Saturday, April 6, 2013

Pigs are flying

Hipster witch shoes by Morenatom
Gah I am wearing oxfords, a trend I just really never thought I would embrace. These seduced me with their 2" heel whispering "We are not a flat". Perhaps I just fell for the multi fabric construction or the fact I have never seen anything like them. They will be perfect for going abroad the spring but here in the good old USA I paired them with rolled up (conceptual) boyfriend jeans and (actual) boyfriend ('s) leather vest to go to the fish zoo in Cincy

Glossbrenner House kickstarter

This little darling is at 32nd and Meridian and is FOR SALE, contact Indiana Landmarks. I suppose you could live in it but it really really needs a business that will lets it true light shine. And by that I mean its amazing highy carved staircase foyer, limestone etched ginormous fireplaces and all kinds of intact stained glass windows that all need to be seen and appreciated. SO I am so hoping that this will not be a law office, insuance agency, mental health facility or any other place of woe. Please please let it be a happy place like an event space or oh how about this BRIDAL SALON. My Texas sister got her wedding dress at this shop that was inside the most amazing, Gone with the Wind, converted plantaion mansion in the heart of Houston.  It was completely surrounded by crap, but when you were inside it was all romance. Anyone???

Friday, April 5, 2013

Molly Ringwald called and wants her vest back

 Super cool line Sohung Designs combines a sculptural aspect with body conscious pieces that are weird yet sexy. An odd juxtaposition, yet it works, is adding formal men's ties to the mix. I think the trench works nicely in this as well as the harness vest, A bit "Secretary" dirty. Here's my take: I threw it on for the Glossbrenner House Party trying to be all casual w J Brand skinnies and J Crew flats. It was actually a bit matchy matchy with a Prada shirt and bag but I digress. I would normally hate things made of ties, a bit crafty, tho'I had the ubiquitous mini skirt in the 80's from Dinwiddies, but for some reason this thing in person just seemed super well crafted and cleverly put together.

Maybe it was the pastel colors that got me all excited. Dunno

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Coat

While shopping at Keystone X yesterday, I was amazed to see , many summer dresses and flip flops wandering around. I mean on a person. I know what the calender says but I also know what the thermomenter says el stupido. None the less, I did feel a little funny wearing my nice warm yet super furry coat. And then I remembered I had bought this bad assery Sam Edelmann studded trench a few months ago and busted it out today. It comes in tan too which proposes a dilemma: you may expect something studded to be black, the traditional trench not so much. Then I remembered I have a tan in Burberry (long) and Banana R (short) so I nixed that color choice and am also too lazy to embellish either of those myself, hence the purchase.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


My three foot tall razzi cut my head off thanks but thats OK because, girl, I am so tired. If my eye bags were Louis Vuitton they would not be Pouchettes but Almas. Doing the tough tender thing with ditsey floral skirt and biker jacket. It has been done to death but the weird butterscotch brown makes it just a wee bit different, no? Will rethink the tights next time
William Rast jacket, Vera Wang skirt, Juicy pique tee and 8 Fifteen boots whose name I cannot pronounce or spell off hand

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ugg no more

So I saw these sandals last year in an industry shoe magazine and thought to myself  "Self, Ugg has fiannly figured it out and gotten away from those damn boots and hired a designer. Hooray" I had kind of forgotten about them but revisted my look book and 'tis the season to be ordered. Super super cute, I love the fringe and the woven and oh do you see those butterflies? Just tiki-licious. And coming from Zappos, I should get them yesterday. YES