Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the Indy

Oh, what a night. My friend Marcy looked cute but I was just not happy with my outfit so I will spare you. Those two looked cute tho' ! Fabulous and not so fabulous fashions. For the premiere people dressed up but not really thematically. I saw one girl with the giant flower thing going on that I was desperately seeking. So glad someone got to experience that. Of course, Carrie's clothes in the movie were pretty great only one miss with some kind of argyle knee sock thingy. A lot of vintage and great make up. Why does SJP always look better as Carrie then as SJP? I was expecting more feathers though there was that bird veil. Samantha looked like she shopped at Forever 21 most of the time, maybe it was that LA thing. HATED Charlottes maternity clothes, she just looked ridiculous in that polka dot circus pig thing. The rich are different. Miranda had that Margaretha Escada bag I am hot for. Yikes, I like something Miranda? What I really love about this show is New York City. You can wear whatever you want and people appreciate it when you look good. The comeos were especially fun but I know who you are, ALT, you don;t need to see your full name on your Vuitton case to help me there

after all that fabulosity i was quite disappointed with the crowd at Blu . Just terrible, cliched clothes

Friday, May 30, 2008

I roll with my own Pap's

I love city shorts. They are a great replacement for the capri pants of 2004. Just a nice modern look. I paired mine today with an embroidered mexican-ish babydoll top from Paul and Joe and my fab Carmen Miranda cherry shoes that kill my feet but look THAT good. I know I said I was giving up the babydoll look but it was a nice summery top so what the hell. Do you think my hair is getting too long?

Still working on the outfit for tonight. Desperate search for a giant silk flower all day today in Bro luck. I hope to see some dressin' up. Will have pic's tomorrow!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shut up you whiners

I got these cool Prada platforms today. I was totally psyched, they look a lot like my favorite pair of shoes to be eaten by a dog back in '98. But when I put them on they just looked, well, trashy. It was such a fun retro geisha look when it first came out now it's all strippers and Two Lips.

Really stressing about what to wear tomorrow night. Should I go with the tulle prom look? Baggy pants funky top look? Giant fuffy shrug with giant flower look? Perhaps a bit of all three.

Off topic: but can i just tell you how much I admire my dog? Winky came to us a matted mess with one eye and a heart problem. We had some good years but now she is diabetic, blind (in remaining eye), has Cushings disease and yet another different heart problem. Still, she greets the day with a wagging tail and still gets excited about car rides. She will tap dance for her treats and snuggle under the covers. Her doctor said she has a great attitude and i almost cried. I know some humans who could use a dose of that. pussies. WWDW???

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

arty, ini't

In theory, high waisted black pencil skirts seems like a good idea. Slimming yet basic. But verily, there is a catch. If you are actually skinny enough to look good in one, you will not look good in one. Let me explain; high waist+skinny waist =good, all other variables will make it bad. And, think about it, if you are skinny enough to wear this you probably don't have a butt, also not a good look. I saw two of these today both worn with, surprisingly, a nude heel. Nude shoes have always, to me anyway, made you look as if you have no feet, just a root or tentacle. But these babies are HOT and the only ones I would ever consider

Worked outside and in the warehouse today. Worn my Born Again Floozies shirt, (great band in small doses probably-too-short-for-me-but-what-the-hell army olive mini and my fave pink polka dot rain boots

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What to wear?

Something to alwasy put on your calendar is the Unique Thrift 1/2 of sale, happening every holiday. Memorial day was no exception. It can be super crowded so you may want to take a giant bag of your own. They do put stuff out all day so you can go anytime and still get something good. Don't ever leave your cart unattended, however. I lost a fully loaded one(with purse!!) last time that turned up several aisles over (with purse!!) missing some great finds. They have a surprising amount of security in those places. My score this time was not so good, a few pieces of fire king and a mod dog collar shift dress from the 1960's. Why oh why do thrifts think that dashikis and Indian garments are "Vintage"? That is just dumb

BIG QUESTION! What m I going to wear to the Sex and the City opening night on Friday? And what bar shall I tip my Cosmo at?

Tried yoga for the first time at So Be Fit, with my friend Lisa .I think I might be a little too much type A for this as i could not "be one with the earth and just think about my breath" It was as hard as they say it is but I found a cute organic bamboo batik print top that made me look like a pro. For about a minute

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tarzey-must be from France

Target yet again, I bought this cool chandelier shirt for 10 bucks. It is nice and long. The one next to it I got at Girly Chic Boutique years ago for about seven times that. I love love love the graphic but it not a very flattering shirt. Maybe if it were more fitted or had a different neckline, it might work. There was a girl shopping at big T who renewed my faith in Indianapolis. She had on a really great 1940's dress in peach with black ribbon trim paired with black converse-ey flats and an edgy shag haircut. She looked totally modern. I wish i had my camera but actually i feel weird asking people if I can take their picture for my blog blog blog

Maybe next year

I went to the zoo today to see the Koalas. Super cute! And actually awake, a nice bonus. Did you know they sleep, like, 22 hours a day? I'd like to do that. I wore an early 50's dress in a super lightweight cotton, i didn't realize it was a navy print until I got out in the sunshine, and all my acessories are black, oh well. I flipped the sailor-ish collar over my shrug you you could see the details. The center flower was a little squished, I may have to replace it with a really big one or maye just a big navy vintage button. I had to throw away the decrepit original belt. Forever searching for a wide, large covered buckle one that does not cost $430(I am looking at YOU Saks). I had to swipe this one from my Nanette leopard dress, it finally fits around my former fat self

Listening to the Indy 500 on the way home and almost started crying when Danica got smushed. I really thought my girl could win it this year. I love her. She was the only one with security at the parade yesterday, maybe that is why she was so frowny. UPDATE: I just saw the video of her after the crash and she was stalking over to Disco Brisco's pit crew to totally kick their asses until security intervened.;_ylt=As1z0RTGMDeNdh5xe2xNhRrAv7YF?slug=be3e0299fec34822935b10c8aded8590.irl_indy_500_auto_racing_naa142&prov=ap HAH, she would do it too. Not just a bitch slap either but an ultimate fighting punch in the face. I heart her even more

Friday, May 23, 2008

French farming

It hard to believe, but I have not been to every, single, solitary, clothing store in Indianapolis. However, I will stand by my favorite of all time, champion of the world, every time I go I just about pee my pants with delight store, EVER. French Pharmacy(IE) God. It is just a beautiful thing. Amazing designers, well curated jewelry. And if you can stand the wait, a true sale. The best pet yet right now? Philip Lim, as always, fun, light blue and cream rosette dress, It may make my butt look big but it is just ADORABLE. Castle Starr jeweled neckline, always edgy but restrained, Tory Burch, Pierre Hardy, YSL. can i just say that again? YSL BAGS, SHOES, MONSTER TRUCKS. Oh just stop. The Muse bag in a slate blue, I want it with a vengeance. Amazing leopard heels. I am going to sit down now with my head between my knees. Call me when it is 75% off. I WILL SO BE THERE

Pic above is the Leonello Borghi chincilla bag with some skinny girl, also at FP ( the bag not the girl)

Haven't you always wanted a monkey?

We all know about the roving Wicked Monkey aka In Transit. Who are you? Perhaps an identity crisis? I do not know. Anyway, I think they have finally settled on the northside, in a strip mall by Castleton. I met the smoldering DEREK and the adorable MOJO (sorry for the handshake failure. You must have been misinformed of my hip factor which is nil) Bought some stretchy black city shorts with cuff for day. This is not really a good indicator of the merch as WM is club wear central. Heck, if they had a DJ and a laser light show you might think you were in one with the bar-ish POS. Frocks are nicely priced and California sophisticated. Fun emblazoned dresses! Great cut embellished men's shirts! A large but slighlty confusing sale! Ladies free until 11!

Heard that Frankeys was putting a store in Bro Rip, where the old Turnadot was. It will interesting to see if they are going to try that super expensive stuff on the drunken college crowd or if they will dumb it down a little. I love love that underground high fashion stuff they bring to Indy, I just hope they are a little friendlier in the new location

To bag or not to bag

I love the change of seasons. Ok, yes, it is a pain in the ass to trade your tees for sweaters but the ritual "changing of the bag" is always fun. i admit, i got sucked into the "IT BAG" bullshit of the last couple of years. I would scour Vogue, W and Instyle and try to decide which one I would buy for that season. Fall of 2006 was really hard with the Prada Gaufre, Fendi B bag and the YSL Muse, lookin' so fine. I'd getting more attracted to bags that have n unusual look, rather than the whole logo thing, like the ruffled Be&D and that squishy LV clutch SJP carried in SATC. Now it is spring again and I have to decide if I want to keep carrying my 400 pound transition Marc Jacob Stam, switch to the (so last year) silver Vuitton speedy or get the new Prada Glace ombre in grey. I do have a Marc Jacobs peachy tote purse I bought for resale but I don't know, the color seems limited. If I were totally rich it would be the Richrad Price LV line Pinky Rainbow or a Muse in a funky color like camel or blue

Throw one

I went down on Mass Ave to Tantrum today. Bright and open shop with high ceiling and huge dressing rooms. Delving into the racks, however, you find a darker, deeper side. Edgy (word of the day, i think) off kilter, just one little detail that makes you go hmmmm. Denim hung on handcuffs(cool!) Hudson and some names I've never heard of, lots of high waisted. Prices all over the board: Tunic/dress for $90 and then a skirt for $395. The very best was the Lorick skirt, which is affiliated with the Gossip Girls show somehow, NOT a ringing endorsement, but i am just sayin'. It was vintage-y, yet sexy, a rare combination. The best was an embroidered yellow mesh pencil skirt. unusual coloring and fabric , great fit. If I had a spare $400, it would have been mine. Maybe later. Lots of Fred Perry which reminds me of an English Lacoste rugby prep. I liked that they had some truly (Indianapolis) bizarre, like a tweedy jumpsuit, snap crotch leotards and high waisted jeans. I was intrigued by the banded hemmed tunic/dress theme. Would it make my butt look big or just be nice and comfy on the tummy after a lobster dinner? Bags were Betseyville, a line by Betsey Johnson that look really cool but really don't have the quality to justify the price point. i hope they are going to ditch that. No shoes. I went there to kinda prep for the fashion show in the pm NEXT

Tantrum did their show at 6, a club on S. Meridian. Oddly, there was no swag anything to identify that I was indeed where I thought I was. I am sure a lot of patrons were there for the show but many were not and I think anything with a name or address to take home may have helped promote, but I'm just sayin'. Usual "6" crowd. I counted: 7 oversized clutches, 4 hotpants, 1 straw fedora (tilted at the requisite rakish angle), 3 Pucci style dresses, came together, think they planned it??, pointy white guy shoes and, alarmingly, 2 guy patchwork plaid looks (jacket and shirt). Oh yes, 1 lace overlay Vuitton Speedy, fake or not? Discuss. The VIP area was, as usual, a dissapointment. Lots of t shirts and tanorexics. OK, so the show started, fashionably late. The first look I was all over. 50's style dot skirt, tighty tee and HUGE red bag, giving me a Fendi B flashback. the rest was, gosh I hate to say it, a bit downhill from there. The hair was really great but the clothes......C'mon girls, it's a SHOW. I was really hoping for something over the top and strange. Aforementioned banded dress/tunic shown with a belt which made it look quite futuristic. I would not add that but look great on that girl.Lots of tight pants and interestingly detailed tops that actual people might wear. YAWN I was glad to see the formerly maligned tweed jumpsuit getting it's redemption, it actually looked quite good with a sassy belt and easy tank. Some of the models were clearly nervous, one girl almost fell off the runway. God bless Indiana, no one laughed; they actually cheered when she did her final pose. What was I wearing? Oh thank you for asking. Grey really tight tee with Lee Angel chunky black lucite chain, double looped and TB cuff (Love it), 7 jeans darkwash sz 26(totally sucking it in), Ulrike's Extra Pocket bag for my camera and my Modern Vintage heels which failed me terribly by giving me a big ol' blister. Didn't give me a lick of trouble last time i wore them tromping over 7 hours during a First Friday/ Wheeler soiree/bar crawl/fight, though i have to admit, I was quite plastered on said occasion. So, Tantrum Girls, keep up the good work, you brought it to Indy, don't be afraid to show it off. And call me if that skirt goes on sale

Just cuz' it's funny


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Eat this!

This is all that is left of one dozen cupcakes bought today from the Flying Cupcake Bakery on Illinois and 49th. That has got to be the most adorable store that sells food EVER. It makes me want to wear my vintage rose apron and get out my pink William Sonoma spatula. I cannot believe everyone who works there does not weight at least 400 pounds. I think I need to lie down now.

shoe search

You know how you need a certain type of shoe and you can envision the perfect style and spend a whole season obsessed with finding it and never do? Me too! And then you comes across ones
that are kinda OK but not quite and your thinking maybe you should buy them anyway? So, I am on the search for a strappy, mink brown, high heeled sandal, not too clunky. I had a pair in 1987, Ralph Lauren, much too small even if still had them which is an actual possibility with that crazy attic of mine. Photo shows you a long shot contender. Cute, but maybe a little twee? I loath how those slide things thump when you go down stairs so I usually avoid them. But you can't go wrong with a stripy ribbon. Hmmm....I'll think about it

Nity nite

Yup that's me in my jammies. That fab chair was found by my cool friend Marcy at a Goodwill outlet, learning us a lesson : ALWAYS look under the slipcovers. I have to admit I sorta love those Uggs, if only around the house. Sometimes I forget and wear then to Walgreens or something but usually I contain them.Home use only. They are NOT a fashion statement. And, while cool at the time, I must strongly advise against ever buying the pink ones. With normal wear they get just disgustingly dirty. The sweater was my best score ever, 100%, thick, textured cashmere with genuine furry trim, possibly not original, $3.99. Can I just tell you that again? Three frickin ninety nine

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

RE: change of seasons

Always a stressful time for me. I never have enough hangers and there are many things I am sooooo on the fence about keeping. Does it fit? Is it a classic? God, just let it go girl. My off season storage is a problem also. Scary ladder to the attic closet, while cedar lined, is dismally lighted and just kind of weird. I have these giant antique trunks i hauled up there when i moved in thinking this would be a classy way to go and yes, it does look very Merchant and Ivory. But the transition was a problem. Am I just going to heave my Chanel jackets and Chuck T's down the hatch? And myself possibly after them? I had tons of hard sided vintage suitcases left after I closed Metro Retro and they are a hard sell online. Hmmmmmm. They don't hold much but their handles make it easy to transport up the ladder. I labeled them with some neato tags from the Target dollar section and just set piles of them under the hanging stuff. I need to make some little sachets to put into them in case of moths. Or perhaps just buy them

I have really been off the wagon with my shopping lately. I know it seems I am doing thrifts and chains only but I promise to be back in the equal opportunity shopping mode tomorrow. I'll be in the Keystone Mall area and I'll be checkin' out some fine design fo sho

Monday, May 19, 2008


Checked out the new Target GO line by Rogan today. What a snore, there was only one dress that caught my attention and it would need some seriously funky shoes to push it over the crest of ho hum.

A little too much leopard and zebra, which i am shocked to find I dislike. Maybe that ghastly Heidiwood line has turned my heart forever. I did pick up a smushed cowboy hat, alas a few days too late. What is with Tarzeys interim no name "go" line? did someone back out at the last minute? I bet it was Zak. I did buy the metallic stretch pencil skirt from this collection, but have yet to wear it

Unique Thrift has 25% on Mondays and i got a 70';s rayon polka dot sundress and a hilarious daisy apron. I may wear it with cuffed jeans and ice blue converse out and about, or would i look like i worked at Fuseks? Still might be cute and I will disclose Itotally stole this idea from Amy Sedaris
I am very excited to attend Tantrum's party at 6 Lounge on Thursday. It will be my first blog on the go. I hope I don't get too drunk and spill something on all that white stuff

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Guess the designer game

Look at these great shoes! That excess rounded back, the soft toe, with high wedge! I was thinking Dries? Costume national? Some other difficult Amsterdam designer? But no, it was that can't-keep-a-man JESSICA SIMPSON. Me thinks she had some help with those.

I was expecting more from the locals in the form of big hair but no such luck at my Texas wedding weekend. Lots of peacocks which I have now decided I do not want my own personal one of

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pack Attack!

There is nothing more lothesome then packing for a trip. Going to Texas Hill Country for a fancy wedding, not that Bush girl, that was last week, but my baby sister's. It is damn hot there so I have turned this packing thing also into my change of seasons which usually takes at least a week. I am a little skinnier this year, so I have unearthed some almost forgotten great vintage I can maybe fit into.*Exciting* But back to the pack. I am hoping to get some retro wild fab cowboy boots during our 24 hours in Austin, but might not since I also have to fit in a spray tan and pre pre wedding cocktail party as well as a possible visit to that fake Prada store in Marfa. Really struggling, as I wear a lot of dresses in the summer but that does not seem appropriate for a ranch and you you know how I love to get in costume for the occasion. Maybe a full 1950's skirt with a cactus print and/or 1970's rose embroidered denim pantsuit? Over all, I am pretty pleased with the BM ensamble. Green chiffon cocktail dress from J. crew, hot pink sandals and large pin flower pin to put where we choose. Oooh the possibilitites! I hear there is no internet on this planet called Ranch so I will be back on Sunday with photos. I hope those big haired big jewelry texas ladies don't let me down

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Got mail

This is what I got in the mail today which is actually pretty light and does not include magazines and furniture catalogs. I used to have a serious catalog shopping problem, since there were no STORES where I used to live. I would call late at night and my roommates would be like "Jesus, Jennifer, stop dialing! It's 2 am!" You've got your basic Victoria's Secret which arrives every day. I think they need called out for not being very eco friendly. I can't fit into their slutty bras anyway and their shoes try really hard but just suck to wear. La Redoute is a nice surprise. I thought"oh great, another icky Newport News spin off" but their clothes, while cheap, have a european feel about them. On their website they have stuff designed by Courrege and Ungaro, which are actually kind of interesting. Alloy and Free People-Ugh too hippie. Boston Proper- Rich California trashy. Oh Boden! That is a nice surprise. Suuuper cute kids clothes and the adult stuff not too shabby, Just interesting fabrics and a great Marni rip off necklaces. Sephora and Bliss- why do I pay the shipping when there are stores in town? Because the catalog is beautiful and fun and I always find something in the few pages of clothing in Bliss. Oh look, new butt lifting pants! Which reminds me, those masai weight loss shoes are just too ugly not to work. Has anyone tried them? Maybe you just feel thin, once you take those orthopedic clown shoes off. J Crew, also a frequent arriveste. I think they have been getting a little too big for their britches lately. $400 sweaters? Python bags? Really, what happened to the patchwork shorts preppy look? Everything is sooo vintage 50's and 60's. I'd rather hit the store, they have killer mark downs. Outlet, not so much. I miss receiving Vivre but I guess I did not order enough(anything at all) to keep getting it

Monday, May 12, 2008


My favorite thrift is the Unique on 38th street. Worth the trip as it is centered in the mecca, which includes Value Village, Goodwill, The Sharing Place and the now horrible Salvation Army. Monday is 25% off day, not as great as the 50% off days that occur on major holidays, but much less the crowd. I got some great vintage western shirts, a Mexican tooled handbag for resale and some cute Gymboree jammies. Most awkward moment: random stranger asking to use my cell phone, me claiming I don't have one and spending the rest of the time in the store praying it does not ring in your purse, kind of ruining the hunt a bit. I did meet a giant wearing a dress with crocs. Well not quite, it was a kilt, but still disturbing. It was not so much a GUY wearing a skirt, I think it was the fact it looked like it was made of black satin, waaaay too formal for 3:00 in the afternoon. really, what would Muffy say. Actually, I appreciate the effort by this obvious nerd, to express himself. And before you get shitty about the "obvious nerd" part remember...he was wearing CROCS.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New store alert

My friend, Debbie, who is also a vintage clothing dealer, calls me all concerned about this new shop in Broad Ripple. Rag-o-rama is a chain that buys and sells used trendy clothing. I stopped in today to check check it out. It is definitely a young hipster scene. The floor guys wouldn't even talk to me, (I felt like i was in an Abercrombie) and way too much forever 21 bullshit. I did not give up, of course, and after combing the racks I did score some NWT Anthropologie shorts, 50's striped sweater, Vintage hippie Gunne Sax dress and Marc Jacobs heels, alas too small for me. It is all going online except for maybe the Leonard Skynard and Ella Moss shirt I am keeping for myself. (that is two different shirts, mind you) They have a cash on the spot policy of 30% or 50% credit. Maybe I'll take some of my hoochie shirts there. They must bring some of this merch in from other locations, it seemed just a wee ahead, like stuff Indy kids would be hanging on to as it is just so NOW. I'm gonna stop in quite often, I think they get a lot of new stuff every day. I don't think Debbie has anything to worry about, the true vintage stuff was pretty cheap and there was not a lot of it

At the Mel

Was a mother's day escapee and checked out the Melody Inn's Punk Rock Night with my cool rockabilly friend Marcy. I wore an outrageously expenside beaded tank I bought at Sage last year. I know crowns are so 2007 but I like it anyway. It is 100% cotton but tells me to dry clean only which made me hesitate to buy it but decided that must be a joke. Fit into my skinny 7 jeans and wore my 80's grafitti pumps as seemed fitting for PRN tho' everyone there wore Chuck T's. the night left me begging the question, how many belt does one person need to wear and why can I still see your butt crack?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Scott! Scott! Over here Scott!

So I went last night to see the Satoralist, aka Scott Schumann at the IMA. His theme was inspiration, something we could all use a little of. I was intrigued because I have a personal connection to Scott since we both went on an AMID trip abroad. He was the only guy out of 21 girls and everyone thought he was a little weird. Well he kinda was,always yammering about Yoshi and Armani and taking pictures of store windows. But we hung out and I am just super proud of him for turning his great passion for style into what he has. Two year ago he was running around New York City taking pictures of stylish people. Magazines took notice of his images and the quickness he provided them and now he's in a Gap ad and consulting for J Crew. A bloggers dream come true. Go Scott! I wonder if he found anyone in Indiana stylish enough to add to his blog. Sort of doubt it

I have to admit I was secretly hoping to impress him with my stylish style. Is that pathetic? Maybe. I got this skirt 1/2 off at Saks designed by Yigal Azrouel, 1/2 off at Saks, I is kind of a departure for me. It had cool pockets and this drapey front that looped all the way to the back. It kind of made my butt look big even tho' it was a size 0. I am getting into these architectually intersting clothing nowadays, next stop Zoran I guess. I have seen this designers stuff at French Pharmacie (y) and it is pretty sophisticated and cool but I passed it over for a Thomas Hardy cashmere skull sweater at the last 75% off sale. Gap t shirt, maybe should have worn a lighter grey. Rocking my Tory cuff, I think I really need two, or is that too wonder womany? I was not so sure about my Modern Vintage shoes, they seemed a little clunky at first but now I love them. Some funky scarf just cos I know SS loves them. I like the look myslef but can't really wear it as it makes my hair all ratty in the back

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yes, those are pegged pants

Why oh why must premium denim sport a 36" inseam? I mean, really, I am not that short to need such drastic alteration. I love a crisp black and white paring, especially when it is spring but doesn't feel like it. Those pants are super fab, by the way, Habitual from TJ for $22. oh, yeah. Off to see Scott Schuman THE SATORALIST at an IMA lecture. I've got my scarf on, you know how he loves those damn scarves

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dirty sweats

We all love us some Target. Nice try with the hip designers and classic re-invention. This Converse dress looked cute and it was on clearance, so what the hell, I bought it. The online reviews don't recommend it to busty gals and I can kind of see why. But I like to put 'em out there, so this didn't bother me. I was a bit flummoxed by the waist tie. instead of going opposite ways, like you were going to tie them together, they went be tied... to where? And they were super long. I did somethin' with them and went on my merry way. Very comfortable dress, very light but lined so you don't see too much. Other stuff in the Classic Converse line was also cute and super cas which isn't really me at all. BTW a FOUR YEAR OLD took this picture. Genius

Nice to meet you Indianapolis

Indianapolis...a midwestern snore or is there style to be had? Perhaps by me, but for you, maybe, maybe not. I will find it by ceaslessly shopping my way across the city. No thrift too dirty, no boutique too snotty. I will shop like a shark who cannot stop swimming or it will die. Tres extreme, mais tres vrai