Thursday, May 29, 2008

Shut up you whiners

I got these cool Prada platforms today. I was totally psyched, they look a lot like my favorite pair of shoes to be eaten by a dog back in '98. But when I put them on they just looked, well, trashy. It was such a fun retro geisha look when it first came out now it's all strippers and Two Lips.

Really stressing about what to wear tomorrow night. Should I go with the tulle prom look? Baggy pants funky top look? Giant fuffy shrug with giant flower look? Perhaps a bit of all three.

Off topic: but can i just tell you how much I admire my dog? Winky came to us a matted mess with one eye and a heart problem. We had some good years but now she is diabetic, blind (in remaining eye), has Cushings disease and yet another different heart problem. Still, she greets the day with a wagging tail and still gets excited about car rides. She will tap dance for her treats and snuggle under the covers. Her doctor said she has a great attitude and i almost cried. I know some humans who could use a dose of that. pussies. WWDW???