Tuesday, May 20, 2008

RE: change of seasons

Always a stressful time for me. I never have enough hangers and there are many things I am sooooo on the fence about keeping. Does it fit? Is it a classic? God, just let it go girl. My off season storage is a problem also. Scary ladder to the attic closet, while cedar lined, is dismally lighted and just kind of weird. I have these giant antique trunks i hauled up there when i moved in thinking this would be a classy way to go and yes, it does look very Merchant and Ivory. But the transition was a problem. Am I just going to heave my Chanel jackets and Chuck T's down the hatch? And myself possibly after them? I had tons of hard sided vintage suitcases left after I closed Metro Retro and they are a hard sell online. Hmmmmmm. They don't hold much but their handles make it easy to transport up the ladder. I labeled them with some neato tags from the Target dollar section and just set piles of them under the hanging stuff. I need to make some little sachets to put into them in case of moths. Or perhaps just buy them

I have really been off the wagon with my shopping lately. I know it seems I am doing thrifts and chains only but I promise to be back in the equal opportunity shopping mode tomorrow. I'll be in the Keystone Mall area and I'll be checkin' out some fine design fo sho