciate the sentiment of saving the world but you must look cute doing so, put on some lipstick dreadlock girl! As far as re-purposing clothing, Preloved, out of Toronto, has some super cute stuff in a tightly edited collection. I've been in their store and it is pretty awesome but now you can get it online at The Birdie dress is quite nice and so is the children's line

Monday, September 19, 2011

Who made up that name?

A combination of a mary jane, flats and a high platform, the FLATFORM seems like the ideal shoe, you know, in theory. It is indeed a new shoe silhouette, a difficult invention indeed. But I predict trend fail. All girls love a little height but when you schulmp around in something no more comfortable then your Louboutains, it better be sexy.
Derek Lam

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Find of the day: furry purse

One of my pickers brought this to me today and I am totally keeping it. Sorry!

Missoni crashed Target

Sorry this is such a late post regarding the Missoni for Target release yesterday, but I needed some time to recover. Did you go? Holy moly, it was crazy. I had to go to 3 stores to find what I wanted (Quick Tip: SOUTHPORT)and the half empty racks tantalized me with what could have been. Very nice quality and deep collection. The kids stuff is adorbs

Celbeirty cloting lines: what say you?

I like to think we have evolved from just wanting celebrity designed clothes becasue of said famous person magic dust sprinkled on them to admiring their style and wanting to dress like that. (And then of course becoming really rich and getting to hump .) The Olsen twins do a great intrepretaion of their style with their Elizabeth and James line while Jessica Simpson's stuff is pretty random and just trendy.

Jennifer Lopez's line for Kohls is spot on for wanna be's. In fact, I am pretty sure that I have seen her in these actual outfits albeit costing much much more then on the racks. Faux fur jackets($125) sequin top ($85) and some super cool ball drop earrings ($45) were my personal faves. Of course if you wait for the eternal Kohls sale you can possibly get it all for half off

Monday, September 12, 2011

Love me some taxidermy

Sometimes it's fun to take the back roads. Even when it results in a 6 hour drive to Chicago as opposed to 3. However, without that jam on I-65, would I have gotten to choose between 18 different pies at Stone House in Delphi? Gone to the worst garage sale in the world? Almost been eaten by a bear? Ha ha not really. But I must say Stoops Big Game Taxidermy in Mulberry Indiana was a nice surprise. After Chip got over my impudence ("oh can I ride that?")I got a real lesson is antler placement and learned the sad hard truth about how much that peacock mount will actually cost me tho' I did get a good deal on a boar

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Extreme Couponing? Bunch of patsys

Filenes Besment is great if you are a digger. Which I am. Last weeks score: Derek Lam rope gladiators, amazing retro platforms and hilarious pink patent clogs by Dolce & Gabanna. And thanks to the Additional Off Clearance....

Friday, September 9, 2011


Fossil top, AllSaints skirt (more on this later), Kenzie boots


For Halloween. And Easter.

ALERT: NEW FAVORITE SHOE STORE. Too bad it's in Chicago. Akira was so new at Water Tower Place my hand stuck to the tacky fresh paint on the wall near the SALE rack, which was slightly epic by BTW. Oh hey great they are online too I am unconvinced by the apparel offerings but the shoes. The shoes. Jeffrey Campbell,Vivianne Westwood(for Melissa shown above skulls heehee), Poetic Licence, Irregular Choice and the best of J Simpson. Yes yes yes

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Housewares is next, you just know it

Whoooo whee that crazy J Crew just keeps going with the unlikely collabs. Teaming up with Poppy King of the lipstick fame, a new singular and oh so perfect color ( for everyone! so they say...)can be found at Must try!

UPDATE: Soooooooold Ouuuuuuut

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Laborious weekend

Soooo I went to North Coast Music Fest in Chicago (EDM y'all) this weekend and fashion wise it was just terrible. Movement in Detroit was ten thousand times better as far as cool outfits versus this Ribfest but i guess this site sees it differently.

Maybe I'm just bitter becsue i wore my rubber Vivianne Westwood mj's and it was flip flop hell. It reinforces my Chicago small town with a traffic problem opinion. And fucking Topshop was not open yet, color me outraged.

My music highlights??? Right, I knew I was there for something....Carl "oh yes oh yes" Cox was awesome(front row, bitches) and Whiz Khasi Cereal was just the worst ever. If I heard "pussy" once I heard it one thousand times. Mix up will ya: Bearded clam? meat curtains? get creative jeez.

Fat Boy Slim was epic. I literally peed my pants jumping about in that mosh. The Best Ever. I want him to play at my wedding after the bagpipers. For reals

Hot Karl

I saw the Karl Lagerfeld collection for Macy's this weekend and I stand by my assertion that it won't be a sell-out especially in the Midwest, YET I could not resist this Karl shirt. I paid RETAIL FOR IT, that is how much I love it. The best part is knowing there are people nearby who are wondering why I'm wearing a Grinch in sunglasses and a tie shirt.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Type A much?

Restoratiuon Hardware, I do not love your boring linen collection, your creepy looking founder Gary, your giant Eiffel Tower (ok that's a lie) or your decorative items that are so ridiculously huge they can only really fit in your chateau but not regular peoples houses


$15 filament bulb for that authentic touch to your 1920's speakeasy

Just add hot rollers

Lemme tell you I looked and looked at this dress(shirt?) over several weeks at a local antique mall and simply could not figure out what made it so appealing to me. The wild colors, the jagged hem and the ginormous size is just not the norm in any closet of mine. Oh yeah, except for the Varsity Villas closet of 1988. Totally OK then

Pick one

If you must do a trend please make it your own. While it might be hard to make that owl tee shirt or mustache on s stick scream "insert your name here" you can personalize this here key necklace with your inital, gem choice and gold color. I picked the rose and diamond natch for $962. Actually, has all kinds of things you can make your own. Checking off your choice of style as well as the aforementioned, you can design your own fine jewelry piece. Fun, huh?