Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What to wear?

Something to alwasy put on your calendar is the Unique Thrift 1/2 of sale, happening every holiday. Memorial day was no exception. It can be super crowded so you may want to take a giant bag of your own. They do put stuff out all day so you can go anytime and still get something good. Don't ever leave your cart unattended, however. I lost a fully loaded one(with purse!!) last time that turned up several aisles over (with purse!!) missing some great finds. They have a surprising amount of security in those places. My score this time was not so good, a few pieces of fire king and a mod dog collar shift dress from the 1960's. Why oh why do thrifts think that dashikis and Indian garments are "Vintage"? That is just dumb

BIG QUESTION! What m I going to wear to the Sex and the City opening night on Friday? And what bar shall I tip my Cosmo at?

Tried yoga for the first time at So Be Fit http://www.sobefitindy.com/index.html, with my friend Lisa .I think I might be a little too much type A for this as i could not "be one with the earth and just think about my breath" It was as hard as they say it is but I found a cute organic bamboo batik print top that made me look like a pro. For about a minute