Monday, May 19, 2008


Checked out the new Target GO line by Rogan today. What a snore, there was only one dress that caught my attention and it would need some seriously funky shoes to push it over the crest of ho hum.

A little too much leopard and zebra, which i am shocked to find I dislike. Maybe that ghastly Heidiwood line has turned my heart forever. I did pick up a smushed cowboy hat, alas a few days too late. What is with Tarzeys interim no name "go" line? did someone back out at the last minute? I bet it was Zak. I did buy the metallic stretch pencil skirt from this collection, but have yet to wear it

Unique Thrift has 25% on Mondays and i got a 70';s rayon polka dot sundress and a hilarious daisy apron. I may wear it with cuffed jeans and ice blue converse out and about, or would i look like i worked at Fuseks? Still might be cute and I will disclose Itotally stole this idea from Amy Sedaris
I am very excited to attend Tantrum's party at 6 Lounge on Thursday. It will be my first blog on the go. I hope I don't get too drunk and spill something on all that white stuff