Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hand in warm water

So I am having a slumber with my imaginary friend tonight and trying on some new combo outfits. This is particularly nice texturally. Shiny patent pumps, inky tights, crinoline, wonderful Anthropologie embroidered skirt and (not shown) vintage beaded cardi. I will spare you the full body shot since we are doing a mud mask and braiding each others hair at the same time

No, really

God, this twelve thousand feet of snow we got is just not conclusive to fabulousness, though I did dig out my Sorel boots and threw on a vintage mink to get the paper. Not like I could find it or anything like that. While stuck at my house for an interminable amount of time, compounded by no school for three days, caused me to review old tear sheets and I came across this makeup from Proenza Schouler Fall 2008 that made me kind of go huh. Now while I can't recommend this all over superhero mask look for the blue shadow, I have to admit being introduced to it at Sephora in Vegas for my own personal self made me a convert. Using Sugar's Color Stick metallic Blue Pop right above my top liner just makes me all sparkly and by the end of the day it has kind of migrated all over my top eyelid in a random yet cheerful way

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I just love me some shiny. Harkens back to the 80's when my Michael Simon sweater collection was TDF. The jeweled cuffs on the Sweetees shirt are great and even have a thoughtful snap closure in case you have man hands, but I am on the fence about the shape, a little frumpalicious don't cha think? Better take it off before I get dip on it then.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Late Night Shopping

When you buy art, you need to get what you like, not what matches your sofa, right? However, when sprucing up my kids room, I tend to shy away from my go to favorite, the abstract deconstructionist school, as it can be a little scary for the under 7 set. Heck, it even alarms me sometimes. Thanks to Domino magazine I found this website that sells limited editions of contemporary artists, in decorator friendly size levels priced accordingly $20-$200-$2000. I think the above by Jennifer Sanchez will look smashing and beats the crap out of that mundane Pottery Barn Kids horsie print I had considered. Yes, I do realized it looks a lot like my phone sticker, clearly I have a new type

slumpy punky

Shuami wrap, Post Vegas shirt, J Crew flats

Harbinger of spring

Oh, who am I kidding. It's January and 20 degrees out. DZ gifts on 49th and Penn has bins of fresh cut flowers at great prices and Patachou oatmeal next door. 2 bunches of tulips were only $10 but when I added the Evian water the price jumped to $15. No soft water? Where do I get that?

Friday, January 23, 2009


I just love white jeans in winter. Even though you will dirty them instantly as soon as you leave the house and get into your car. Which reminds me to announce this: please stop drawing smiley faces on my dirty windows. it encourages impromptu art competitions among my children which results in filthy clothes, unspeakable fingertips and tears at the carwash as the blue water destroys a masterpiece. Thank You.
Anthropologie Odile pompom cardi set, so cute!!, J Brand stud jeans, Steve Madden ruffle shoes

Thursday, January 22, 2009

When feet eating pants attack

Tocca pants with fantastic tulle trim at waist, vintage sweater, trinity shirt with the cutest puff sleeves, Stuart Weitzman boots

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dig it

Oh I just love it when clothes are useful. I mean besides from covering your nakedness and all. April 77 Records men's jeans come with a guitar pick holder, no word on what the woman's line is offering to store for you. I noticed today my 5 year old's coat has a pocket for an ipod and a hole for the earbud cord. My five year old does not need a damn ipod. GPS maybe, but not a ipod

At Girly Chic today on Westfield in Bro Rip, enticed by the 70% off sale sign. Big rack of $25 clothes, marked down in anticipation of their move up the street to the old Big Hat Books. My camera was dead so i couldn't get a picture of this adorable cardi with a 50's happy cat stencil on it. You can see it for yourself at their new store starting Feb 1. speaking of sales TJ and Marshalls has 15% off all merchandise tomorrow only. They are billing it as customer appreciation but it is really part of their plea bargain for letting customer info get hacked

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Still going with the change theme

That nut, Karl Lagerfeld, said it as well as I can in October's Vogue "fashion is not only about clothes, it is about all kinds of change" oh how I agree, Though, unlike Karl I do not completely redo my homes every 2 years. Just buy a new one, dude. Hey! How about this! cool embellished girly slip that peep out from under your boring LBD. So cute but tres expensive. this one is called salt and pepper and is $300. I smell a trip to Michaels!

Looks better in person

Ok i did learn my lesson from the 80's about not wearing anything on your dress that is bigger then your head but these ruffled sleeves were just the cutest. I will belt this thing next time. a scoonce too big
Mossimo dress, Erin Fetherston glitter t neck

Monday, January 19, 2009

I am very happy with my hair today

Used to really like the clothes in Gwen Stefani's LAMB line but then she had those kids and her designs started to suck. Coincidence? I think not, proving that children rot your brain. I know I am much much dumber then I was 5 years ago. This sweater is pre K and the details are amazing. Love the attached waist wrap, you can do it in the back but why, velvet trim detail and great rhinestone buttons

Change- theme of the week

I don't wear a lot of bright colors but i am sorely tempted by the orange Luella outfit, door #3

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bedridden might be OK

Remember those scenes in Pretty in Pink when Annie Potts would dress up and completely lose herself in the outfit of the day? I would love to do that but am no good at period make up. Got inspired by this great 1950's Chinese jacket from today's Goodwill forage I carried the theme with chopstick updo, sushi snack and smart girl glasses. Yes, I like a lot of crap on my bed. Sometimes you can't even see my personal self in there

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ocean World

Target was hot today. Lots of 75% off, got some sweet lighter weight dresses and kid coats. Lurking and haunting the toy aisle 'cause you know that is next. Heard Old Navy has an additional 50% of clearance but have not experienced it myself in person. yet

Ben Amin chain necklace, Van Cleef and Arpel alhumbra necklace, H&M top, Seven jeans, kenzie boots

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Million dollar idea

I got my new skin from for my phone and laptop. 14.95 for what is basically a sticker, it is so diabolically genius I wish I'd thought of it myself. My laptop skin had a printing flaw, I think I am trading it for a zebra print one anyway

This weekend is the garage sale at the fairgrounds. Not necessarily a fashion opportunity but for sure a shopping one. There is one guy who has boxes and boxes of stuff for $1. I have found some really cool retro stuff in that mess. I'll be there with my rolling cart, you may laugh but when you have 14 bags of stuff you got for a dollar in your hands, you will be begging me to let you borrow it

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow day!

J crew cargo pants, filthy pink Uggs, vintage fox fur cashmere cardi i got for like a dollar at the RIP Unique Thrift and a really great Reisling

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Frankley my dear

So I am at Frankey's today, which I usually avoid on principal because they have terrible sales, I mean NEVER 75% maybe 50 if you are lucky. Anyhoo, I was all excited because i found this pink ruffled thing by Geren Ford whom I had just read a profile about in New York Times Magazine and had thought to myself "he has a pretty nifty futuristic look, I'll have to get me some of that" but have now realized the article was about Gareth Pugh and not only that but Geren is a girl. I did indeed pass on the frock, it was a mere 30% off but could not a resist a teensy bit too big Black Halo dress and appliqued waist silk skirt by objets trouves. I will be checking back to see if that Origami dress gets marked down, it was like wearing air but lots of cool details. Can you tell the person taking the picture is 2 feet tall? Oh yeah, interesting shoes; winter and tall boots 40% off, there are some spat pumps I am still considering


This was one popular outfit today. Well, the boots anyway. Everyone had to comment on them including some old guy in the frozen food section of Marsh which kind of alarmed me

Monday, January 12, 2009

Love the Rick Rack

All the spring catalogs are piling up in the mailbox. Yea! Pastels! Boden, as usual, uses retro prints and comfy fabrics for a perfect summer wardrobe base. This Ibiza Kaftan for $78 also comes in a purple and yellow print; I can't decide!! Guess I'll buy both

The former creative director of Brooks Brothers, Simon Kneen, has been tapped to head Banana Republic's new high end Monogram line. Should we expect more boring-ness from Banana as usual or will he step it up a la J Crew and add enough frippery to the classics to keep us interested? We shall see, spring collection in store FEB. Speaking of JC, my new catalog, while all Easter-ey pretty, had quite a few pages that were irritatingly blurry. I think someone in Quality Control was drinking some juleps at the print shop with the lackeys

Sunday, January 11, 2009

ha ha ha

Accoutrements just cracks me up. This wholesale purveyor of weird stuff always had fun merch for my shop and their new catalog is no exception. At Home in the City on Mass carried a lot of this too, so shop there if you want it. Now featuring squirrel underpants (great band name!!), unflavored Nihilist mints, inflatable fruitcake, yodeling pickles, cupcake floss and bacon wallets

ring ring ring bananaphone

Curse you RAFFI

Blue Earth ruffle cardi from Hautelook. I got it for a great price but it took 4 eveh (2 weeks) for it to arrive. The fabric is such as you could wear it over your workout clothes or fanci fied up, I like that hi-low option

Weekly Target trip

Oh did i say weekly? I meant daily. Thakoon collection is in and while all nice and tropical and stripey, I think because they have advertised it so much I am over it already. Maybe there will be more unusual on the website. I am trying to buy at least one piece from each collection, sometimes i want it all (Luella), sometimes not so much any of it. Hayden Hartnett bags were looking sparse, this clutch is nice and no, that small kisslock purse is not removable. I thought it looked dumb when Marc Jacobs did it and I have not changed my mind. The opposite side is very plain with the logo on a metal plate
I added my sister's blog to the list so if you are interested in the trials and tribulations of a single mom to a budding genius feel free to read

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Is it a mess or not

This Dolce and Gabanna look is showing up all over and by that I mean the BELT. Wide swath of ribbon covered with weirdo flowers, buckles pins and the like, completely mish mash. Totally on par with the crafty movement that is hugely going on now. I think I might try to make my own tomorrow, I've got the ribbon just need a flea market

What is in that bag anyway

1950's clothing always has the same basic silhouette but can still be special with embellishments, fabrics and accessories. This fab vintage wool dress has a fun fur pom pom necklace, skinny belt and great sleeves, and goes great with these tweed heels. I should just put a big clod of velvet/flowers/fruit/buttons/banjos on all the toes of all my shoes, and I would be happy all the time

Friday, January 9, 2009

hazelnut finish

Parties at the Wheeler building are always a surprise. Tonight I was hangin with a guy who lives with monks but is not one, a guy who draws disgusting comics, someone who gets paid $40 an hour to do some rich persons laundry, a dog name Sophie and not one but two cheese mongers. I think I got convinced to try the Traders Point Farm Saturday breakfast tomorrow. I hope there is cheese
Aoyama Itchome silk hand painted dress. I tried to get a close up of the sash detail. You know, I think I could do this

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Branches. Trees.

Remember when athletic ware was so totally utilitarian ugly or so overly designed you were embarrassed to wear it unless you were really really good at the corresponding activity? Now anyone can wear fancied up performance apparel even if they don't ski or hunt and or even generally go outside at all if they can help it
Athleta top

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Deal of the Day

Oilily monster fur coat, must be from Yo Gabba Gabba, I wish this came in my size. I heard on NPR that the new Sesame Street expo book is out, they played the scene when Big Bird was told Mr. Hooper died and I totally cried. Do you remember that?
Oh what a deal I got today!Once Upon a Child buy a clearance item at regular price get 2 free, I got an email coupon for get 3 free. I got 12 things for like 30 bucks including some coats. Don't forget: they have sizes up to 16 so you may find something for your personal skinny butt. ALSO Daruma, original old school sit in the floor sushi place with the best waiter ever, has 1/2 price rolls from 5-6 pm M-F

Monday, January 5, 2009

Nice or scary eyes, you choose

Totally wacky robot wall decals from If you can't stencil, then paste. Blik also has some super cool designs from SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) students which are decidedly grown up yet really really fun

Time to do the roots

T-bags tunics are sooo 2004 but consistently win me over with their soft fabrics and unusual patterns. They have that cool California vibe yet you can wear them in Indiana and not feel like a Kardashian

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sale Alert

Finally hit the big remodeling sale at Haus and all merch is 40% off. Coming Soon: mod mixed with vintage and offering designer services so you can live in it every day. Tried on but passed on a laser cut full grey skirt, but you should try it maybe, it was pretty cute, in favor of a Angela Keslar hot hot crinkle leather tank with a Morticia collar that I cannot wait to wear out. Lots of Sam Edleman fringed hippie flat boots, again, not for me, but maybe you, I did get the studded gladiator heels for spring. Not much left in the housewares department, unless you are in the market for concrete garden horse heads or doll chandeliers

Tea Time

That Reed guy over at Coach is always thinkin'. The new op art logo print is a little harsh, especially in the black but the Penelope line has some nice soft spring-ey colors. I love love these gloves so perfect for a tea party or just a general rich person who never has to touch anything ever. Even at $245, i would like to have these if not to wear but to just display them on my dressing table, the flowers are like a little work of art

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Just look

In the midst of dreck there can be a little pocket of beauty. The Pepsi Coliseum is this ancient bedraggled heaving structure that has these amazing art deco ticket windows that make standing in line for 20 minutes to pay to bust your ass on some ice kind of worth it

ice baby

When I moved from a small town in southern Indiana to Toledo, Ohio I was introduced to several new and ultimately fabulous things: bagels, shoes that cost more then $100 and hockey players.

Habitual striped jeans, Sleeping on Snow cardigan and Erin Fetherston sparkly t neck

Friday, January 2, 2009

Reuse repurpose Revival

Vintage bags are a fascinating entity in themselves but add custom painted feather and art deco motifs and you have a one off to die for. For her Revival line,Vivien Cheng studies the bags shape and designs hand painted details to complement the shape and structure, unlike that one time I glued a rhinestone kitty from Michael's to a 50's frame bag and fooled no one. The great boho look from the former Manoush designer can be found on Etsy for about $245

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Resolve II

For years my resolution was the same, stop dropping the f bomb and lose 10 pounds, setting myself up for epic failure. I changed tactics in 2005 moving to a theme type thing
2005 guilt free
2006 debt free
2007 fat free
2008 clutter free
I actually achieved about 80% of my goals except for 2008, which, again with the epic failure. I hate to repeat myself so I think 2009 will not be a getting rid of things but adding them. I want to reconnect with my girlfriends past, present( but neglected) and potential. Maybe that would be lonely free? So lookout Jane, Nicole, Hillary, Lisa, Sarah, Allison,'s happy hour somewhere!