Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sex and the Indy

Oh, what a night. My friend Marcy looked cute but I was just not happy with my outfit so I will spare you. Those two looked cute tho' ! Fabulous and not so fabulous fashions. For the premiere people dressed up but not really thematically. I saw one girl with the giant flower thing going on that I was desperately seeking. So glad someone got to experience that. Of course, Carrie's clothes in the movie were pretty great only one miss with some kind of argyle knee sock thingy. A lot of vintage and great make up. Why does SJP always look better as Carrie then as SJP? I was expecting more feathers though there was that bird veil. Samantha looked like she shopped at Forever 21 most of the time, maybe it was that LA thing. HATED Charlottes maternity clothes, she just looked ridiculous in that polka dot circus pig thing. The rich are different. Miranda had that Margaretha Escada bag I am hot for. Yikes, I like something Miranda? What I really love about this show is New York City. You can wear whatever you want and people appreciate it when you look good. The comeos were especially fun but I know who you are, ALT, you don;t need to see your full name on your Vuitton case to help me there

after all that fabulosity i was quite disappointed with the crowd at Blu . Just terrible, cliched clothes