Friday, May 23, 2008

Haven't you always wanted a monkey?

We all know about the roving Wicked Monkey aka In Transit. Who are you? Perhaps an identity crisis? I do not know. Anyway, I think they have finally settled on the northside, in a strip mall by Castleton. I met the smoldering DEREK and the adorable MOJO (sorry for the handshake failure. You must have been misinformed of my hip factor which is nil) Bought some stretchy black city shorts with cuff for day. This is not really a good indicator of the merch as WM is club wear central. Heck, if they had a DJ and a laser light show you might think you were in one with the bar-ish POS. Frocks are nicely priced and California sophisticated. Fun emblazoned dresses! Great cut embellished men's shirts! A large but slighlty confusing sale! Ladies free until 11!

Heard that Frankeys was putting a store in Bro Rip, where the old Turnadot was. It will interesting to see if they are going to try that super expensive stuff on the drunken college crowd or if they will dumb it down a little. I love love that underground high fashion stuff they bring to Indy, I just hope they are a little friendlier in the new location