Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Road Trip!

This little beauty is a Traina Norell from the 1950's that is one of the many lots up for auction at Whitaker Auction Company in Bucks County PA next weekend. Sure you can buy designer and vintage clothes at an auction, in fact you know it's all good stuff since it has been vetted within an inch of it's life. A few old friends from the IMA will be there, not sure if from the Textile or Apparel side of the family. Petra needs to call me first next time is all I'm sayin'. Hope I have enough money left to hit the Black Angus and maybe the last Schupps Grove sale.

PS if you have any Banana Boat UltraMist suncreen saved for your next beach trip, you need to ditch it, and fast. Apparently it has a tendency to catch fire when exposed to the sun. Like: on your person