Friday, May 9, 2008

Scott! Scott! Over here Scott!

So I went last night to see the Satoralist, aka Scott Schumann at the IMA. His theme was inspiration, something we could all use a little of. I was intrigued because I have a personal connection to Scott since we both went on an AMID trip abroad. He was the only guy out of 21 girls and everyone thought he was a little weird. Well he kinda was,always yammering about Yoshi and Armani and taking pictures of store windows. But we hung out and I am just super proud of him for turning his great passion for style into what he has. Two year ago he was running around New York City taking pictures of stylish people. Magazines took notice of his images and the quickness he provided them and now he's in a Gap ad and consulting for J Crew. A bloggers dream come true. Go Scott! I wonder if he found anyone in Indiana stylish enough to add to his blog. Sort of doubt it

I have to admit I was secretly hoping to impress him with my stylish style. Is that pathetic? Maybe. I got this skirt 1/2 off at Saks designed by Yigal Azrouel, 1/2 off at Saks, I is kind of a departure for me. It had cool pockets and this drapey front that looped all the way to the back. It kind of made my butt look big even tho' it was a size 0. I am getting into these architectually intersting clothing nowadays, next stop Zoran I guess. I have seen this designers stuff at French Pharmacie (y) and it is pretty sophisticated and cool but I passed it over for a Thomas Hardy cashmere skull sweater at the last 75% off sale. Gap t shirt, maybe should have worn a lighter grey. Rocking my Tory cuff, I think I really need two, or is that too wonder womany? I was not so sure about my Modern Vintage shoes, they seemed a little clunky at first but now I love them. Some funky scarf just cos I know SS loves them. I like the look myslef but can't really wear it as it makes my hair all ratty in the back