Monday, October 29, 2012


This amazingly detailed minaudre bag is from Dillards by Kate Landry for a mere $325. Seriously the Judith Leiber one will be 3 grand at least with the same amount of sparkle. Really really fab


Throwing out some blog love. Penny Pincher Fashion. Why do I like thee: You are a mom, you rock the navy and,  well, you get the art of the deal. holla!!

Simply love love love

A lovely day of shopping with my friend Debbie; treasures to be viewed later. Sad to find The Designer Outlet is closing. I think Ann is OVER IT after 20 years. Also annoyed with Thrifty Threads pricing, sheesh.
As I get older, personal and meaningful trumps materialistic brand fakery. Luckily I can have both with the hand hewn polish wood bangle from Van Cleef & Arpels, embellished with personalized engraved placards in gold.. It is earthy yet oh so romantic. Allison Ford are you listening? I'd rather get one from you........

Friday, October 26, 2012


Finally made it to Julie Crow and Tim Harmon's shop: Another Fine Mess on 10th St. As you recall, Julie used to own Modern Times, the seminal vintage store in Indy on College Ave for, lik,e EVER, and Tim is of the architectural salvage fame. In other words, you know it will be great. I scored a fab huge 1960's jewelry box, some 1940's rum advert lampshades and my friend got some wonderful Indy ephemera. Whoo hoo

It's Toggery Friday!

I'll let you in on a little secret. Every Friday, the The Toggery marks down their merch and you need to be there on the spot at 10 am to score big. Say hi,  I am always there, really, it would be easy to kill me, I have such the schedule. Anyhoo I scored these fab NEW Sigerson Morrison boots for myself and they were totally not on sale, early b day gift I guess. I was hoping for a new iPhone, but will be, as usual, disappointed.

Update: I did not win Best Bite, but got a few catering offers and looked really cute in my vintage apron and retro crock pot. That is enough for me. With 1 blog, 2 jobs and 3 kids I do not need a new career. Nonna said "What is point if you are not going to win?" The journey, not the destination, My little type A Ralph

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My score

Sad Face: Eye Candy on Mass Ave is moving to Carmel Clay Terrace. Happy Face: all merch is 50% off, ends next Friday. Paul is also selling the fixtures as well since his new space is a bit more petitie. On another note, Silver in the City has a damn lot of owl themed items, FYI if you are into that

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Road Trip!

This little beauty is a Traina Norell from the 1950's that is one of the many lots up for auction at Whitaker Auction Company in Bucks County PA next weekend. Sure you can buy designer and vintage clothes at an auction, in fact you know it's all good stuff since it has been vetted within an inch of it's life. A few old friends from the IMA will be there, not sure if from the Textile or Apparel side of the family. Petra needs to call me first next time is all I'm sayin'. Hope I have enough money left to hit the Black Angus and maybe the last Schupps Grove sale.

PS if you have any Banana Boat UltraMist suncreen saved for your next beach trip, you need to ditch it, and fast. Apparently it has a tendency to catch fire when exposed to the sun. Like: on your person

Oops! Patchouli!

Oh my God as far as your house smelling like you poop thousand dollar bills you better put Jo Malone on speed dial. Her perfume and home fragrances are amazing, unusual and rich rich rich. The latest,  English Pear and Freesia, just die. I am maxing out my Saks card and buying evey candle they have


I just lost a day of my life on this. And I'm not sorry

Old, retarded or 2

Isabell Murant $650

Ash $325
I am totally hot for a wedge sneaker for my cas time. All of the height none of the wobble and it really really looks good with graphic skinnies. (Betsey Johnson roses uh huh) My stopper? VELCRO. I refused to let my children have velcro sneakers no matter how much they begged. Only for the infirm, I insisted, is anyone here infirm??? No!! And I still subscribe to that theory, even for myself in the face of ungodly yet comfy fashion. Sigh. WHY! Maybe it is a Reebok 80's throwback, oh retro retro. I hear Ferragamo my have an un-velcro sneaker. Untill then I am rocking my Baker's late '92 high heeled sneakers that, inexplicitly, people at bus stops really seem to love


Call me a complete weirdo but I kind of love this poodle dress by Markus Lupfer for ASOS. With all the animal motifs going on the fashionland, it was only a matter of time before a $545 dog dress became hot stuff. I found this beauty whilst perusing the ASOS Black lable line by said designer. It is a 10 piece capsule collection of fine laser cut leathers and more glittery glitter on skinny pants and shell shirts that hasever existed. And that is saying a lot since I just had my first experience with a Justice store (my eyes!!!). Seeing as his runway stuff is can be 5 large on up, consider this an early Xmas pressie.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sooooo bitchen'

Vintage or should I say RETRO accessories abound at Depuis 1924, carrying 8 brands exclusively and mostly from the late 70's to 1980's. And in the true 80's spirit what fun they are! Chanel pearl coated sunglasses, a cassette tape belt, new wave sunnies in two tone right angles, birdcage earrings and that crazy Versace over the top rococo gold handbags: it's like all my IU AMID roomates closets threw up all at once.
Who does not need a Chanel muff for $2850

I have these actual glasses. Bought them in 1995 at the Versace store in Rome

The classic Hermes Medo bracelet. They still make them but not in this color

Friday, October 19, 2012

Stay out of jail, Loser! And I quote

Oh My God I'm going to kill someone if I don't get what I want! Namely: tall brown strappy hardware medium heel boots. Oh ha ha just kidding, only mentally ill people would say that first part.

Choice 1: Born Kenin

Choice #2 Pikolino Brugas

Choice #3 Frye Veronica back zip
I will probably go with #3 of course the most expensive dammit. Anyone have a Zappos coupon?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

It can happen to you

Rise up in hope all ye small town designers. I was alerted to some homegirls (ok Lansing Michigan is not quite Detroit but anyway) who have made it in a big way. Twins Shawn & Claire Buitendorp are creating costumes for Katy Perry and stuff for Betsey Johnson. DREAM JOB. Funnily enough, this all started after  they attended one of Katy's concerts and being so inspired they made her a costume with no formal design training whatsoever.  Now they are regulars on her circuit with the Sundae dress being a fave.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What are you doing to save the world?

Skincare company Kahina Giving Beauty is like the Avon of the UN. Using Moroccan Argan oil harvested by womens who have no other way to make a living, you can feel good and look good. WIN! I just got my Kahina Giving Beauty moisturizer and I can highly endorse it for y'all with sensitive skin. It is super light and practically scentless. Good for summer so I'll save it for later but the pure hair oil has already been almost all used up by my poor pink ends

Best Bite of King Park

Oh I love me some Three Floyds Beer! Luckily Steve at Goose the Market felt this TF Milk Stout would pair awesomely with my dish for the fundraiser Best Bite of King Park 5:30 Thursday, October 25th  @ Harrison Center benefitting KPADC and their mission to improve quality of life in housing for those in the King Park area. (whew) For $25 you can sample guest chefs fall-ish dishes with a  matching beer or wine. I hope to totally win with my super secret ingrediant that involves a form of bacon

Project IMA Inspired Part 1 1/2

Project IMA - IN:spired Red CarpetSorry, I know you have seen a similar photo earlier but it this not the bestest! I have been dying for a feather dress since I saw that Oscar de la Renta one S/S 2010. This Blaque Lable one fit the bill despite leaving little trail of pink everywhere. Would it make a good wedding dress? Maybe for someone else, the white satin strapless top  does my big boobs no favors so it will be in my store asap

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sad Puppy

Anna Sui and Hush Puppies go together like goth and nerd (ie: sadder then you and smarter then you). HP made a big and albeit successful attempt at hipness with their colorful 50's style creeper loafers back in the early 90's and now like everyone else has collaborated with a top designer and it is super cute. Anthropologie even carries it! A ringing endorsement to be sure. Check out the cutout lace up boots in purple.

Project IMA:Inspired pt 2

Here is the winning dress by Margarita Milkeva from NYC from Thursdays IMA show. Wearable yet crazy. It was honestly the standout though I was partial to the chevron swing dress made of vinyl leftover awning.

OH! Simply Chic Consignment is opening a new shop at 86th and Ditch. Right now they are only open for buying, expect to return the favor by mid November. While nobody beats the Toggery for consignment shopping, I find a few things at the SC in Fishers but so far not really worth the horrific traffic. Fingers crossed for the new locale! PS Minx buys on Wednesday 11-3. Come by say hi!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Project IMA:Inspired pt 1

My friend  Nikki Sutton took this snap at the IMA Project fashion show (more on this later) which is always amazing and the audience puts forth quite the effort as well like artist Allison Ford and her wooden potato chip hat TO DIE. I almost forgot we were in Indianapolis and it gave me hope for the future of our young people. And my eyes.  Fox's  Jerry Lee's Westernwear shirt was a huge hit in a sea of skinny jeans and historically correct facial hair (on the guys, silly) You can't go wrong with a custom embroidered guitar shirt, I always say

Friday, October 5, 2012

Book mark!!

American Rag is a somewhat super trendy mid quality line that is carried by Macy's. American Rag Cie is a leetle ( poken in a Despicable me accent) bit different. Case in point. Rag and Bone and Joe Jeans are just a a few of the super on trend and affordable brand you can find here. My perfect example of serious value is this Royal Shine fully pailette-ed dress for a mere $180

Lots of busy work

How is it I only find the cool esty stuff when directed by corporate entity like Lucky? ("The Magazine about Shopping: It Least We are Honest) Ashamed to say I found a doozy, thanks to them. Sigh. Doloris Petunia is an amazing site with OOAK, hand dyed, jewels like nothing I have ever seen outside of the Duquette estate. Courtney Price creates a 12 car pile up of shiny baubles to adorn wrists and necks that are seriously rad. OH! And don't forget the amazing flower girl dresses all fringy and glittery. Um I need one in a size 18 juniors ok?? So anyway this featured necklace is "Tribal" and is $1200 but I have on my wish list the hand dyed "Paris" bib which at $450 may replace the chicken coop as the b day gift of choice

PS: Lazy Daze coffe shop in Irvington needs some snacks. Just tryin' to help.