Saturday, May 26, 2012

But in grey

I'm rethinking my whole gritty urban street style avoidance thing because I am wildly attracted to this Ash high heel wedge strappy sneaker. Next thing you know I'll be in a hoodie. WORD

Nautical again

Lets get the outfit out of the way first. I have about 14 navy and white striped shirts, this one is Gap, and I know it looks like I wear the same one at least twice a week but let me assure you they are indeed different, whew glad we got that cleared up. Boston Proper double gold button bib skort that I have to be careful not to pee on because of the back flap, lesson learned the hard way, Coach gold wedges totally not comfortable and one of my 47 Boat N Totes from LL Bean. Theme week! I was weaing this to the member preview of the new interactive bird exhibit at the Indianapolis Zoo and it was pretty hilarious. You go into this giant cage with all these things flying around your head and shreiking at you. Since this is literally the first day, these birds are terrified, with guinea hens running amok back and forth in the same 2 feet of trail, parrots pooping randomly (they only got 1 out of four of us, a pretty good day if you ask me) and not one has any interest in the cups of necter and seeds on a stick being proffered by squealing children causing much woe. To the children. I say give these birds a month and they will all weigh five hundered pound and be laying on the trails just waiting for you to pour food in their mouths so try and hit the sweet spot and show up next week

Mini Tavi

That is her real hair (bow) on this 4 year olds head. Too bad it will never be immortalized in her school photos, since she was banned from picture day. So much for self expression, boo England!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jump the Shark

Somebody asked me if I was going to get married again and I said "Jeeezus, WHY would I do THAT?" Then I saw these wedding Uggs and it just seemed like an affirmation

Friday, May 18, 2012

I can get a lollypop anywhere dude

So Target is presenting "The Shops" little commerce microcosims of unique stores like The Webster, Polka Dog and Cos Bar to the masses. Far be it from me to complain about shopping opportunities but I feel there is something remiss in this. Isn't the whole point of having a unique store is the pure exclusivity of it's culture? Not in a snob kind of way, but isn't the fact your stuff is being sold to everyone on the planet makes it just a little bit less special? Somes times the appeal of a shop is not so much as it's mix of product, I mean nothing new is being invented here, but it's atmosphere and what it evokes for you. I don't want to go to Big Box and buy Girly Chic tops, Yats etouffe or Crimson Tate headbands. I want to go to the actual store, ya know?

Put a roof on it

I went to my friend Tiffany's Historic Indianapolis BOOKMARK IT DAMMIT party last night at the Harding Street Lofts and got a sneak peek at the latest apartments and Tiff's new T-shirt. Both super cool. I'm wearing All Saints with an Escada (on trend natch) gold stars belt and a 50 carat citrine ring which is pretty much the only way I'd rock my ugly birthstone. Fox has on Nantucket Reds( pants by way of Target) Ralph Lauren plaid and his Prada loafers without socks like some snotty rich kid


If I were going to West Palm for my Annual Major Family Vacation I'd be scooping up the Trina Turk for Banana Republic line. Bright prints, shorty shorts and maxi dresses in her signature tropical preppy style at prices about half of what you would pay at boutiques for her regular line. Sadly, I am going to Disney so that means fanny pack and sensible shoe shopping.

Albinos rejoice

If you see someone fully clothed at the beach, chances are they are not drunk but smart and possibly wearing Parasol brand wares. This on trend (color blocking!) clothing line has 98% sun protection and are made of a quick drying, lightweight knit that are meant to be worn in the water. All this stylish protection does not come cheap (shirt shown above is $126) but well worth the avoidance of, you know, dying of melanoma

Purse change

In the heat of summer do you really want to carry that giant purse when you go out? Little clutches are so much more chic as long as you can fit that phone in there. Rachel Roy has this little cutie at Macy's and it brings together the tan of sand and the party of a pinata with bright trim. $69 or just go to Castleton if you can stand it

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Drink more beer! Locally!

This is Craft Beer Week and I urge you to frequent local watering holes and try all they have to offer. I wore this vintage 1960's dress w Steve Madden heels and an arm party that was: mens's Rolex, Vera Wang rhinestone stretchy bracelets and Dior ID w lipgloss to McNivens on Mass Ave for 3 Floyds 12 tap run, in which I discovered as much as I love the entire concept of 3 Flodys in reality I only want to drink Robert the Bruce until I die. I know, totally uncool

Are you in or are you out??

My fave bridal and formal shop RETULLED in Irvington has taken it a step ahead by presenting artist painted OOAK dresses by local artists such as Kyle Ragsdale for example. Just lovely

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fresh hair ahhhh

I've blah blah blah about my hairdresser Yvette Ashley @ Hair That Rocks before but she sincerely worked her magic lately on my poor Ona's tresses. After a 2 week long hospital stay, Fiona's fine hair was matted like a sweater on the back, not to mention various shaved spots just to add to the challenge. No, really, LIKE A SWEATER. Ever tried to brush a sweater? Totally hopeless. Yvette gave her a Carol Brady, super short on back, long on top and long in front. Totally mod, Vidal Sassoon-ish. I about cried, it was so awesome. She kicks ass in color too (SEE ABOVE) 52ND & College thereabout, 257-6044

See that panther there?

The fiercest luggage EVER by Richard Tisci for Givenchy. Gee Voh Shay. NOT Gah Vin She

Camoflage; an art form

Artist Michael Somoroff and fancy rug designer Stephanie Odegard have teamed up to produce an abstract carpet collection based on MS's images of smashed fruit. With a bunch of little kids and an idiot dog, I can totally get behind this look. In fact, I may have it in my house already.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Modern Primitives

Sometimes the things you need for todays modern home are best found in the past. Like, some brass numbered key rings? Vintage indian blankets? How about a OOAK Ambercrombie leather donkey for $750? Go to and you will find all of this as well as wire locker baskets to keep it neat

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Saturday plans

Antique Helper always has stellar like big time mid mod designer pieces at their monthly auctions. Saturday is no excpetion. This is one of my favorite pieces coming up: 1 of a set of three Samsonite suitcase salesman samples. Stripes! See also: Murakami skate deck and a 1957 Studebaker. As in car. Saturday May 15th E 55th place 10 am Start your day at the Herron Morton huge neighborhood sale that day. I'm just throwing up some kids stuff and some large kitchen appliances. Nothing cool at all here but surely someone will have some swag

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dollhouse Fashion Camp

For me summer camp was a horror. I don't like outside and that really the only kind there was back in the olden days. Now you can put your kids in practically any specialty kind of summer program you can imagine including this year... FASHION CAMP. My 13 year old self would have just DIED I tell you. Tricee B of Black Apple Boutique and Styling has put together a 3 week DollHouse Fashion Camp for summer with seminars on sewing, runway, collection development and hopefully hair and make up. Right up there with Girl's Rock Band Camp in ultra amazing fabulousness. Call 507-6942 for details

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


So, I bought this from ASOS. Because: A Leopard B Teeny Tiny Hatlet C Free Ship Wouldn't you?

Friday, May 4, 2012

For the collection

When is a headband a tiara? Well it depends how how many shiny things it has in it. Hello pretty by Nina Ricci designer Peter Copping $575 ORDER HERE

Jo Malone's latest

Yes I fell prey to lure of the scent pods in the SFA catalog and had to snap up some Jo Malone Necterine Honey cologne today. I love subtle, unusual, not too sweet stuff that I can layer with other perfume all day long. And of course being Saks, it took them ten times longer to package it in the bag with a double bow and tissue then it did for me to say "I'll take it". But props to the Vuitton department, they fixed my ancient Speedy's zipper for free. Maybe it got a senior discout

Derby Party Practice

Soooooo sad to miss the Hats Off Fashion Arts Society luncheon at the IMA this week but I had a very good excuse which involves the word "Brain" and "Surgery" so I think it's a good one. Anyhoo the kick ass jewelry designer Allison Ford won the best in show for her wooden whimsy (photo stolen from Nikki Sutton's facebook page thanks girl) and I love that this was a fashion oriented guest participation event and hope it will be gateway drug to masquerade parties on a weekly basis in Indianapolis